1st Epi – Belan Wali Bahu 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa kills Laddo

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Scene 1
Voiceover says couples are made in heaven and they live till eternity.. it looks good hearing only.
One man says wives have no sense of humor, if you joke about cows, they think we are talking about him. Wife says their jokes are old like them.
One wife says to his husband that he doesnt look at me anymore. husband says you wear old loose clothes and think its fashion.
One husband says I cant bear her for 7 minutes, leave 7 births. Wife says you used to promise big things before marriage and now this…
All couples in family are fighting. Voiceover says you know something bad is going to happen in a house that you cant even think about? In 1953, Raj Mahal was built, it was built near railway station. When train passesby, house shakes up. In Raj mahal,

pooja for death anniversary is about to happen but train passes by so whole house starts shaking, all family members hold things down so they blow away.. train leaves. Prem Lata(Laddo’s mother) says to Prem Nath(Laddo’s father) that this house is so thin.. Prem Nath says it was created by workers of Taj mahal who didnt have hands. Dadaji(Laddo’s grandpa) holds Suzzi(dada’s nurse), Suzzi asks him to hold his wife’s picture, he says she doesnt need it. Pot falls over laddo(main male character). Laddo says something always fall on my head, dada says you get angry like your dadi. Laddo’s bhabhi says lets take selfie with broken pot, she takes it. Laddo says all are crazy here, my brother is suspended SP and his wife is always taking selfie but I have become crazy because of my wife Roopa, she has shaken me up.

Roopa(main female character) is working in kitchen. Family sits down for peace ceremony of dead wife of Laddo, priest is looking at Suzzi’s short dress, Prem Lata scolds him and asks Roopa to bring kheer. Roopa brings kheer container but it slips from her hands and falls on faces of all family members, Laddo’s face is covered in kheer. Laddo says she is my wife. Priest says whose peace ceremony we are doing? Laddo says she was my wife and died, and now this Roopa will kill me,

In their room, Roopa says I am sorry. Laddo says you threw kheer last year too, Roopa says no it was halwa. Laddo face palms and says I saw your antics on marriage night only. Flashback shows marriage night of Roopa and Laddo, she brings two milk glasses for Laddo, he says why two? she says what if one falls down? he says what if both falls down? she shows him third glass and says I have kept third one hidden.. he is stunned. Suddenly decoration falls over bed.. Roopa smiles and says its good omen too. Laddo is stunned. Flashback ends. Laddo is cleaning his face, Roopa says let me clean it, she takes towel and rubs on his face, more kheer from towel gets stuck on Laddo’s face, he is stunned and says I cleaned it all up and you did this.. He asks where are my shoes? she says I knew you would scold me so I hid it? he says what? I will go to office without shoes.. She says then leave other shoe too which is in your bag, I thought if you wore one shoe then other you could find in your bag, he says you are behind me like clingy girl.. Roopa says I am sorry.. she tries to hold his shirt but it tears.. he is stunned and says leave me alone, he huffs and leaves. Roopa says to Lord that I didnt want to do it, I am tired of doing stupid mistakes too, especially today as its our marriage anniversary, all remember his first wife’s death ceremony but not our marriage, anniversary, he didnt even wish me.

Laddo is leaving for office. Lata asks him to take ashirwad, she gives him ashirwad and slaps his face.. she says now ashirwad will remain inside you till long, Laddo shakes his head and leaves. Suzzi brings dada’s wheelchair in lounge, Lata says dont know when this Suzzi will die, Dada says leave her, Suzzi asks Dada to take medicine for his strength, Lata takes it from her and says he doesnt need it, Dada and Suzzi leaves. Ramnath says Dada got nurse when he had heart attack 7 years back, I am not feeling well, I should get nurse too, Lata glares at him, he asks where is kheer? Lata says Roopa slipped it all away, that girl doesnt know anything, she puts salt in tea.. takes phenyl as milk..

Roopa’s phone rings, she finds it. Its Laddo’s call, he says today is good day for us, please make ajwain parathas, Roopa gets happy and says okay I will make them. Laddo’s employee says we got good order, can you give incentive? Laddo gives him 10rs, we have scented agarbatti store.

