1st Epi – Ghulaam 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Raghav and Rashmi travel in car. Raghav looks at their wedding card . Rashmi says Raghav that they selected this card design ogether, then why he is looking at it so carefully. He says it is unique and tries to get romanic. She pushes him and says their parents have high hope on them and he should wait till marriage. They both sleep on different berths. At night, Rashmi wakes up and while returning from washroom a goon sniffs her chloroform and kidnaps her. Raghav wakes up and finds Rashmi missing. He searches her in whole train, calls police SP and informs that his fiance is kidnapped. Rashmi wakes up and finds herself in a jeep. She asks goon where is she and who are they. He says Berahampur. she says Behrampur. She says no berahampur/merciless, it is a factory to produce crimiinals.

He takes her into a haveli.

A desi wrestler Veer Singh walks into dangal in Sultan’s Salman Khan’s style, fights with opponent and wins in Salman Khan’s style. Chaudary Bhismaprataph Singh addresses villagers and says he is god of this village and nobody can dare to confront him. He tells about his son Veer and his would be wife being kidnapped and brought here. He tells Veer today is his last night of bachelorhood, tells women are just an object and he should treat them like an object, and tells villagers today’s casino party is free for them. Rashmi is dragged in and she shouts to leave her. Bishmaprataph says Veer that his wife came. Veer sings my heart is beating…. Rashmi asks if they kidnapped her for marriage. Bishmaprataph says yes, nobody gives their daughter to them, so they kidnap the girl they like. Rashmi shouts her fiance is STF office and will kill them all single handedly. Veer says he held gun before he gained consciousness and challenges he will see what her STF officer can do.

Raghav with police searches for Rashmi and tells he will get STF help. Inspector says the area where Rashmi is kidnapped has 3 state’s border and they have to coordinate with 3 state police, today is Sunday and nothing can be done. Raghav says he will find out Rashmi at any cost.

Premarriage celebrations start at Veer’s house. Women are seen dancing and some forcefully inscribe Veer’s name on Rashmi’s hand. She shouts to leave her. Veer’s mother slaps her and says only men decide here, she shows her elder bahu dancing and says even she was kidnapped and brought here, even she was acting a lot for 1-2 days and with tight slaps, she came to her senses. She continues slapping Rashmi and inscribes Veer’s name.

After sometime, Veer’s bhabhi comes to Rashmi’s room and throws bridal clothes on her. Rashmi pleads to take her out of here as she has old parents to take care of, once Raghav comes, he will get even her out. Bhabi laughs that women are just an object here and nobody can go against men. Rashmi cries. Rashmi asks her to sent her message to Raghav somehow. Bhabhi says she can gun, but she cannot send message via it. Rashmi writes Ragghav’s number with her blood and asks to call Raghav, he will destroy this lanka. Bhabhi takes it and throws it in dustbin.

In the morning, garbage truck carries garbage and driver finds Rashmi’s note. Raghav gets a call and heads towards Berahampur with STF team. Party continues in Bhismaprataph’s casino. Heading in jeep, Raghav tells his commondo friends that nobdy has attacked Berahampur till now, they will free Rashmi today. Friend suggests to take local police help. Raghav says no. Party continues in haveli. Veer tells about his twin who comes home for 1 day and is busy in sadhu camps whole year. A man is shown puffing heroine/ganja with sadhus in Shivay movie’s Ajay Devgan style and film song plays in the background.

Party is on full swing when Raghav and his commondos attack and kill half of Veer Bhismaprataph’s goons. Raghav asks where is his Rashmi. Veer says his 1500 men will kill him. Raghav says already he killed 750 men and rest he will kill if he does not get Rashmi. Veer laughs that if a girl is born, parents ask her to kill herself. Rashmi comes and hugs Raghav. Raghav says he can kill them both, but he will not as he came to take only Rashmi. A man/Veer’s ghulam comes wearing hooded jacket and kills all 4 commondos and even attacks Raghav.

Precap: Veer puts noose in his gulam’s neck and shouts how did commondos come in breaking his security. Ghulam apologizes. Veer asks him to choose if he is god or one in sky.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SidMin

    Param ………………..
    so glad he is back on TV was missing him like hell (no heaven ) Love him yaar he just so sweet he can do all kinds if roles ..
    The story looks interesting
    Looking forward for the next episode

  2. it’s amazing they all acted very nicely

  3. Wow…. What an action packed 1st episode!!! If this is the first episode, I can only imagine what the whole serial is going to be like!!! Reminds me of Begusarai…… Looking forward to seeing an exciting serial

  4. Why do we always have serial where men shows no respect to women and everyone goes ga ga over these kind of stories.


      not all shows have this max shows have fake bahus dolled in jewels doing saas and husbands seva all the time by their choice or in the name of traditions which is actually fake and promotes to wrong mentality and this show is showing impact of this mentality which makes women’s like hell because this reality of society and through these serials they want to generate sense of awareness among people about the harsh truth of society.it’s not a journey how male dominates and insults females but it’s the journey how leads bring the change in such kind of societies and make and better tomorrow stay tuned to show you’ll ur self get that


    terrific entry param singh .awesome show still having goose bumps .

    1. Hii…..if I m not wrng u r from ISHQBAAZ page n??…
      If yes so..me too from IB page…
      Thanks for sharing about this show on ib page cz only after reading ur comment i watched promo of this show..nd then gone crazy.?..

      1. KUSHAGRA

        yes i am the same person .it’s promo and lead both can derive anyone crazy

  6. Nice start…
    Loved rangela’s entry…really looking forward for it…

  7. FANTASTIC EPI awesome entry by param waiting 4 nxt

  8. realy itresting episode hero ki intri what a nycly tym
    good episode

  9. Himanshi shrivastava

    Hi guys may I join u ? I’m param bro’s big fan. I liked the entry. Nice. Only I think one thing is common b/w RANDHIR and RANGEELA is their attitude. Ruf and tuh. hahaha.??

  10. Himanshi shrivastava

    not only attitude but also some goodness in some corner of heart?

  11. Wow! AWESOME show . It is an interesting one.Must watch!Params entry was so gud.He is so different in this show but really cute!!

  12. Himanshi shrivastava

    Hi guys may I join u? I’m param bro’s big fan. Great work param bhai

  13. Manu24

    i loved the episode..
    the actors did justice to their roles..

    hope it maintains it’s charm 🙂

  14. Finally something new arived and my param is back i love his previous show sadda haq its my fav show and niti is also very good actress i love her kaise yeh yariyaan and it will rocking to see her chemistry with param..

  15. Angelk1

    Interesting start. Reminds me of begusarai

  16. Desh rangeela rangeela

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