1st Epi – Ishqbaaz 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra doing maha aarti.The family stands behind and looks on. A man comes there and burns himself. The brothers turn to that side and see that. They rush to save the man. Shivaye does not let his brothers to come ahead, and goes to blow off fire, but the guards stop him too. Eight hours before, a girl Pinku practices to tell about Oberoi empire’s 50th anniversary and her Dada ji Late Prithviraj Oberoi’s birthday. Dadi asks her why can’t she say this infront of press. The girl says I fall nervous for everything, and have to take medicines. Dadi says we all have weaknesses, so Lord made us in pairing, when I met your Dada ji at first, I was flying a kite, and he was also flying a kite, we both tangled the kites, next day he reached my house gate

by following me, I told him that my Bau ji is angry types, think of this gate as danger sign, next day he came inside the gate, and said I m Ishqbaaz……………

The girl kisses Dadi and asks what happened then. Dadi says love teaches life, but both partners should be equal, I wish you also get a nice life partner, and your brothers too. The girl hugs her and asks will you make Dada ji’s fav sweet and make video diary for him. Dadi says its 30 years now that he left us. Dadi records a diary and says our elder son Tej is richest man of the country, but you said one who has just money is the poorest man.

Tej Oberoi is shown, with numerous bodyguards. He enters the mansion. The manager says its good, you came before minister. Tej says ministers wait for king, king does not wait for ministers. Dadi tells about her younger son Shakti, who believes in Dharm and Karm.

Shakti does charity and greets pandit. Pandit blesses him. Shakti says I have much money, pray for my family’s peace, I m running away since some years. Tej comes there and pandit goes. Tej asks Shakti to forget that matter now. Shakti says we can forget it, but not those who has gone through all that. They stand facing other sides. Dadi says both bahus are also too much, they went to get flowers for aarti. One of the bahu Pinky pours water on herself and says mummy ji is too much to send me to get lotus. She asks her maid to get flowers from the water. Other bahu walks there drinking wine and says bravo Pinky, such drama in getting puja flowers. Pinky asks her to check her out first, you are drinking on maha aarti day. They both have an argument.

Dadi/Kalyani says when bad happens in life, there is something good too, our grandsons, you would have told me to directly have grandchildren, than sons. She tells about Shivaye.

Shivaye reaches the temple. A girl Alka dances there with the kids and looks cheerful. O jaana…………..plays………….. Shivaye does not see her and goes.

He rings the temple bell and tells pandit that there should be nothing less in puja. He prays. The guard stops Alka saying VIP is inside. She calls Shivaye and asks him why is he showing attitude. She asks pandit how can anyone break line and go. Pandit tells her about big names and world bows down to such rich people. He asks her to go and do rehearsals with kids. She says you pray to Ganpati, can you tell me his surname, no one knows his surname, why is family name so important. Shivaye hears her. She calls him again and asks him does he not care, answer, why did he break the line. Shivaye opens eyes and goes to her. He hits her face with money bundle and says the thing I can pay a price for, I break it. he asks her to distribute sweets and leaves. She looks on stunned.

Tej calls his wife and asks him to call her son if she came to senses, everyone knows the one who does maha aarti will become the heir. His wife asks him to call Omkara himself. Pinky says they want to make Omkara the heir, Shivaye is my son, he is elder, he will become the heir, where is he.

Alka comes to Shivaye….. She breaks the car front mirror with a bat. He gets shocked. She hits his face with the money bundle, and says the thing I can pay for, I also break it. She walks away smiling. Shivaye throws the money and gets angry seeing her. O Jaana…………..plays………..

Shivaye gets Pinky’s call. She asks him where is he, reach here before maha aarti. She says you are eldest son of this house. He angrily throws and breaks his mobile. Dadi tells about her second grandson Omkara, he became an artist, the statues he makes are sold in crores. Omkara is somewhere in an isolated place and makes a Ganesh idol.

Tej calls him and asks where are you, I told you clearly that you have to reach in maha aarti before your brothers, I want media to see the heir of Oberoi group. Omkara and Tej argue. Tej says you can’t change truth that you are my son, stop nonsense, come soon.

Pinky tells Shakti that Tej is planning to make Omkara the heir. Tej tells his wife that he called Omkara. Pinky says I called Shivaye and asked him to come alone, before his brothers. Dadi records this and gets sad. She says your sons are making their sons run as horses run in race.

A girl wearing a short dress asks Pinky about Rudra. Pinky scolds her. Dadi tells about Rudra, who is ahead of Dada ji, he never stops when he is asked not to run after girls. Rudra is shown dancing with some girls in a club. Character dheela hai song…..plays…………..

Rudra gets his sister Pinku’s call. She asks where are you, I called Shivaye, he is unreachable, get Shivaye and Om. He asks her to calm down, be strong. Tej says I hope Omkara comes first. Pinky wishes Shivaye comes first, so that world knows Oberoi’s heir.

