1st Epi – Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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A few ladies are happily cooking while listening to music. They discuss about yesterday’s match. A lady walks in just then. The atmosphere turns serious. They greet her, good morning Sumo. She tells them to stop acting. She checks the food. It is almost ready. She tells everyone to pack the tiifin on time. Why are you acting to be scared from me? They ask her if she is fine. Sumo shares that she got the Visa. Everyone claps excitedly. The lady tells her not to worry about here. Fill the ration for a month here and head to America. Sumo loads the lunch boxes in her car.

Sumo shares the food with a few kids. The vendors are not interested in selling things to Sumo as she bargains a lot. The vendor is happy to know she wont bargain today. She gives the list of ration to another shop. Please

load it in the car. She tries a coat. She buys it even though it is expensive. People look at her in surprise as it is summer.

Sumo is very excited to go to America.

Rachna (Sumo’s Massi) makes the list of everyone. She gives it to Bablu to print them. Sumo’s Mama is happy that this time Sumo will accompany them. it is her first foreign journey. His wife talks about negatively. She will spend all our money on this trip. Your sister took 20 lacs from us as debt before dying. She is adding more to it only. I don’t understand any of it. Rachna doesn’t mind it.

Sumo thinks of her Mami’s words as she makes tea. Mami is right. I can save around a lac. It will help me only.

Sumo’s grandfather says no one will do any work if you aren’t at home. Sumo agrees. We should levy charges on them. What say? Let your anger dissolve in tea. He smiles. Have you made preps to go to America? She shares that she got a new order from a very big IT firm. I have to start delivering food in 2 days. he understands that she isn’t going to America then. She says you only taught me that we should monitor our work. He scolds her. everyone comes there. Sumo’s grandson asks Sumo if anyone said anything to her. Sumo says I dint tell anyone about it yet. It is a new order and new company. Sumo’s Mami says it would have been good if you had come along. Ticket money will go waste. Sumo replies that it is refundable. Nani ji tells everyone to leave. Everyone has been doing things as per their wish. You (Sumo) too should do it now!

Sumo sadly looks at the long coat she bought today. She looks at the calendar. Her sister comes there. You cannot do this. I wont go without you! It is final. Sumo makes her understand that work is work. I give you my swear. Her sister says I will get bored with all the oldies. Sumo promises her they will go together next time. Sumo’s sister loves the new boots and coat. Sumo gives them to her. They will suit you more. Her sister happily goes to show it to her mother. Sumo is sad.

Sumo makes a sad smiley on the calendar. She looks at her parent’s photo. I am not sad. I will repay the debt soon and then go on world tour.

Mr. Malhotra comes just when Rachna and Mami ji are leaving. I only need to meet Tiwari ji. He goes upstairs to meet Sumo’s Nana ji. He is Mr. Malhotra’s Guru and the biggest lawyer of the city. Mr. Malhotra sits down on the floor near Nana ji’s feet. Nana ji blesses him. I will pray for your success. Happy birthday! He gives him Rs. 101 like always. Mr. Malhotra says I have earned so much after your teachings but this greed could never go away. May this always continue. Mr. Malhotra sits up on the bed now. I read the hearings of Kanhailala case. Sumo brings tea for them. She wishes happy birthday to Mr. Malhotra. Nana ji is angry with her. She is a shameless girl to have come here. Mr. Malhotra asks them about the matter. I will speak from Suman’s behalf. She tells him what happened. Mr. Malhotra too doesn’t like it. work will come and go but you wont get time to spend with your family. family is the most important thing for a girl. nana ji does not support him. Suman’s work is her identity. Suman gives them tea and goes out.

Mr. Malhotra has a good news for Nana ji. Your incomplete chess game will complete. Shravan is coming. Nana ji asks Suman if she knows someone by the name Shravan. Sumo is taken by surprise. Nana ji asks Mr. Malhotra again. Who Shravan? Mr. Malhotra says my son Shravan is coming back to India after 10 years. He was your playmate in chess. Suman goes out but hears from outside. Nana ji still does not recall Shravan. Mr. Malhotra understands his anger. He did not even look back and say anything to anyone. I promise you I will pull his ears as soon as he is back. Suman says I am sure he wont come back.

A flashback is shown. Shravan is leaving. Suman calls out after him just when he was about to sit in the car. He leaves. She says I know I made a mistake but you are acting to be too arrogant. You will come back some day! I will see you then. flashback ends.

Suman cannot believe he is actually coming after 10 long years. She checks his online status. He is indeed back in India. She gets happy. What if you will not come to meet me? I will come. Nana ji comes there. I thought you will be sad after me scolding you. you cannot stop smiling though. What’s the reason? Suman replies he wont understand.

Precap: Suman goes to Mr. Malhotra’s home on the pretext of giving something to him. A girl is picking up a carton full of books. Suman helps her. the girl tells her that it is to be kept in Shravan’s room. Suman keeps the carton in Shravan’s room. She writes something in his diary. Shravan enters.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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