1st Epi – Beyhadh 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Serial starts with Ganesh darshan and serial’s hero Arjun dancing in front of Ganesh ji with a song…deva sri ganesha…playing in the background. His friend Saaanjh joins him. He starts dancing again on song and saanjh joins him. After dance, Maya comes in car, gets out and prays in front of Ganesji. Arjun jokes that she looks the one enjoying her father’s money. Saanjh sees tears on Maya’s cheeks and says she is crying. Arjun jokes only two kind of people pray ganeshji, one who are about to ruin someone’s life and pray for forgiveness and one who alredy did mistake and pray for forgiveness.

Arjun and Saanjh then walk away and sit in Arjun’s jeep. Jeep does not start. Saanjh laughs. She says she prayed if he gets a job and stays for 6 months,

she will walk barefoot to Siddhivinayak. He stops car and climbs on railing and says he wants to become so rich and shows a luxury car. She says she wants to find happiness in small things with family. He sees a high rise luxury apartment and says he wants to stay in that. Maya comes out and stands in balcony. Saanjh says rich people don’t have money, but no sleep like that woman. He clicks Saanjh pic and says some day he will be there. They both then leave in jeep again. Maya’s vel falls, flies and falls on Arjun’s face. He drives rashly and is about to ram his car when Saanjh removes veil. Arjun stops jeep and asks from wehre did it come. Saanjh says she does not know. Arjun keeps veil to clean his jeep.

Maya’s mother calls and she goes back. Mom sipping alchohol shows jewelry boxes and asks which one to wear when her papa comes. She will have food with him. Maya says he willl not come, she should finish her dinner and sleep.

Saanjh reaches home and silently tries to open door via key. Her mom opens door and scolds her. Dad pampers her. She goes and sleeps on bed. Dad says she should marry her boyfriend and leave their bedroom. Saanjh says bestfriend. Parents say they know, she loves Arjun but cannot express her love. Mom says she can speak to Arjun’s mom. Saanjh says no. Her brother comes and says it is his turn to sleep with mummy/papa. Saanjh taunts him. He sleeps on floor fuming. Dad and mom say light offf.

Arjun reaches home at 3 a.m. Mom scolds and asks him not to open his brother’s room as he is having IIM exan and is studying. Arjun sleeps on sofa. At 4 a.m., brother comes from party. Arjun opens door and scolds him. They both fall alseep. Saanjh reaches outside Arjun’s house and horns repeatedly. Brother asks him to go down. Saanjh calls him next. He picks call. She says it is 9:40 a.m. already and he has interview at 10 a.m. He hurriedly wakes up and scolds his brother for not waking him up.

Maya’s mother panicks and throws thihngs. Maya opens door and tries to calm mom. Mom says Anil promised he will come 25 years ago. Maya says he loves only himself and will not come. Mom says he gave her ring and promised he will come. Maya takes diamond ring and breaks it and says if love tries to overtake one’s mind, it is better to forget it.

Saanjh travels with Arjun in her bike while Arjun travels on his jeep. She asks him to do his best in interview. Arjun reaches interview building and parks car in boss’s parking place. Watchman says it is boss’s parking place. Arjun bribes him 100 rs and throws keys on him. Maya comes and catchhes keys and says this parking place. Arjun jokes that he bribed 100 rs to watchman for this place and asks watchman to help this distressed woman. Maya removes his jeep and watchman parks her car in her place. She comes out out of jeep and throws keys on him. Keys fall down. Arjun says he has to meet someone and runs in.

Precap: Maya appoints Arjun saying she likes oversmart people like him. Arjun tells Saanjh that her boss is fearless. A man enters and Maya hides under table in fear.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Woowwwoo such an excitment story with so much suspense… but hope do not get spoiled as other shows…

    1. Wow… such Excitement grammar and English..

  2. Finally the wait is over…luv u sooo much jenny. Nice start.

  3. Gud starting. Loved Jennifer’s attitude, she was the limelight of the show. Now I understood the story almost. It seems Maya’s aggressive nature’s cause is her father and she got a bad impression from her parent’s relationship. That’s why she is a different personality in comparison of normal ones. Arjun seems luxurious life style loving person. It seems that he will attracted towards Maya becoz of her richness and classy attitude. Only Saanjh’s love is pure. Jennifer was charm of the episode. Overall starting was gud as they have cleared the story almost just in first episode, which is gud. But I want and expecting more impressive episodes like Jennifer’s character.

  4. Itz seems interesting and I’m so happiee to see my kushal on screen after a long time… He was fabulous asusual…
    Gud nyt guys…

    1. Ritvi

      Me too dr. . his role as virat in EHEMBH is really amazing. ..I hope he will Rock this too

      1. Yeah Ritvi… I hope too dr…

    2. Devga

      Yea He is back…. Yahoo but only one membr of ehmmbh is long time stil missing frm small screen…. Karan…. Hope He too comes back wit a damal..

