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The episode starts with serial’s hero Abhishek’s Daadi introducing her family as Pant Brahmin and their house Pant Bhawan as 1600 sq yard mansion which is 60 year old is a hotel cum house. She introduces her bahus Madhu and Rekha, sons Ramraj and Balraj, grandchildren to Panditji. Grandchildren touch Panditji’s feet and he blesses them. Daadi says her grandson Abhishek’s mother. He asks if she went up/expired. Daadi says she is upstairs and cannot get down due to leg pain. Abhishek’s mom greets Panditji. Panditji sits on sofa with daadi. Madhu brings tea and Rekha says she will serve it, Madhu’s daughter says she will. Daadi says they don’t have car, but have sanskar. Panditji sips tea while grandchldren take biscuits. Daadi asks what

did he think. He says tea is nice. She asks what about alliance. He says he has one and bring them tomorrow. He goes out and Rohan stops him and asks if he is bringing alliance for bade bhaiya. Pandit says yes. Rohan asks if he is sure as last Pandit escaped after bringing 11 alliances. Pandit leaves confused.

Daadi calls family and warns them that she does not want to lose 12th alliance. Madhu says even she wants Abhishek’s alliance and needs hardworking girl like her. Rekha says 9th girl was not beautiful like her. Daadi asks what about 11th. Ramraj says he should find a girl who can come under budget. She asks him to do his advocacy in court and not here. She asks Balraj what about taxi for foreign girl. He says he forgot. Daadi scolds Ramraj to fix compound wall, else he have to stand in place of wall. Abhishek’s mother Babli says she will cook food for family. Madhu says when she is there to cook 14 people’s food why should didi cook it and says she makes Abhishek’s marriage arrangement as if Abhishek is a hero. Babli says her son is a hero. Abhishek is introduced traveling on his bike. Madhu says Abhishek and hero, is she joking. Daadi says he is taking care of 14 family members and is called bade bhaiya by localites. Abhishek is seen delivering repaired radio to vegetable vendor and buying vegetables and eggs. Daadi says if fruit is pressed more, juice will not ontinue coming. She says she is worried that a rich girl will come and…Madhu comes will elope with Abhishek like Yuvraj’s wife escaped took him away. Daadi gets sad. Madhu says she is Abhishek’s aunt and is worried about him, she wants someone who can keep family united like her friend’s daughter. Babli says that girl is divorcee and if she wants her son to marry a divorcee. Madhu asks so what…. Daadi asks them to stop and asks why did not Abhishek return home yet.

Abhishek picks his sister from school. She gets happy and asks when did he come. She says he dropped from sky, he passed 4 times but she did not notice. He gives books and says it is Stephanie writers and gives her eggs. She says mom will scold. He says egges are nutritious food for wrestling, notes expenses in diary. She tries to snatch it and says she wants to see if he has any girlfriend. He says diary is his girlfriend. She says this time, he will get a bride for sure.

Balraj does exercise at home and gets Abhishek’s call who says he has bought eggs for him. He asks to say protein, else amma will scold him. Abhishek asks if he got taxi for Stephanie. Balraj says he tried but could not, asks if he can pick her and reminds to keep eggs in his room. Abhishek then calls his brother Sona and asks him to pick money from drawer and get his CA books. He also asks him to remind Ramraj to pay laborers, else they will stop building war, he does not want to lose guest, else it is difficult to take care of expenses. Sona informs Ramraj who yelling goes and pays 500 rs to laborer instead of 2000 rs. Laborer fights with him, but Avni comes and shoos laborers away. Sona picks money from Abhishek’s drawer, but Kapil snatches it and runs away.

Abhishek takes Stephanie on his bike and praises that she will not get better guest house than his. He continues calling home, but nobody picks phone and he gets tensed. Avni asks Ramraj if she did right by kicking laborers out. Ramraj says yes, his 2000 rs is saved. Babli asks who is bringing guest. Ramraj says Balraj. Avni says chachu is in his room. Ramraj yells one he has to do work and blames Abhishek. Rohan comes and says everyone is kamchor lazy here except Abhishek who takes care of all of them. Madhu scolds him to go and play outside. He says he will not, he knows why Abhishek bhaiya’s marriage is not happening and why 11 alliances broke. Madhu yells at Babli to control her son.

Sona snatches Kapil’s phone and asks him to return his money. Kapil tears money and snatches back his phone. Sona fights with him. Avni come to Sona’s rescue. They all start fighting. Abhishek brings Stephanie home. Stephanie sees so much noice and says she cannot stay here and write. Abhishek handles situation and says they are fighting instead to read her books, shows her books and says they are fighting who will read it first. He gives nearby flower bouquet and gift box and says it is for her. Stephanie says she liked it and gives him money and leaves. He sees torn money on floor and scolds siblings if they know howmuch important this money is for their family, they would have fought with stones until their problems are solved. Madhu comes and yells he should control Rohan instead of yelling at Kapil. Rekha comes and says it is Sona’s mistake. Ramraj and Balram come and scold Abhishek that he should show his supremacy to his younger brothers. whole family starts shouting. Abhishek handles situation by bringing Madhu’s prepared pakoras and praising Madhu. Everyone run behind him for pakoras. Sister says he stopped them from fighting again. Abhishek shows alcohol bottle to Ramraj and he silently goes aside happily thanks him. He apologizes Ramraj on Rohan’s behalf. Ramraj says why sorry, it is family, hugs Abhishek and says Madhu yells more than Rohan. Abhishek says he will keep his bottle in his room.

Abhishek goes to his room and sits on bed sadly. He writes a note and sticks it on board and leans on bed. He then hears Babli crying and goes to her room to console her. She asks what he needs. He says she did not exercise, so he is trying to exercise her. She says hope her illness ends at once. He says soon he will vanish solving problems. She emotionally hits him and asks to run away. He says many people ran away, he will not. He sees stopped clock and says he would have brought cell. She says ammaji’s clock is stopped on her son and Abhishek’s on hardwork, he has not gone out of Devpur since a long time. He says he will not leave his family and says howmuch ever bad climaite is, tree will not leave its roots. He sees her munching pakoras and says she will not get it now. Babli says when will the girl come who will take care of him.

Meera is seen setting multiple alarm clocks. Her sister asks where is she going out dressing up. Meera says she will answer her first question. Sisters says her answers are confusing. Meera says she herself is confused. Sister says now she realized her graduation result is tomorrow. Meera says she is not worried about results, she wants to get up at 7 a.m. as she does not want to increase papa’s BP by going late and then getting bad result, so she will be awake whole night watching DDLJ, who knows one day papa may say jaa Simran jeele apni zindagi. Sister leaves. Abhikshek wakes up early in the morning and greets daadi. Daadi says her Abhishek wakes up early in the morning before every and sleeps late, she hopes he gets a life partner like him who can take care of everyone’s needs with a smile.

Meera’s dad comes to Meera’s room after getting ready and sees her sound asleep even when many alarms are ringing.

Precap: Meera’s sister asks if she is ready for marriage. Abhishek’s family waits for girl’s family. Abhishek greets them.

Update Credit to: MA

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