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The Episode starts with people cheering for Mata Kusum Sundari. A couple is blessed with a daughter and owe everything to Mata Kusum Sundari. They come to seek blessings. A man says Mata will give darshan to everyone in some time. Mata Kusum comes there in grand way. The people drive the chariot and welcome Mata. The ladies ask why did this girl come, she is untouchable disease, if we get affected then…. The man sees the chariot and says Mata is not here. Everyone get shocked seeing Mata Kusum rolling on the floor and coming. The devotees get more glad and get mesmerized. The lady says that servant is Mohini, she is Mata’s special maid, maybe Mata is doing some miracle that’s why she is rolling on the floor. They all chant Mata’s name.

Mata gets up and goes to the girl with untouchable

disease. The people say that Mata maybe doing some miracle. Mata touches that girl and hugs her. The girl’s disease is gone. Everyone get shocked. The girl checks her face and hands. Mata smiles. The man says my girl’s 5 year old disease got fine. The couple is glad and impressed with Mata Kusum. Mata sits in the chariot and blesses everyone. The people give money and jewelry to Mata. A man’s gold watch falls and he tells the other person. The other guy says nothing happens here by mistake, it was Mata’s wish, once anything comes here, it does not go. Mata is shown relaxing like a queen in her room. Mohini walks to her and everyone greet Mohini.

Mata signs all of her maids/servants to leave. Mata Kusum talks to Mohini and says all her jewelry is removed, just this anklet is left, free me of this. Mohini removes the anklet. Mata Kusum smiles and asks Mohini to leave the ghunghat, let the world go to hell. Mohini is actually a man, Mohan. Kusum asks Mohan to be careful, it was risky today, I thought if the disease is not cured, then devotees will know the truth. Mohan says till I m here, devotee will never lose belief on you, none such person is born till now who can challenge now. The little baby Devanshi is shown.

The couple says we prayed to have baby by tying this ghungroo here. The man asks her to remove the ghungroo as mannat is fulfilled, but how will she identify it. She looks for the ghungroo she tied. She gets her little ghungroo and shows her husband. He says we prayed here and our mannat got fulfilled, why don’t we do her naamkaran here. The lady says yes, she is Dev’s ansh, her name will be Devanshi. Devanshi sees the Mata idol.

A lady Sarla is annoyed on her fate and cleans the utensils. Omi comes and asks why are you angry. Sarla says I will die doing this work, you die serving Kusum Sundari. He asks her to talk slowly. Sarla says iw as working in temple, she has thrown me out calling me Baanch, if she is Mata, why can’t she make me have a child, why does she not cure her old and ill husband Ishwar. Ishwar rings the bell by moving his foot, which is tied by a thread. Servant Banwati gives him water. Mata Kusum comes and says Banwari you leave, I will make my husband have water.

She holds Ishwar’s feet and starts drama. She says everyone prays to me regarding me as Ishwar, and my Ishwar is lying here in this state. She says you have dug the place and got Ghungroo Mata idol, you made this temple, I have one complain, you never care for people’s emotions and do not see profit, but I have made big ashram in this small temple, I created this palace, this is difference between you and me, I was a beggar and now I m owner of crores, Mata always supports the one who thinks for herself. She says I have to go for aarti, your brother would have started the aarti. She goes.

The people attend the aarti. Mata comes there and the stair case diya light up. The people get glad seeing miracle. The couple gets Devanshi for seeking blessings. The people push them, and Devanshi falls inside the money hundi. The couple worries and asks Omi to get Devanshi out. Omi stops them and says Mata Kusum Sundari will decide what to do of this girl, its not small thing that girl has fallen inside hundi/pot of money. Mata comes there and asks Omi about the girl. Omi says its this couple’s daughter, she fell in hundi. Mata gets shocked. Omi asks her to decide what to do of the girl. Devanshi’s mum says the girl did not get hurt. Sarla says whatever falls in the hundi is not returned, this is Mata’s command, this girl belongs to temple now.

Devanshi’s mum says I got my daughter by your blessings Maa, how can you snatch her back. Mata says I will not decide this, Mata Ghungroo will decide this. Mata Kusum takes Devanshi in her lap and takes her to temple. Mata thinks she will not return the girl, else people will ask for money return. She tells the couple that Ghungroo wali Maa decided to keep the baby. The man says our daughter is our world, give her back. Mata Kusum says we have to obey Ghungroo wali Maa, if donation is taken back, its big abshagun, do you all want any problem to come on earth. The people say no. Mata Kusum says now its one decision, how can I return this girl to you. Devanshi’s mum cries and says give me my life back. Omi holds Devanshi’s dad. Mata Kusum says calm down, this is my Mata’s command, Mata Ghungroo said this girl belongs to this temple. Devanshi’s parents cry. Omi takes them. Mata says this girl belongs to Ghungroo wali Mata, this temple will raise her, not her parents, just temple will have rjghts on this girl. Devanshi’s parents get shocked.

Mata Kusum tells Sarla to take this girl, as Sarla is Baanch. Devanshi’s mum says I will die, but I will get my girl. Sarla tells Omi that she will not raise the girl and leaves the girl out. Tiger goes towards Devanshi. Devanshi’s mum says I will tell Kusum’s truth, she is not any Mata. Kusum dances to woo Mohan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Manjula20

    This serial resembles to a Tamil film
    I couldn’t remember it’s name which is ending in Amman

  2. It’s Palayathu Amman…

  3. Hahahaha exactly the storyline is same..

  4. yeah i too felt the same..its tamil movie “paalayathu amman”..
    But to be frank on seeing the sequence ,i just remembered the comedy sequence of Vivek(Renowned Tamil comedy actor)..
    He himself jumping into hundi and claiming to be child of goddess quoting ramki ,divyaunni child fell in hundi and was taken care by temple ..so temple sud take care of me..

  5. I think karthi revathi flim

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