1st Epi – D4 Get up and Dance 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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A girl dances around happily. She watches the video of a guy and his dance and copies him. She lay on the floor then reads the ad about D4 academy in Goa. Her mother knocks at the door, she spreads the yoga mat and opens the door. Her mother asks what she was doing. She says yoga but he mother says as if she doesn’t know, what if her father comes back from walk and gets to know about her dance. She assures her mother that she studies well and is about to go for MBA. Her mother asks her to go and check her result.
In the college, her friend cheers around her. They all head towards the list, and cheer checking the result. Her father cheers in meeting that she has topped the college. She asks for her gift. The girls go out and meet some boys who ask for treat. The boy invites them for

party, but she says she can’t stay out of house for a whole night. Her friend calls her dad hitler, she says it is her love for her father; if he dislikes she won’t go out without permission. Her friend says aright, she must not come and lose the chance to meet his dream man. She asks if she is talking about Mikhail in the dance video and was excited. Her friend tells her that Taiji’s father is sponsoring Mikhail in the dance competition he had announced, so Taiji says he is coming to his party. Her friend says she has to prepare for the party. She stops her friend (Sonam), she says she also wants to go to party but how come, her father won’t allow. Sonam says she has a plan.
Her mother cheers listening her voice but is unhappy watching Sonam. Sonam tells her that her mom hates her, she says her mother says she is ruining her. Sonam says today she is about to cross the limits and will take her to party. She says she can’t ask her father about party, Sonam says she has a plan after which her father will drop them to party.
Her father comes home and congratulates the mother for their daughter. He hugs her and says he is proud of her. She hugs him tight and asks about her gift. He says there is a surprise, she must guess. She says laptop? He says no, takes a box and there was a bracelet in it. He happily ties it around her arm as well. Sonam hurries down the stairs and fell down, she cries about the strain in her foot. She denies going to hospital and asks him to drop her to her chacha who is a doctor, she requests him to drop her to her uncle. She asks her friend (baby) come with her. Baby’s father agrees to drop them and help her in her car. Sonam and Baby get in the car. Sonam winks at Baby and says she told her that her dad will drop them to the party.
Baby gets ready for the party, Sonam comes and tells her to dress up like modern girls. Baby’s father calls to ask about Sonam, Sonam tells her to lie to her father and say she had muscle strain. Her father asks her to get home in time, but Sonam says they won’t get this chance again. They come to party, Baby only looks around for Mikhail. Sonam’s cousin Mikhail comes to meet Baby, Sonam comes and introduces him as a loser brother of hers. She had brought Baby a drink and asks Baby for dance. Mikhail asks Baby why she came here if she doesn’t drink and dance, she says she came to meet someone. He says she met him, and asks what she does. She says she reads. Mikhail asks what that sparks her from inside with a fire, Baby says she is preparing for MBA right now. She takes a sip and dislikes the taste. Mikhail gets her another drink, she feels dizzy drinking it at once.
Baby asks Mikhail what he mixed in her drink, he says poison. Sonam comes there, they laugh for a while. Baby gets her papa’s call who asks her to go home. Sonam comes behind her. Baby says it was her papa’s call, she has to go back home. Sonam keeps on stopping her but she heads to leave. There is a sudden roar of clapping, Mikhail comes there then. Baby turns to look at him who appeared as shadow behind the projector screen. He calls for them to Get up and dance, and himself throws a fireball towards them.
Baby heads towards him and they dance together. She hugs him. it was Baby’s daydreaming because Mikhail was performing alone on stage. Sonam asks why is Baby laughing but she happily goes in front of the screen and dances matching her steps with Mikhail’s. Everyone was clapping, some boys had made a video of Baby and Sonam.

PRECAP: Baby wakes up to find her last night video of dance going viral on social media. Mikhail watched this video too.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. okay i badly miss kriyaansh and swaron hope this one turns out to be good to 🙂

  2. is that the reason he will start disliking her????
    that shudn’t happen
    waiting for next hope it will b a gud one and yeah seems really interesting
    wish cud watch the dance i love to watch him dance, he was really gud in kyy
    love the start

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