1st Epi – Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu Lal is introduced

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a scene in Ulta Pradesh. Chaitu Lal is underground, in front of his favorite Dharti Pakad ke baba. Everyone sings the bhajan and dance. Chaitu Lal shows he is rooted. Baba asks Chaitu is it fun. Chaitu says yes. Baba says stay here for more five hour, you have to become CM again right. Chaitu says yes, do something that Thenga party gets govt. alone. Baba cracks a joke. Chaitu’s wife Imli Devi ask baba to bless Chaitu. Chaitu says I can’t get underground. His brother in law Puttan Lal says you have total experience to go underground, we had peace that time.

Chaitu’s daughter Rajneeti asks him to stay underground. His second daughter Party says if you don’t win, how will we do shopping. His third daughter Ghotali and youngest daughter Sarkar insist.

Chaitu says if anything happens to me then…. His only son Bahumath says I will become CM. Chaitu says don’t pay attention to my family, its itching a lot. Baba says you relieve my itching, I will relieve you. Chaitu says just make me CM. Baba says sure, don’t leave my hand.

Its morning, media comes at CM’s office. Reporter Khoji Kharbanda gets his wife’s call and puts on hold. Indu gets busy on calls. Chaitu does aarti and prays. Janta Prasad comes home. Neighbors call him Jantu. Janta says its insulting, call me Janta, I got much vegetables as rates will fluctuate.

Puttan comes home in ambulance and tells the men that Chaitu will win the elections any how. The men wonder why Puttana got ambulance home. Puttan feeds lollypop to Chaitu’s dad. Chaitu and everyone get seated to see election results. Puttan makes the doctor monitor Chaitu’s BP. Men decide to join other party once Chaitu loses. Chaitu sees the reporter saying he is lagging behind. He changes channel and hears the same bad news. Doctor says BP is high. Puttan says then lower his BP. Puttan says I have taken big loans on your name. Imli says I m worried to leave this house. They play LOL news. They see more bad news and switch channels. Chaitu says all channels are sold.

Reporter speaks against him. He asks Ghotali to note the reporter’s name, he will take action against her. Puttan goes and calls to bet on Chaitu’s failure. Chaitu asks what’s happening, you are betting on my failure. Puttan says we will win much money on bets. Chaitu bets on his own defeat. Chaitu loses the elections. Chaitu and Puttan dance. Imli asks did he go mad. Puttan says Chaitu has won 50 crores on betting. They all dance. Chaitu waits for result of Lal gunj. They see the news that Chaitu is ahead in votes. They get mixed results.

The final result comes. The reporter says Chaitu win by one vote. Chaitu and his family dances. Rajneeti says dad has won elections, burn crackers and play dhol. Crackers get finish. Everyone celebrates Chaitu’s victory. Bhabhi ji dances on Lagevele tu lipistick….. Minister comes to congratulate Chaitu. Khoji comes and asks Chaitu was he sure to win. Chaitu says yes. Khoji questions him. Chaitu says Janta has given me love, I want to tell Janta…. Janta comes and says Chaitu came to my house and asked for vote, I m Janta, I came to congratulate, you have won by one vote, that was mine. Chaitu says I have won and you have lost. Janta gets confused.

Genda Devi sees the news and says Chaitu will get back on work. Haseena Devi asks what shall we do. Genda says save our MLAs, hide them somewhere. Haseena says they all are thieves. Genda says make sure they don’t run away. Chaitu asks how shall I get MLA. Imli says don’t worry, we will get MLA. The family supports Chaitu.

Puttan says Genda Devi disappeared with her MLAs. Gend performs to keep MLA busy. Imli says you shouldn’t miss CM post.

Update Credit to: Amena

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