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Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The story starts with an illustration that it is a story about love near Allahabad. Love that has no language.
There was lightning, a young man walked in the dark.
A man tells an awaiting lady to keep this flower in his feets, everything will be fine. The lady takes the flower and keeps them in the feet of a girl laying on bed. She whispers the name Chandar. The doctor examines her then takes her father out. He says two more hours of danger, if they pass well he will return him his daughter. The father looks at his daughter and says she wakes up again and again and says she wants to wander in the lawn. The doctor says poison has spread in her body, Sudha is in a weak condition. Father says she likes rain, the doctor tells him to show her rain next year. The doctor asks

who Chandar is, the father says he is his student. The doctor asks him to call Chandar, may be Sudha gets well. The father says he has sent a car for him, he has already left. The doctor leaves, father looks at Sudha. It rained heavily, Sudha again whispers Chandar’s name, her younger sister is elated. Sudha opens her eyes and asks who she is. she says she is her Binti. Sudha says she is lying, she can’t be Binti as Binti is near Chandar. She says she has sent Binti to take care of Chandar and his studies, to give him milk so that his memories gets fast. She looks behind her and asks who is behind her. Binti gets afraid as Sudha asks who is there behind her, she says she won’t go and calls Papa. Binti also calls Papa who comes. Sudha asks papa who is he. Papa says he is her father, she says he can’t be her father. She says hasn’t her papa send a car for Chandar, she cares more about Chandar. She tries to sit up and says the bells have rung, she has to leave. The doctor was shocked. Sudha says she must take this exam and asks for help, she pants hard suddenly and gets unconscious again. Papa asks doctor cant they do anything. The doctor says if Sudha likes rain a lot, he must take her out and let her do what she likes.
Sudha sits in the rain with family. She says that rainy season is here, now there will be fragrance all around but will she be able to feel that fragrance or not. She tells Binti to collect flowers from the tree outside and give them to Chandar. Binti says Sudha must do this all herself, Chandar doesn’t listen to her but only Sudha. Sudha says that now, Chandar will listen to her, she won’t be there anymore. She asks for Chandar, the headlights of car flashes. Sudha looks at the car, then sits still.
There is a leap.
A teacher takes roll call. Sudha runs to the class late, then creeps to her seat from beneath the chairs. The teacher calls Sudha’s name, Sudha raises her hand along with the shoe that she held in her hand not to make a noise. The teacher asks why she is showing her a show, Sudha says it broke. Everyone laughs, the teacher tells her to sit down. Sudha sits with a group of three girls. The teacher begins the lecture, Sudha is caught again talking by the teacher. The teacher says that this is the girls of today. Sudha was eating spinach that her friend had brought and had it in hand, she tells upon teacher’s query that it was brought by Geesu, her friend. The teacher asks Geesu to stand up. She questions if they both eat spinach in the class, if they are girls or goats. She calls them both in the front, and sends them out of the class and shut the doors, they abide by her. Sudha opens the door again and says this way they won’t be able to attend the class, the teacher reassures that this is what she has punished her with. Both the friends run excitedly.
In the corridor, Sudha tells Geesu she is going to station as Chandar is coming. In the train, a young man sat with her notebook open. He read a letter and smiles thinking how Sudha came to him and asked him to put thread in needle. Chandar wasn’t ready, but Sudha had snatched his book from him. He put the thread in the needle while Sudha helps him in it. He takes his book back and regrets he has lost the page. Sudha questions why he doesn’t keep a book mark in it? Chandar asks where to bring a bookmark now, Sudha had written a note behind her photo ‘ Don’t look here and there and concentrate on your book’. She had said that she will also be there to take care of him.
Sudha travelled in the car towards the station. She comes down the car while Chandar comes out of the train.

PRECAP: Everyone brings Chandar in the drumbeat. Chandar apologized papa but he said that only Sudha can forgive them both in this house. Binti comes out to tell everyone Sudha has locked herself in the room. Chandar pushes the door to open it and finds Sudha hurting her head by banging in on the wall.

Update Credit to: Sona

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