1st Epi – Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a lady traffic inspector Nandu stopping the men who were breaking signal. She asks for license. An ambulance comes and she makes way for the ambulance. She sees the men running away and ask where did they go. The men get over the ambulance. A beggar informs her about Raavan. A man informs Raju about illegal things happening. Raju does not react and gets that good man arrested by police. The man says you all are Raavan here, then whats the need of Raavan here.

Nandu comes there to the chawl and says Raju has got good fate. A lady asks her daughter in law to come with her, she will take her home, its not good to come here always after fighting with husband. She sits in taxi and Nandu drives the car. Nandu says Didi will not go to her inlaws and tells the lady.

She drives the car in high speed to make her change decision. Nandu’s mum comes infront of car and asks Nandu to apologize to the lady. The lady says I m feeling sorry to find a bad house. Nandu jokes and asks lady to manage her son. The lady sees Raavan model there and says Lord should save from such people.

Mishra gets busy with his wife and son. Nandu makes the principal run away. Raju looks on. The man runs to Raju’s dad nad asks him to save him, else Raju will kill him. Raju’s dad says never talk like this with your teacher. Raju does not listen and drags the principal. His dad stops him. Raju asks did you stop you drunkard, your wine increased the problems, Maa cooks in others’ home because of you.

Raju’s sisters look on. The principal asks Raju to leave him. Raju punished him. A boy comes and asks Raju not to beat his father. Raju asks is this your father, he is adamant, slap him. The man agrees to take the case back. Raju leaves him and looks at his dad. A little girl calls out Raju and gives him 57000rs. He says he wanted 60000rs. She says 3000rs my commission. He says I see your future very bright. She says but I see your future dark, Nandu has informed principal, you have to keep Nandu in control.

Raju drives his bike and hits Nandu’s bike. She scolds him and throws water on him. He holds her and flirts with her. He asks why is she doing this to get his attention. She asks him to leave and calls him a loser. Nandu promises she will end this chapter. He asks her to show what she can and whistles her, giving her a flying kiss.

The chawl people come for Raavan Dahan. A builder Raval comes there and tells Dohas. He says he is glad to meet them, model town is his first project, then he became a builder. Raju stands to shoot at Raavan, and Nandu shoots before him. Raval says Nandu has done the Dahan. Nandu calls Raju a Raavan. Raju asks Raval whats great. Raval says aim.

Raju says he twisted Nandu’s hand, so aim got great. She says see now. He aims and burns Raavan. Ram siya ki dekho nirali prem leela……………….plays………… Everyone shoot fire arrows to burn Raavan. They play dhol and clap. The body burns and Raavan’s 10 heads don’t burn. Nandu asks why is Raavan’s face not burning. Everyone look on. The beggar calls Ayodhya for Ram. Raval says its very inauspicious if Raavan does not burn, I m afraid if model town’s bad days started. The beggar says there is no Ram here, its all Raavan sena.

Nandu’s dad shifts to her colony. Raju taunts Nandu that her dad came with her step mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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