They hear some sound and see a boat coming. Pinky smiles seeing Shivaye. Omkara and Rudra are along Shivaye. Dadi smiles seeing them united. Bachna aye haseeno………….plays……….. Dadi says your grandsons have come, are you see this, I wish that they always stay like this, they get love in their life, Ishqbaazi should be equal. Rudra, Omkara and Shivaye reach together. Media takes their pics.

Omkara and Rudra show the video to Dadi, about Alka slapping money on Shivaye’s face and think to meet her. Alka comes across Shivaye there in birthday function. Rudra says real fun will start now.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Rianaa

    It was a fab….episode….but indroduction i.e that is first seen was so confusing the man why buried himself….anywayz is awsome episode….

  2. dikshya

    story seems nice as its about brothers for first time coz every time story is related with sister

    • Tasnia mahmod

      Alkas real name is surbi chandana who played the role of haya in qubool hai(4 lions production)i dont like her as lead actress.i wish surbi joyti could play this role.she is so smart and perfect for alka role.this alka is fat than the actor.sorbi joiti (joya faroki of qubol hai) is my favourite.

      • fefe

        Really, arent you tired of zoyas face? She had 4 roles to play that spanned over a long period, Nothing wrong with alka.

  3. Genita


    |Registered Member

    Nice start…male leads are superbbbb,.,, I love omkata more…. His style his look everything is just awesome

  4. crazy

    Hayyyyy NOx just rocked it..
    Again n again falling n love with him…
    But still d feel z new
    Ufff he just nailed it..
    Last time a fun boy as Adi
    N now an arrogant but still caring ..
    Loved d brotherly bond tooo

  5. bhavin jain

    chalo yeh tv serial waalo ne kuch toh acha kaam kiya jo hum youngsterss ke lye tv serial kiya… warna har roj yeh saas bahu serial etc…ufff…thnx 4 lions

  6. saurav

    Nice.. As we all get to know that this show is of brothers n money power.. Waiting for how they will become Ishqbaaz.. I think they r ishqbaaz towards their profession.. Its looks promising after all its a story of 3 brothers coz in tv serials mainly they show about girls/ sisters bonding n this tym they r showing something different.. So hope for the best..

  7. Fathi

    Wow this episode is awesome gonna enjpy it . I know rudra he used to play the rolenof anuj on suhani si ek ladki star plus

  8. sys

    Fab episode . The girl who break Shivay car glass ( Alka ) is Survi chanda who was played the role as Haya on ” Qobul hai serial in zee tv .

  9. Jasmene

    The first episode is good but somehow i think this story will revolve around shivaye and alka having tashan…and rudra falling in love with alka but alka and shivaye will realise their love but thn shivaye will sacrifice his love for his brother and then typical hindi drama will start…

    • Peepli

      This show is by Gul Khan. She doesnt put such ekta style twists in her show. So, hoping for the best!!

  10. mottu

    i dont like this haya of qubool hai fame, and nakkul mehta looks so stupid oh my god who make him hero he look like a junior artist all the three main hero and heroines are bakwaas.
    heroes r bakwaas .i want this serial to be a big FLOP ha ha ha
    i hate you nakkul mehta

  11. sohana

    mottu ji… if you don’t like the leads and story then don’t watch. nobody is begging you to watch the serial.

  12. Vanshi chauhan

    I don’t like the entry scenes so mich especially of shivay except that boat scene and if talk about characters then supporting cast is not so fascinating and neither i liked jodi of shivay and alka although individually i love them

  13. Vanshi

    I don’t like the entry scenes so much especially of shivay except that boat scene and if talk about characters then supporting cast is not so fascinating and neither i liked jodi of shivay and alka although individually i love them

  14. mottu

    go to hell rashi yadav this is reality and truth always bitter in taste …..
    reality this serial is bakwaas…..
    male leads are bakwaas i agree with vanshi nothing is interesting in this ……….ha ha ha stupid fans
    …….. stupid peoples…….

  15. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Good start .. start is gud wid the bromance …. but it’s aired on so and I am sure this bromance will vanish in sometime and on the last episode again will bring this bromance ….
    Hope the story doesn’t spoil …

  16. Shivanya rithik

    Entry of the brthrs was good. . . .shivay luks like a over matured man. .om as silent type and rudra as cool boy. . Where is rudras parents ? Anyway the starting was gud. .and the scenes of the brthrs and them with dadi . .

  17. Sindhu

    Good start 🙂 the episode was like a movie scene very rich and colorful 🙂 waiting to see d other 2 heroines 🙂

  18. Prachi

    Good start. But unhappy with lead alka. Please replace her. Everything is good but alka is irritating

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.