Roopa is searchin for ajwain in kitchen, Ramnath eats it from jar, Roopa sees its finished. Ramnath asks her to bring more from market. Roopa thinks he asked for something after so many days, I have to make it.
Roopa comes to neighbor and says do you have ajwain? she says I swear I would have given my diamond necklace if you asked but I dont have it.
Roopa comes to shop and asks for ajwai, shopkeeper says ants ate it, you go to mall and take from there.

Roopa comes to supermarket to buy ajwain.. she mistakenly throws things form rack and says sorry. Ropa finds ajwain on top shelf.. she jumps on it and takes ajwain.. but all packets fall from rack.. she falls down too. Security comes there, she says sorry, security says its okay, leave. Roopa takes ajwain and tries to pay for it but there is long line at cash counter. Roopa’s phone rings, she opens bag pocket but money falls from it.. one thief sees money falling from her. Roopa picks up money and puts in bag. She sees Laddo calling, she takes it, he says I am leaving office and coming home.. thief snatches her bag and tries to run.. she shouts my ajwain.. thief throws flour at her and tries to run but she throws peas in his path.. he falls down and security catches him.. Roopa says this bag have ajwain and you tried to take it? Thief says I am sorry, I am not a thief, today is my wedding anniversary and I want to take my wife out for dinner. Roopa feels bad and gives him money, she says take your wife to nice restaurant, all clap for her, Roopa leaves.

Laddo comes to wine shop and buys big bottle. He starts his car and hits one bike, biker says Laddo I wont spare you, dont know how your wife bears you.

Roopa is in rickshaw.. she recalls some moments when Roopa messed up and Laddo cared for her, how she once mistakenly threw water on him instead of on car but he looked at her and put her bindi in place, how she burnt food but he ate it. How once a cockroach came in their room and Laddo started screaming more than her. Roopa smiles recalling it. Laddo calls her and says I am coming home, there is ice there? she says yes, he ends call. Roopa says he is coming home.

Scene 2
Laddo reaches home. He goes in house with a huff. Roopa arrives there, neighbor says he seems to be in bad mood. Roopa jumps in kitchen from window. Laddo calls out to her and asks if parathas are made? she says give me 10 minutes? Roopa says I will make pulse for everyone first. She starts cooking. She looks at balen.. she recalls her mother saying that balen is the most important thing in marriage, make circular roties and those will keep your husband in love with you. Roopa ties lucky and sacred thread on balen and says God please let me make circular parathas today. She makes round parathas and starts cooking. She makes good parathas and smiles. She takes them and starts going to Laddo. She comes in their room and gives him parathas, she says ajwain parathas, they are you favorite. Laddo drinks wine and says thank you for making them round, he eats them and says salt is less. Roopa gets sad and recalls how Laddo always say something is less in her tea, food, how her brain is less, how her education is less, how her confidence is less, there is always something less.. she breakdowns and leaves from there.
Roopa comes in kitchen and says I cant do one work nicely, he just asked for parathas, I am useless, he just asked for parathas.. Laddo comes there and sits down to take salt. Roopa ask back to him. She takes balen and says I made parathas with so much love.. she twirls balen around and it hits Laddo on his head.. he falls and dies on spot. Roopa rushes to him and asks what happened? are you fine? Laddo wakes up and says how dare you hit me with balen? I am your husband.. Roopa turns and sees Laddo’s body lying on floor but his soul talking to her. They are both stunned to see Laddo dead on floor.

PRECAP- Laddo’s soul says to Roopa that you killed me, she faints hearing it.
Roopa calls doctor and says Laddo fainted as I hit him with balen. Roopa turns and doesnt find Laddo’s deadbody in kitchen. She sees Jitendar(Laddo’s brother) taking his body away and says where is he taking him?
Jitendar shows Laddo’s body to father Ramnath and says seems like he passed out after drinking too much wine so I am taking him to his room.
All family members are eating. Lata asks where is Laddo? Jitendar says he is sleeping in his room. Roopa looks on.
Laddo’s soul comes to police station and says to inspector that my wife killed. Inspector is confused.
Laddo’s family and Roopa comes to their room and says Laddo is not here, where is he?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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