1st Epi – Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ahana and Anant connect instantly

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahana recalling the past in her dream. She is on the way in the car with her dad. She calls him her superman. He says I have to get you married soon. She says I won’t marry. He asks what do you mean, I can’t tolerate you more. She says Papa….. He says I love you so much. They reach home. He says your mum was going Pune, how is her car here, stay here, I will see. He goes to check. Ahana sees a man hurriedly leaving from the house. FB ends. Ahana wakes up. She sees her dad’s pic.

She hears her mum Laila talking to her friend. Naina says Rahul died and left problems for me, there is financial tension, people will make news, I know how I stayed without Rahul for two years. She sees Ahana and says I have to be strong for my daughters. Ahana shuts the

window. She gets ready. Laila asks are you going out at this time. Ahana asks her to sleep. Laila asks did you think what will people say. Ahana says I m not Saloni to obey you. She goes. Saloni comes and asks what happened. Laila says your sister likes to go out on road at 2am, she has no fear and shame, leave her, I know where she has gone.

Ahana comes to a ghat and lights diyas. The diya flickers. Anant comes and holds the diya. She leaves the diya in the water. Jeene bhi de……plays….. She thanks him on their behalf. He asks both? She says from me and my diya side, its my sister’s marriage, I came to invite my dad. He says he will be glad. She asks do you come here always. He says since 9 years, my wife Shweta liked this place a lot, I don’t feel lonely here, she used to say this water has people’s memories.

She says 9 years, people don’t take 9 days to forget someone, you kept your wife’s memories for 9 years. He says Ahana, your dad kept your name, you don’t know me, I m Anant Mathur, I m your dad’s friend, we used to play golf together. She says you came home on my dad’s Chowtha, I remember now, glad to meet you. He says me too….. She says its said person’s pain has to be known to know a person, today pain has met a pain, this pain will make us meet. He says I hope so. She says I will go. He says you go, I will follow. She says I go alone. He says I m not there always, please I insist. She thanks him. Their diyas get together in the waters. Ahana reaches home. He waves her and goes. Laila looks on.

Anant comes home. He sees his daughter sleeping. He takes the book from her hand. He goes to his son. He takes the tablet from his hand and makes him sleep properly. He kisses his son and switches off the lights. He goes out and finds his nephew inside a car. He asks Rehaan what’s happening. Rehaan greets him. Anant says you were coming tomorrow, did the girl send you back. Rehaan says no. The girl disconnects the call. Rehaan says you are my love’s enemy. Anant says you will end this when you fall in real love. Rehaan asks what things were you doing so late, you are blushing. They go inside the house.

Saloni does her packing and says I m vacating my room for you. Ahana says you are in hurry to go to Tarun’s house. Saloni says yes, but everything will change, I will miss this. Ahana asks what’s here to miss, you will get rid of Raichand’s name, you will become Saloni Gupta. Saloni says I will find a nice guy for you, you also marry. Ahana refuses. She says I hate the drama of happily married, I get scared of love, focus on your marriage. Saloni says I curse you, you will fall in such love that you get mad after him. Ahana says no, take the curse back. They do drama.

Laila’s friend says you will be alone after your daughters get married off, you still look good, find someone for yourself. Laila says I have found one. Ahana tells Saloni about Anant, he is a very nice man. Saloni says he is Rehaan’s uncle. Ahana says its good you left that idiot. Saloni says Rehaan left me, he was never serious, I m lucky to get Tarun in my life. Laila tells her friend about some designer asking for money. Her friend leaves. Laila asks Saloni to get guest list from Tarun’s family. Ahana argues. Laila scolds her. Saloni says Anant Mathur dropped her. Laila smiles and asks did Anant come home, what will he tell me, how I raised my daughters. Ahana says I m Rahul’s daughter, not Laila’s. She goes. Anant is at the signal. He buys the magazine, which has Ahana’s pic at the front cover.

