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Shri Radha Krishna Gaushala:

A lady (Jamuna – Banto’s mother) goes in the stable and checks the cows. She rambles on about Komal (Banto / Badho).

Bado is pumping hand pump so the ladies can fill their buckets. Some ladies talk to her.

Banto’s mother takes a pot of milk from Payal’s (her DIL) bucket. Payal eyes it nonstop. She asks about Komal but Payal has no idea about it. lady wants to offer milk to Shiv ji as Komal’s fasts are finally over. Payal says how will milk be of any use here. Her MIL tells her not to be such a miser. It is just a pot of milk. She kept fast for 16 Mondays after all. Payal says she kept fasts for 16 days 16 times already. It dint change anything. Banto’s mother asks about Banto. Payal shares that Banto went to fetch water. Her MIL says why

you sent her there when we have motor here. Payal suggests letting Komal go so she can lose some weight this way.

Komal remarks that it’s been 30 minutes already. I am tired. Everyone is done. Now I will fill mine. An old lady comes there with empty buckets. Komal taunts her for coming here at this age. I will fill them. Ask your DIL to get these here. I have to take my buckets too. The lady gets sad. She wont come. She keeps me busy in one thing or other. She does not even let me play with my grandson. Komal gets emotional. She balances two buckets on each side of the stick and takes water. Everyone in the village keeps staring at her in surprise.

A lady compliments Jamuna Jiji for having a DIL like Payal. She has come to invite them for her daughter’s (Rinki’s) engagement.

The old lady asks Banto if she will spill all the water in fields while walking like this. Komal points out that this is called cat walking.

Payal and Mausi speak of making Banto do all the work of wedding at home.

Banto brings the old lady till her home but she points out that the buckets are empty. Banto fills the buckets of old lady with her buckets of water.

Payal asks for a pack of half kg desi ghee in return. Mausi agrees. They gossip about Badho. Mausi says no one else but you only worry about Banto. Banto agrees just then. I second that as no one else worries like her for me. She takes a sweet. They look at her and she says it is my fast today. I wont eat much today.

Vardaan (Banto’s brother) asks Banto why she is going so early. the function is in evening. Payal explains that they will feel good if Banto is there. Her MIL asks her about it. Payal reasons that such functions are the perfect place to find someone for his or her kid. Payal and her MIL do a little nok-jhok. Payal advises Banto to hurry up. It is a very lucky day today as your fasts just got over. Banto says I will be lucky the day I will get mehendi on my hands of my partner. Her mother stops her and fixes her earrings.

Banto comes to her Mausi’s place. Mausi says you are so early. Banto asks about Rinki. Mausi traps her in her words. It is a good sign to work in the house where a marriage is going to happen. Rinki complains to her mother about the house. Banto falls down from the wooden stool. Rinki points out that that isn’t made for her. Banto reasons that the wood must be weak. She does the arrangements.

Badho notices Rinki signalling someone. She tells Rinki against it. You are going to get married soon. This isn’t good. Rinki’s mother calls her before she can reply to Banto.

Banto finishes all the work. Mehendi girl comes so she goes to get henna in her hands. Payal comes. She directly goes to meet Mausi. The house looks great. Mausi gives her reward. It is a smaller container. Your Banto broke my stuff and ruined so many things. Payal still takes it. She gives it to her son to keep it at home.

Pundit (Sharma) ji comes. Mausi ji tells Payal about him. Whoever girl’s responsibility he takes, he gets her married. Banto’s mother hears their convo. Pundit ji tells Rinki’s mother to start the function. She agrees. Payal gets thinking. If this pundit ji can get anyone married then he can do something about Badho too.

Badho just got her chance to get mehendi but Mausi ji asks her to bring Pinki. Badho complies.

Pinki is getting ready. Her friends complain that all the guys whom they like, like Pinki. They taunt Badho as soon as she enters. She will get a road roller. He should be like her or he will break down under her. Badho gets a little lost when she looks at Pinki. Mausi is calling you. Function has to start. Pinki tells Badho she will come in some time. Badho agrees. Pinki’s friends ask her why she said she will come in a while. Pinki replies that she wants to see her hero, Lucky. They switch on tv and watch boxing championship. All the girls speak about the guys they like. Lucky wins the fight. Pinki is happy. My Lucky won tonight.

Banto sits down to get mehendi on her hands. A lady (Rinki) tells her to look nice first. Your hand already has so many cuts now because of the work. Forget about the mehendi. Who will even look at you? Banto twists her hand a little. I would have broken your face if you were not the bride. I have done everything in your house. I deserve to get henna in my hands. Rinki’s mother says you dint do any favour on us. Your Bhabhi took a container of ghee in return from me. Payal joins them. What did you do now Badho? She tells everyone not to worry. This keeps happening in homes. Payal takes Banto with her to pundit ji. She introduces Banto to pundit ji. Find a groom for her too. Rinki’s mother sarcastically says pundit ji will do it but she will break everything in that house. She will eat up all food there. Husband will be left hungry. Pundit ji agrees to find a groom for Banto. It will be 10k. I will have to look for a groom everywhere for her. Every guy wants a girl like Priyanka, Katrina. Such a girl cannot find a groom easily. 10k will be very less. It will be atleast 12k. Banto replies that she is better than every girl present here. What do I lack? I can do every possible thing. I know every household work. I did fasts properly unlike Rinki. Who are you to charge a price for my relation? The house where I go will be lucky. Pundit ji shouts at her. You are very arrogant. I will see who marries you in Haryana. Banto says who are you to say so. I will get married. I dint do any mistake if I am fat. Payal tells her not to do drama. Banto says these people made me do the work of 4 workers for a container of ghee. My Shiv ji will take revenge for that. I have full faith in him. He wont let my fasts go in waste. She walks out of the house all sad.

Banto sits by a tree and cries.

Precap: Banto remembers her father’s words. Always keep smiling. Your dreams will come true. Your husband will be the dude of Haryana. He will be unmatched in entire India. Banto tells her mother her dreams broke like the bangles that her father had brought for her. Lucky and another boxer gets a grand welcome back home.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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