1st Epi – Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Suman walking towards home with her 2 fingers tied. Banke dulhan chale hum sasural ko…song…plays in the background. In beauty parlor, ladies applying mehandi on each other’s hands say once Suman comes, she will say she will get everyone ready in 2 minutes. Suman enters and says 2 min. A lady asks why her fingers are tied. Another lady says fingers are tied if someone does mannat. Lady asks Suman what did she ask god. Suman says one mother to fulfill another mother’s prayers and not disappoint her, asks women to pray her to pass in her exam. Suman’s MIL/saas Kalavathi is seen entering college to check results and pushes all youngsters around and asks them to stand in que. Youngster asks whose name she is searching in results sheet. Kalavathi says her

daughter’s name, Suman Ravikumar Parmar.

Suman hears pressure cooker sound and goes to kitchen. While getting pressure cooker out of stove, her finger thread breaks. She gets worried and prays god to get her admission in college somehow. Her SIL/nanad Antara calls her and asks what did mom ask to bring. Suman says 2 kg sweets, fruits, havan item..etc.., and not forget again. Antara sees her Sanju missing and calls her Sanju didid. Sanju walks sensuously in market and boys stare at her. She smiles at them. Antara holds her shoulder from behind. Sanju tries to slap, but stops seeing her. Antara asks why she creates a problem for herself that she has to slap boys. Sanju says it is thrilling. Antara says maasa/mom gave a big list of items. A man pushes Antara and runs. Sanju yells at him. Antara asks why she wears deep neck dress. Sanju in broken English says some things are better exposed. Antara says let us go to particular market. Sanju whistles and calls a boy and leaves on his bike as a pillion.

Suman returns back to beauty parlor. A lady checks her hand and says she has lines for 14 pheras, means 2 marriages. Another lady warns her if she had told this in front of Kalavathi, she would have killed her. Kalavathi enters and walks in angrily. She makes a call on landline. Sanju and Antara enter and think why maasa is angry, if Suman failed. Antara says bhabhi worked hard and studied. Suman tells maasa that she will study hard again and pass. Kalavati/maasa drags Suman out and prays tulsi plant. Neighbor taunts Kalavathi that she told her to not let daughter study, but she did not listen to her…After praying tulsi, Kalavathi walks on stage and says without her telling anything, how can anyone think her dream has shattered. She tells Suman that her dream is fulfilled, she got admission in MSI college, nobody can stop her from becoming big officer. Suman gets happy. Kalavathi tells taunting lady if girl studies, she will get progress in life, she is letting her bahu study MBA. She asks Sanju and Antara to feed sweets to everyone, especially taunting lady. Taunting lady says let us dance. Kalavathi dances with ladies and drags Suman to dance.

After dance, lady praise Kalavathi that she is letting her bahu study. She did good by keeping tulsi vivah, now her daughters will be married soon. Kalavathi says if her daughters are married soon, she will take ganga bath. Another lady comes and says panditji is asking when will Sindhoora send Pooja thali. Kalavathi says she will confront Sindhoora rightnow. Lady asks how can she take her boss’ name. Kalavathi says Sindhoora is her childhood friend and they both enjoy a lot. Sindhoora is seen traveling in car.

Sindhoora goes to temple and prays god. After pooja, panditji says Pooja is finished and gives thread to tie it to Sindhoora’s son Ranbeer’s hand. Sindhoora asks driver to give dakshina to pandit and leaves. A lady asks her why she arranged pooja. Sindhoor says have patience, let her request be fulfilled. Lady says all beggars went to her rival Sheela to get charity. Sindhoora gets out 2000 rs bundle. Beggars run toward Sindhoora and take money. Lady praises Sindhoora. Kalavathi calls Sindhoora and says today is tulsi vivah, when will she send thali. Sindhoora says she already sent and disconnects call. Kalavathi continues and boasts about herself. Lady asks if she fixed Ranbeer’s marriage. Sindhoora says she arranged tulsi vivah for Ranbeer’s MBA results and did some charity.

Antara finds Suman’s result and realizes she failed, thinks bhabhi will feel bad, but she has to inform bhabhi.

Panditji starts pooja and recites story. Lady informs Kalavathi that baraat has come. A few children wearing Shivji, Krishnai and Ramji’s rare brought on bikes. Hero is among baratis. Tulsi vivah continues…

Precap: Panditji asks Suman to greet guests. Hero is seen taking selfies and dancing with children. Kalavathi asks who is this boy. Antara shows Suman’s result to Sanju. Suman looks tensed and Kalavathi orders her to get inside home.

Precap: Panditji asks Suman to greet guests. Hero is seen taking selfies and dancing with children. Kalavathi asks who is this boy. Antara shows Suman’s result to Sanju. Suman looks tensed and Kalavathi orders her to get inside home.

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