Ahana comes to Saloni and asks did Tarun send the flowers. Saloni says Rehaan has sent this, why is he doing this when he knows I m getting married, he likes torturing me, what if Tarun knows this. Ahana says relax, I will manage. She goes to Anant’s house to meet Rehaan. She throws flowers at him and scolds him. She warns Rehaan against calling her sister again. She leaves. She goes to take a taxi. Rehaan comes and says sit in the car, I will drop you home, come on, I m better than the taxi driver. She says you think so. Anant comes. She asks Anant to drop her home. He asks her to come. She leaves with Anant. Rehaan smiles seeing her. Her bracelet falls in his car.

Ahana looks for her bracelet given by her dad. Ladies talk that Laila is eyeing Anant. Ahana recalls hearing Laila and Rahul’s argument.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pehla episode bilkul turkish drama “Aski memnu” ki tarah hai. Mujhe lagta hai ke yeh uska copy hai??

    1. Ha yeah official remake hai ask I memnu ka

  2. Fenil

    Superb start.
    Kitna long episode Laga yaar.

  3. So where are those who petitioned for pehredhaar piya ki.


    So creepy…….. now where is smriti irani…call her..shitty plo… aaj kal kuch bhi dikhate hai

  5. Beautiful start! A serial with a story. I hope they stay true to the story line.

    1. Naija Gal u r right

  6. I was going to watch this story, but another love triangle. And worst mother and daughter…please.

    1. It is a love triange kind of but I dont think it is with mother/daughter and anant. Since it’s a remake of the very popular turkish series aski memnu the story will be that she will marry anant but fall in love with rehaan

  7. Mona146

    what the hell are they showing us? umar ka koi lihaaz nahi. is it not an encouragement to people to think young girls not someone like their daughters but sth like partners. starplus is eager to screw serials lke manmarziyaan, nisha uar uske cousins but encourage this crap. horrible.

    1. Fenil

      Uma is also elder i think…
      yaa i too miss Manmarziyaan.

      1. Mona146

        who is uma in between?

    2. Fenil

      uma shankar from Tu sooraj mein saanjh…

      1. Mona146

        he looks much older to me too. I dont know why they chose him as lead. he looks odd man out of series.

    3. Fenil


  8. Hi, can i be friend with youyou.

    it is a remake of aski memnu.. It’s just beginning.. Soon everything will change.. Anant is not the hero… He will marry Ahana but she soon fall in love with someone else after marriage

  9. Komal

    I was excited for this show.. First episode was damn beautifulll… But the only thing that I can’t digest is that Anant is very old compared to Ahana.. I don’t like the concept of this show but it is the reality of society and we have to accept it.. I really have mixed reviews regarding this show..

  10. Yaa even i lyk this show…. N i think its ok to fall in love with an elderly man…. After all human emotions and feelings matters…. Age is not at all a barrier in love…

    1. Komal

      Yeah.. I agree with u but it feels awkward to watch it..

    2. Mona146

      true age is no barrier but even if they marry they can never have a proper romantic and normal life together. there is lot of difference in thinking due to their age gap. moreover in real life husband as old as he will die in some time after marriage and hirl has to live alone whole life. it is practically bullshit.

  11. Read the story of aski memnu on wikipedia,that has just 79 episodes it seems ,don’t know how long each was ,but Indian channels can easily drag and make it a minimum of 790,this age difference plot I kinda enjoyed in cheeni kum movie between Amitabh n Tabu,but don’t know whether to encourage it in a daily soap, not double standards but daily soap is not for 2 hrs like a movie,many teenagers would be watching,don’t know if there will be some who will find it difficult to distinguish between reality n drama n get influenced, wonder what if that is our sisiter or daughter,well,don’t think m crazy,just thot about that point as well,but leads looks dashing.if wiki is to be believed then Ahana will fall for Rehaan I guess..hope it won’t be a tragedy like original.

    1. Komal

      Yeah, u r right.. Totally agree with ur pov.. Hope they do not destroy this show..

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