1st Epi – Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode begins with audience cheering for game show, the host says u are two questions away from ur jackpot, the first question is dr lakahani n travel agent aroṛa fall in love with a sample girl, travel agent has to be on a vacation for 7 days so how will aroṛa keep Lakhani away from the girl, anokhi answers he shall give the girl 7 apples bcoz apple a day Kees a doc away, host says congratulation anokhi u are right n now last question n it is ; alia bhaṭṭ invented zero in what century, anokhi thinking her answer n at last second says it’s arya bhaṭṭ not alia bhaṭṭ, host says very correct u are a winner.
Audience start cheering for anokhi,anokhi wins a brand new car, holiday package n lit more luxuries gifts, anokhis parents come on stage n hug her.

mom wakes her up n says u dreaming wake up, anokhi says oh no it was just a dream.
Arrangements for wedding in full swing at anokhis house, anokhi says ma my dream, ma says anokhi go get ready later it’s ir brothers wedding n God knowS where’s ur papa, papa says here I’m mending lights. Ma says ok, papa says halwaiji my wifes name is Vrinda n I call her phulan devi.
Anokhi shareS her dream with ma, papa finding shashi, ma says go search him in room, papa says ok, ma says anokhi go try ur lehenga n shashi where’s anokhis lehenga , shashi says here it is, anokhi sayS I love it grt, shashi says ma shila taiji wasn’t at home n so card is back, ma says these ur papa n his relatives God, papa says all bcoz u dont like them.
Anokhi says shashi u spoilt ma lehenga unturned it into a skirt, how dare u u are a useless designer, papa says borrow one from priyanka go anokhi, ma says we will buy a new one for her she won’t borrow come anu lets go.
Anokhi trying lehengas, she says to sales man bhaiya show some good lehengas, she trieS one lehenga n loves it, ma says good it’s in our budget good.
Dadu checking accounts, n then takes his medicines, dadi comes along n says u n ur habits I never like them n I met tulsi she was taunting me on ur habits of saving thIngS, dadu says what’s wrong in saving, dadi says u save in name of everything.
While giving receipt to dadu abt buying all whole sale items, dadus son drop his phone, dadu gets angry n scoldS him n says u have already gifted up in this account bills all entries are up n down, dadi says did u give the add for new accountant, he says us on tv, dadu says on tv I asked in newspaper. Dadi says calm down don’t scold him, dadu says give add in newspaper now n no more mistakes or else I will not leave u n no more expenses I’m warning u.
Ma had read the price wrong instead of 20000 she reads 2000, anokhi says oh no ma what to do now, salesman says IF u dont have money plz leave, ma says actually we don’t have money, anokhi says I mean we don’t have cash, salesman says give card then, ma wispers now what I have just 1300 in my account, salesman gets a call from customer in meanwhile anokhi removes zero button n notes wrong address n leaves.
Ma says anokhi what will u wear now.
Dadus son missing his childhood days n missing his maid n how she use to serve palak chat to him n how dadu use to scold her n also him, instead of looking at his sons finger n says stop wasting my money.
AnokhiS ma shopping jewellery n anokhi taking selfies n sees a man abt to commit suicide it’s dadus son, anokhi rushes to him n holds him n starts shouting help help.
Both fall on each other, anokhi looks at him, he asks are u mad who are u, anokhi says I saved u from comiṭing suicide are u mad why are doing ṭhis, he shouts I’m not committing suicide I was bending to get my coin n this lady started shouting.
Anokhi says I’m sorry, he says I’m already stressed plz leave me alone, anokhi says so rude n leaves n both leave on their respective paths.

Pre cap : anokhi dancing in barat, a lady dashes her n ring falls down, anokhi picks it up but lady says dare u try to rob it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Opening not that good.

  2. The lead lady’s voice is not nice

  3. Yeah! Rightly said her voice is not good.

  4. Hi guys,

    The story looks promising. The character sketch of Anokhi is good. Surely they can build upon more. Anokhi’s family is small, but can see friction between her parents. I didn’t expect that. Maybe they wanted to portray something different? Anokhi’s craze for selfies was predictable.

    On the other hand, the hero character is good. Something different from “the perfect son and husband” material. What happened to his parents? The manager (Krishna from SSEL) is stronger compared to him, mentally speaking. Dadaji is quite annoying. Would be awesome when Anokhi enters as the bahu. Dadaji is so kanjus and he would certainly not allow a spendthrift to be his bahu. Will the hero get guts to marry Anokhi?