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Yes Devga Karan is missing for Long. And I am a big fan of Karan Tacker. He is my fav Indian telly actor. I will be the happiest the day i see him in a show. Karan Tacker is ???

  5. Saanjh’s family is so cute and the way they imitated each other was fun to watch. Maya’s character is really strong. Maya’s acting makes this serial worth watching

    1. Devga

      True her acting makes it worth watch….

  6. Just one word Ammmmmaaaaazzzzzziiiiinnnnngggg???????????

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Well I liked this show. I thought after EDKV end there will be no other Hindi serials to watch. Because the other shows got spoiled even though it started well. But nice start by behad. It’s not bad worth watching but not too good. The concept of a psycopath girl and a simple guy is diff as usually it’s other way round.
    Well I liked saanjh-arjun pair more than arjun-maya pair
    And saanjh family is so cute 🙂 but there were some typical scenes in the show like the dupatta wala and also everyone knows the boss of arjun will be maya only ? But overall not bad
    Well watching this show for saanjh and Maya especially saw the previous shows of all three leads hope they do a good job here too Jennifer is amazing actress
    The precap is interesting i wonder who is that guy?
    I hope the show doesnt turn in this way one day like that Maya kills saanjh that will be bad and spoil the show
    And hope like mmz and EDKV and dehleez , behad can also maintain their good job till the end

    1. Manya

      Hi joyee Di?? Where were u??

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hey ayushi how r u? Well actually i was busy due to my trip and also got my root canal surgery done recently that’s why wasn’t active for a while.

    2. Manya

      I am fine Di?

  8. Priya9876

    my goddddddd much awaited show……..but finally
    1st day 1st episiode is BANG ON woooooo hooooooo!!!
    the TRIO looks FAntastic…….
    Maya’s aatire was simply superb…….

    love that scene when maya says ” Tumhare 100 rs baca diye, kisi ache kaam k liye use karna “

    1. Manya


      1. Priya9876

        hello in new pg

  9. Manya

    I was waiting for this day?
    Episode was simply awesome❣
    Acting was superbbb?
    Jennifer was looking WOW!!!?
    Loving the friendship between Arjun and Saanjh?

    1. Devga

      True yaar…. Ham jahan hotey kismat saath nahi chodta… Lol 😛

    2. True Jennifer was awsome

  10. Hi Pratiksha I’m joining the show

    1. Hi Geeta?welcome yaar. Happy to see u. ?Enough of nonsense. Now it’s time to watch some sensible show. I m feeling fresh and calm from yesterday as I like changes and my mind has changed from yesterday. Kind of break from nonsensical craps. Hope this will encourage to other shows to improve their story in sensible, new and better way instead of recycling. So we could get our interest back in them. I will wait for their betterment. Anyways I m enjoying this break. Hope u will too.

  11. guys! did anyone notice! jenny iss serial ki promo,teaser,promotions and every scene of the episode mein white hi pehni hai and even her home decorumis mostly white.
    i think the makers want to convey the irony of maya’s character,like she is a tornado inside but potrays as peaceful as white

    1. Manya

      Amazing observation!!!?

    2. Tru she wears white ALWAYS which also means she s making gr8 efforts to potray peaceful to world that means she has so much hatred for her dad beyhad..so tru to the title.

    3. Devga

      Yea i noticed and first of all… I was moved to watch this show by:

      1. jenny’s marvelous acting skils her attire… Her strong bold avatar …..
      2. Kushal back aftr so many yrsss…..
      3. Aneri also back again…..

  12. Amazing start looking fwd gr8 performance jennifer,aneri n kushal n what screenplay vow arjuns life s going to b like a roller coaster once maya enters his life he will b blinded by her persona r mask that she wears.

    As shraddha said she appears to b peaceful but s a tornado inside.

    1. It will b sanjh who will remove the blindfold n show him the larger picture.
      Love this finite series concept thy dont beat around the bush come straight to the point.really impressed with 1st episode.

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey r u the same goldie who used to comment on dehleez page?
      And yes agree with u one major reason why i m watching this show is because it’s finite series finite series r the best but i don’t trust Sony because they have a history of ending finite series earlier than usual and that too abruptly which they have done with pyaar ko and ek duje. I hope that won’t happen with beyhadh.

      1. Yess.but this lets hope goes till end.

      2. Dehleez was so far best finite series after ek hasina thi.i think

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes I agree with you I also loved dehleez and EHT. They both were finite series neither they ended earlier than planned it later then planned. That’s why I loved those shows even more ?

  13. Mona

    I am in love with all the characters. Maya and her attitude is so interesting…
    Arjun rocked
    And Saanjh..Aneri did it very well..

