1st Epi – Dil Hi Toh Hai 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: A rich businessman’s son Rithvik and Dr. Palak unusual love story begins

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The Show begins with Gayatri mantra recitation and puja in the temple. Palak and her friend come to their other friend Aarohi’s house. They come to the girl Aarohi. Aarohi tells them about she was mad about some handsome guy and agreed to him even though he refused to do commitment with her. She says what I will do if the test comes positive. Palak asks her to take the pregnancy test and sends her to the bathroom. Palak tells her friend that the man didn’t come to meet Aarohi till now. Her friend says you are saying this as you don’t love anyone till now. Palak says I will never love anyone. Aarohi tells that she got his message and asks them to go, says she will meet him. She meets Rithvik and hugs him. Rithvik asks her to talk and not to hug him. He says I am making you understand for last

time and says I have a girlfriend and she is my type. He tells that I told you where we stand. Palak and her friend hear him and get angry. Aarohi says I did the test and the result came negative. Rithvik says it is good and asks her to make a new beginning. He leaves. Rithvik walks away. Aarohi tells her friends that Rithvik left her and she is not pregnant, she is left alone now. They pacify her. Palak sees him going and says I feel pity on the girl who will love her. She says she hates such men and says it is best to get rid of such man and calls him kamina. Rithvik comes to his car and tells his friend that Aarohi wants to love him, but he can’t wait for more days. He says I have broken her heart. His friend tells that you don’t have a relationship for over a week and asks what he will do if he falls in love with someone. Rithvik tells that he will never fall in love as he doesn’t trust women. They sit in the car.

Palak’s voiceover tells that Rithvik met her that day without meeting her and says she thought him as an uncaring man with whom she doesn’t want to meet seeing Aarohi’s condition, but someone in the heaven was laughing on me.

After 2 months:

Palak meets a guy and tells that she tests stools and urine of patients and prescribe the medicine. Guy says my family will allow you to work. Palak says I work for others’ happiness and tells that she wants to marry after 4 years. She says she has many plans. He says he intended to marry after 1 month and tells that he is MD of the company and gives 15 lakhs to Tirupati Balaji temple. Palak says if you give that same amount for some patient’s treatment then you will get blessings. He says yes. She asks do you want to do that and gives him a form to pay the money. He asks why did you call me if you don’t want to marry. Palak says I am sorry for wasting your time. He asks didn’t you tell her. Palak says I told her, but she doesn’t listen. Palak’s mum gives convinces a lady to break her daughter relation with Sharma and asks her to fix her daughter’s alliance with Kapoors. The girl like the boy. Palak’s mum gets happy. Lady asks about Palak. Arun calls Palak’s mum and tells that she refused and talked about the potty. Palak’s mum is upset. She comes home and scolds Palak. Palak says you don’t like the girls who have her mouth open. Her father teases her mother.Palak’s mum tells that she lost a rich guy. Palak says she doesn’t want rich guy who controls a woman. The friend comes to Palak’s house and tells her that Aarohi is mad for that guy and went to his house for the party. She asks her to go and stop Aarohi. She gives press ID card and says nobody can stop you. Palak asks who are they? Friend says Noon biotechnology’s owner’s son Rithvik Noon. She says it is Rithvik business joining a party and says they are really big and cares for each other a lot.

Rithvik comes to a boxing ring. Rithvik’s younger brother loses the bet. Rithvik asks how much he lost? They tell him that he lost 50 lakhs. Rithvik slaps his brother and says betting is wrong at the age of 15 years. He explains the same thing to another guy. He brings him home. Their father Vijay scolds him. His wife Mamta comes there. He compliments her. their daughter comes there and tells that dad is spying on her with a random Id. She says when her fiancé has no problem, then why is he having a problem. She says I will block you from the social networking site. Vijay says then how I will protect her. Mamta tells that Samar came and asks why did they come late. Their daughter takes Samar with her. Suri congratulates Vijay noon and says I have high hopes on Rithvik. Vijay says I am sure that he will make Noon company to great heights. Rithvik asks his father to relax and says he will handle business. Vijay says I will play golf now. Rithvik scolds his friend for using his name to befriend a girl. The guests come who have invitation card.

Palak comes to Rithvik’s house and goes behind Aarohi. Her voiceover tells that she came to save her friend who forgot her way. A man looks for Sweeto and asks his sister is to go as mom is calling. Sweeto says she wants to see Rithvik’s room. Palak comes to Aarohi. Aarohi tells her that she has found out that Rithvik has no girlfriend and says she will convince him that she is for him. Palak says you will live and asks her not to spoil her life. Rithvik’s brother takes a girl to his room and asks her to make herself comfortable. Palak thinks she has forgotten the card and goes back to Rithvik’s room. Aarohi goes to sit in the car. Rithvik comes to the room and thinks Aarohi as Sweeto and kisses her. Sweeto comes and asks if she is joining us. He says I don’t mind. Aarohi pushes him. He asks who are you. She runs out. She thinks how much I hate him, he has ruined my friend’s life and he came in front of me and kissed me, it was my first kiss and he snatched that moment from me. I never wanted to see him again, but I was wrong, I didn’t know.

Rithvik’s friend or brother asks about the press card. Rithvik says he kissed the journalist. Palak tells her friend that he kissed her and snatched her first kiss moment. Rithvik tells his father that their file is stuck by a govt hospital. He offers Palak to join his company. She shows him the door. He says I have seen much better than you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a come back for Karan Kundra!! Another gem by Sony. Last scene in precap EPIC!!

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    Fantabulous Episode of dil hi toh hai ?????? Ekta again rocks ? Very interesting story line ? can’t wait for next episode ????.

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    Awww that last kissing part in dark ???? .
    Plan’s voice over is superb after kissing and in whole episode .

  4. Its just the beginning of the worst show

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    Thanks for the update H. Hasan

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    Epi was good
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