1st Epi – Har Mard Ka Dard 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The show starts with the entry of Vinod Khanna making a heroic entry on the railway platform and says if I die today then blame will be on you. His girl friend asks her parents to let her go….His mum refuses. Vinod asks Sonu to come else train will leave. Sonu threatens her mum that she will leave eating dhokla, she will become sister of all men and will never go to do garba. Her parents look on shocked….Her mum leaves her hand and says go Sonu go….Sonu sees train going and runs to hold Vinod’s hand. She asks if you will fulfill all my wishes. Vinod parents tell that they will have only paratha in their kitchen. Vinod promises that he will fulfill all her wishes. She gives him list of her wishes. The paper opens up and Vinod couldn’t hold her hand. He shouts Sonu and wakes up from


Vinod comes to buy kites at a shop. He asks shop keeper to tell rate of all kites in the shop. His brother Monty asks why did you buy all kites. Vinod says he couldn’t understand his wife even now. He says when I gave her mixer grinder, she asked if I am your servant. When I gave her smartphone, she said it was costly. When I asked her what she wants…..She said that it should be a surprise. Monty asks why did you bring kites though. Vinod says he will make her birthday special so that she will have love at first sight with her. He comes home and asks if Sonu has woken up. Monty goes to terrace to do setting. His mum asks where did you go, and says you would have eaten paratha. Dadi asks her not to take paratha name and says we didn’t get even kulcha in your marriage. Vinod’s sister asks her to lower her volume as she is talking to her friend. Dadi teases her. Vinod asks Monty to decorate the terrace. His dad asks him to make all neighbors know about his wife’s birthday. Vinod says I know. He goes to room and sees Sonu sleeping. He does poetry…and smiles looking at her. He lifts her in his arms and is about to take her. She shouts and falls down on bed. Vinod says it’s me and asks her to come and see something. He blindfolds her eyes with his hands and makes her sees kites in air…with happy birthday sonu written on different kites. Sonu gets happy and says it is so romantic. He is about to kiss her, when their family members call Sonu to wish her happy birthday…..

Neighbors also wish her happy birthday. A song plays…Banno Tera Swagger…..Vinod’s mum asks her to learn cooking. Dadi asks her to learn bhangra….Everyone dance. Sonu thanks Vinod. Vinod’s dad tells that Vinod is always think ways to woo his wife. Dadi scolds her son for being unromantic. He teases his wife.

Sonu’s parents wish her happy birthday and asks what did she get in gift? Sonu says he gave kites now, and will give gift now. Vinod gets tensed thinking she needs gift also. Her mum asks her to give him clue. Sonu indirectly tells him that she wants to go to Shimla. She says if surprise is so good, then gift will be more good. Vinod thinks he is getting shivering.

Sonu comes to kitchen. Vinod also comes there. His mum says I am getting teary eyes seeing her coming to kitchen. She shows him shimla mirch/capsicum and gives him hint. He tells her that she has no work here and asks her to go. Anju, his mum tells that she came for the first time and you asked her to go, till now nobody asked me to go and rest. Vinod says I need to take your suggestion and that’s why sent her. He asks what will be the best gift for her. Anju suggests Suraksha kawaj. Kanno suggests dress. Dadi suggests him to give gold coin to Sonu. Vinod says it is best. He likes their suggestions and get stuck between them. He thinks you have taken panga with three woman, as his dadi, anju and kanno argue.

He gets an idea and goes. His dad sees him coming holding shopping bag. Principal Taneja calls him and says exams is after 2 days, and asks where is he? Vinod says he is celebrating his wife’s birthday today. Principal says he is deeply hurt as he is risking students’ future. Vinod asks him to give him one day off. He comes to Sonu and says surprise….Sonu beats him. Vinod says its me and says you are scared again. He shows her Suraksha kawaj locket which will protect her, gold coin which can be used during bad times and also shows the dress. Sonu gets happy and says these are best gifts of my life. Vinod asks really and hugs her.

Anju comes and tells that Suraksha chakra is my choice. Kanno comes and says she had suggested for her and says one day I will borrow this dress from you. Sonu asks her to take right now. She returns all her gifts. Vinod asks why did you return the gifts? Sonu says I thought you have thought and brought it. She says her father took her mother to water park and surprised her as he became dinosaur as Mummy likes bear. Vinod laughs and asks what is the connection between Dinosaur and Bear and laughs. Sonu says I gave you hint yesterday and says she brought Shimla mirch. Vinod says you would have told me directly that you wants to go to Shimla. Sonu asks will you take me to Shimla. Vinod asks when? Sonu says we will go tomorrow and says she will pack woolen clothes. Vinod thinks tomorrow is the exam and asks how I will go tomorrow. He shouts Devimaa……

An apsara is shown with specs, and other apsara tells that he called Devimaa, but got crossed connection here. Apsara thinks she was waiting for this kind of guy and says it seems she has to get down on the earth to meet him.

Vinod is in the temple, tells Devimaa that all men have same pain…that he couldn’t understand his wife and his wife don’t explain him anything. He says I am ringing bell for last time and says I will not ring bell again. Bell hits his head. Later he is shown in apsara world. Apsara gives him magical locket which will sort out his problems. Vinod looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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