    Suicide wala scene was like predictable again. The hero and heroine fight and go away. Haven’t we seen this a lot? I am sure u guys are thinking about your fave jodis say Arnav – Khushi, Abhi – Pragya, Aryan – Aradhya, Thapki-Bihaan etc etc.

    The actors are fine. The precap is ok ok. Let’s see how it’ll proceed.

    By the way, is there any rule book for romance in serials? Imagine if there was a rule book… It’d probably be like this:
    Rule No. 1: The hero and heroine should be parallel opposites. Either hero or heroine must be be bold. Very few times, both are strong. But later they’ll change the character so much.
    Rule No. 2: The hero’s family and heroine’s family should be total opposites too. Either, culturally like Punjabi vs Bengali; or outlook, say Traditional family vs modern; Rich vs Poor; or both extremely rich and enemies.
    Rule No. 3: The hero and heroine should fight with each other in first meet. Will keep fighting in successive meets and then finally fall in love.
    Rule No. 4: Introduce parallel male and female leads. Both guys fall in love with the heroine. Heroine will love only the hero. Other guy is just a friend. Then, all of a sudden one more girl will enter who will also love the hero. Would feel so jealous of heroine and would try to break them apart. Sometimes, the hero’s one family member will help this lady.
    Rule No. 6: First buildup a beautiful romance between the hero and heroine. So beautiful that your heart goes awwww (E.g. Thapki – Dhruv) and you feel OMG! They’re perfect. But some or other misunderstanding would arise, they drift away and again patch up realizing mistake.
    Rule No. 7: Too happy happy and romantic stuff? How can it continue? So, now the heroine will be married off to different guy – usually a guy whom she hates, conspiracy by family or the vamp who loves hero. The hero left broken hearted. The hero’s mom/family all happy (How can anyone be happy breaking someone’s heart?). Slowly, the heroine would fall in love with hubby and the hero would turn evil.
    Rule No. 8: The mom in law never accepts the bahu. No matter what happens, the saas should hate the bahu for snatching her son. Over the period, she can accept.
    Rule No. 9: The leaps. If, everything is settled and proper, a leap must arrive. Now, the hubby became hero na, so some small misunderstanding, which can be sorted out easily, should be made huge. Both should lose trust on each other so easily and go separate ways. They shouldn’t talk and patch up. Must hate each other. The saas once again hates the bahu.
    Rule No. 10: If there are kids, they should hate the other parent, realize and then try to bring the parents together. The kids can be even twins.
    Rule No. 11: There must be some family member who still has grudge against the heroine and would do anything to separate them again.
    Rule No. 12: Finally after patch up, the hubby should die. A new male lead to be introduced and heroine to be married off. The first hero can become good guy. Or continue being evil. Or the dead husband can come back with plastic surgery and take revenge. Or heroine should die and new female comes. The dead wife returns with plastic surgery. Now, this can be dragged accordingly.
    Rule No. 13: Show one more leap. The kids grown up. Ensure that there is one daughter from first marriage and one daughter from second marriage of the heroine. The sisters should either love each other dearly or hate each other. The first marriage daughter should be a brat and the second marriage daughter should be as good as gold. The heroine mom should prefer second daughter more. This to be the reason for first daughter hating mom. Both sisters should fall in love with same guy. This also can be dragged accordingly.

    These are the rules to ensure that your serials run for a decade or more. The more sorrows, twists and senseless it is the more TRPs!

    What say guys? Agree with me?

    1. Wow yar. U said perfect.. R u in fb?

    2. Lahari singaraju

      Wow yaar…well said!! 🙂

    3. Deepika ( zaya fan )

      OMG !!!
      Perfectly described Indian serials scenario
      Well done
      And we can’t ignore everything which was shown In promo

    4. Deepika ( zaya fan )

      And male lead will be mostly businessman … either family business or did a lot work to reach here due to poverty

    5. Wow Kalpana… u said it 100% right… this is the state of present Indian serials as of date

  5. Guys,
    Missed Rule No. 5..
    Rule No. 5: Show parallel love story of hero n heroine’s brother/sister/friend. But don’t focus on them too much. Likewise, hero’s sister too should keep changing character good-evil-good-evil…

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