    Bt most excited in seeing Maya… She’s really going to be a text book

  14. Devga

    Shraddha B ready…. Aage se episode mein bahuth scenes gayab hogi ya phir kuch info galath likha hoga(like precap) … Lol….. MA Ke updates aise hi hota hey…

    1. Haa.hmm i think amena writes gud updates.

    2. that’s true,,,,Amena writes good updates

  15. Devga

    Truly this story is a great one…. Sony is entering into giving NEW renditions…. Other than once they used to show only two three shows repeatedly…
    Jenny’s marvelous acting skils wit strong bold avatar and her attire….
    Kushal’s comeback aftr quite a long time…. And cool dude avatar…
    Aneri short come back….. In a different role….
    Hope it remains a nice story to show and it HAS vibes such as eht mmz…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Agreed with you ?
      Even i liked this show

      1. Devga

        Jo one more similarity…. Mmz had kavita ghai as piyali and here also she is maya’s mother…. Grt na

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes Devga when i was watching beyhad with my mom and when they showed Maya’s Mom i was like piyali she was sam’s Mom and then my mom looked at me shocked as she never saw a single episode of mmz ???

      1. Devga

        Hey jo ur dp an emotional one… 🙁

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Devga ya i set that as my dp as kaun tujhe is my fav song currently but that scene in the song in the movie broke my heart ??? but i love the song so much

      1. Ritvi

        Hi fatarajo,devga I am a silent reader of ishqbaaz

  16. debangana sarkar

    I really liked arjun and saanjh relationship..its purest of all.and maya acted well but need to be more grey

    1. Yes she wil b a grey character .As her name goes she will b illusion .
      It wil b interesting to watch how sanjh is gog to pull curtains off this maya…illusion.

  17. Tridha

    Wow jenny is too good. I loved the maya & arjun jodi. Aneri is also good and cute. I m supporting her only because of kunal jai singh. She is his friend. Maya’s attitude I loved it.
    @ fatarajo and @ devga di miss u in ishqbaaz why don’t u comment??
    Fatarajo di the ff u wrote on ishkara was awesome. I still have not forgotten that. Please write another one if u get time

    1. Devga

      Hi tridha… Yup i try to comment but the problem is ishqbaaz has a lot to typ in comment session and i dont like to describe tht show with two lines…
      And as i was not well cant comment big comments… I wil try from today dear…

      1. Tridha

        Try to comment di, we miss u.

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Tridha really happy to see ur comment here and ur dp is ??? i really miss ishkara a lot , well i used to watch ishqbaaz mainly for ishkara but Shivika is not bad too. But then when Sony closed the repeats for EDKV , i had to choose one between EDKV and IB and since there were no news of ishkara I continued with EDKV. And has been a month since I didn’t watch this show. And also the story dragging a bit but better than other shows.
      And it really means a lot to me that you remember my ff ?

      1. Tridha

        Thank you di for praising my dp. I must remember ur ff because I love ishkara and ur ff was amazing. U r a brilliant writer. BTW try to see ishqbaaz. I know without ishkara it’s incomplete but if they show something better for om I hope u will love to see that.

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya me too hoping something better for Omkara but Riddima doesn’t suits him at all if not Ishana they should bring a new girl for him. Well I will try to if I can

    4. Heyyyy Tridha,,,,,,,N Fatarajo,Devga

    5. Dinithi anuththara

      I am new here…so can you plz tell me how to set a dp……plz…i have no idea…

  18. The show is awesome I love jennifer very much .she is so beautiful I like arjun maya pair super serial I am very excited to watch the serial

  19. I am loving this show . Jennifer just suits the role of Maya . Aneri is too god as saanjh . Eagerly waiting for todays episode .

  20. nice start good going MAYA IS SO INTENSE IAM EAGERLY WAITHG 2 SEE NXT

  21. Loving sanjh and arjun?but maya’s attitude??

  22. Latha

    Amazing start…….

  23. Same love triangle ?

  24. the precap is wrong , in the precap , jennifer says she does not need over smart people and rejects him

  25. Awesome beginning. excited about the story

  26. Great start..,

  27. Dinithi anuththara

    This is one of the best “first episodes of tv serials” .i watched all the repeate telecasts…..but in 00.00 telecast and 5.30 telecast……they did not show all the episode…they edited some scenes…perhaps it was too long…bcs there were advertiesments too….
    This is better than ishqbaaz……chandranandni was good too….but i think beyhadh is the best…
    Love aneri……..i hope arjun’s brother is going to be aneri’s future love…i really hope

  28. JENNY is just fabulous. Love the first epi.
    All are just superb
    For jenny this will be an entirely different character .
    Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  29. happy to Jennifer again. love u jeni♥

  30. happy to see Jennifer again! all the best for her new show!

  31. Maya of Beyhadh is very different character. Maya reminds me the character Durga of ek hasina thi.
    I am in a big confusion whether maya is the villain??
    It is really interesting…
    Somany shows ended recently due to low trp. Hope that Beyhadh will score high in trp ratings

  32. Esme

    O mai toh aarti utaru re ma ki….
    Saanjh is Arjun’s ahem….ahem…BF..arre bhai Best Friend sabka gutter mind dinbhar on rehta hai !!!

  33. Dinithi anuththara

    I want to see beyhadh for 1 hour…….plz plz plz….sony tv….

  34. Priyadarshini

    Luv to have Jenny back. Missed her a lot

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