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The Episode starts with Aarav getting ready and leaving from home. His family asks why is he going out today, his haldi is going to begin now. His dad stops him and says its your haldi today, and you are…… Aarav smiles and says there is imp work than haldi. His dad asks what. Aarav says you will know it soon. He leaves from his lavish home.

Some people beat dhol and dance in a huge procession outside a temple. The media tells about Aarav Tridevi goin g to do something unique this time, lets see how he answers the world this time. The girl Arundhati gets ready. Dadi makes her ready and asks her to turn now. Aru smiles and says you made all the blouses with string. Dadi jokes and says this is magic wand to bring your husband close to you, Aarav will be around you to open the string and tie it.

She says Aru, you are very lucky to get a husband like Aarav, I have many tips to please your husband, you know at my suhaagraat…. Aru says don’t say all that, its boring and I get shy, and I don’t need the tips.

The RJ tells about Aarav, he is a man of surprises, no one can understand him, its impossible. Aru’s mum attends the guests. She calls her husband and asks him to come home soon. Aru’s mum praises Aarav and his family. She says Aarav is like my son, not son in law. Aru hugs her mum. Aru’s mum smiles seeing Aru and compliments her. Her mum says you will get married in a day now, and gets emotional. She cries and hugs Aru.

Bua Dadi comes with Aru’s dad and tells about the new generation making everyone shy in the train coach. Aru asks Bua Dadi not to worry for those who don’t have values. Bua Dadi praises Arundhati and her values. She tells about a guy running away from home, and defaming family.

A girl tells Aru that Aarav is on tv. Aru asks what, and goes to see the news. Aarav gets the Mata Rani idol, and people play dhol cheering for Mata ji. Aru tells heer mum that she does not know anything about this. The lady says Aarav made a temple, with so much crowd, whose statue is it, who is this Devi. The reporter says its million dollar question, which Devi’s idol is this? Aarav places the idol and smiles. He lifts the ghunghat…. and shows the Devi. Aru, her family and everyone get shocked seeing Aru’s idol. The lady says Aru’s fate got so good by getting such a husband. The media reporters ask who is this Devi. Aarav says we pray to our Lord, for me my love is my Dharm and Karam, that’s why this temple is for Arundhati, the Goddess of my love, she taught me to love and live. Aru smiles happily. Aarav says its my marriage with Aru tomorrow, I gave her this lovely gift. Baazigar O baazigar………….plays……………

Aru’s dad says why did Aarav think of making this idol. Aru’s mum says you won’t understand this Mr. Professor, this is new way to express love. Bua Dadi says when Aru’s Dada ji knows Aarav made temple for Aru, he will be glad. Dadi says he went to temple.

Aru’s Dada ji is shown, walking inside a temple. He prays to Kaali Maa and says I have done Tapasya for one year, give me the fruit for it, what I have seen is not true, its just coincidence, tell this Maa.

Aarav’s Bua Padma is angry seeing Aru’s love making Aarav mad. She says Aru can’t get our property, Aarav can’t marry any girl. Aarav’s Dadi sees Padma and says its Aarav’s haldi today, don’t dare to do anything today. Dadi scolds her daughter. Padma asks her to eat betel. Dadi says I will not leave you if you do anything in marriage. She goes. Padma says Amma, whatever these little rituals are happening, you can see that, because this house won’t see marriage.

The relatives tease Aru about Aarav and laugh. They hear some women crying, and go out to see. Aru’s family gets shocked seeing women crying aloud outside. Aru’s dad asks them to stop this, who called them at the event of marriage. A lady comes and says I called them. The lady gives the ladies 5001rs for rent to come here, 3001rs to create hurdle in good work and 2000rs to do abshagun, and 1001rs to curse the bride. Aru gets shocked. Aru’s Dadi slaps the lady, her other bahu Tanvi.

Dadi scolds Tanvi for falling so low. Aru’s mum says Aru always regarded you as mum, when you are her Chachi/aunt. Tanvi says I m returning what I got from this house, you earned my hatred. Aru’s dad says Tanvi, you lost your husband, but I lost my brother too, don’t create hurdle in my daughter’s marriage, I request you. Tanvi says what are you doing Jethji, this is just a beginning, you will reap what you have sown.

Aru’s Dada Manjunath is worried. The pandit says Manjunath does not see any of family member’s kundli, but mistakenly he has seen Aru’s kundli, its Kaal in her Kundli, he is very worried and doing this maha puja.

Aarav talks to the employees in his office. The butler drops a tea cup and gets so scared seeing Aarav. He says sorry, it happened by mistake. Aarav asks him to drop other cups too. He says these cups are part of one set, if any cup breaks, the set becomes imperfect. He tells his manager that he can’t see imperfection in business, you do anything, but I want a good company to do my work perfectly. The men leave.

His sister comes and asks him why is he working. He says I can’t take my surname Trivedi lightly. She teases him about Aru waiting for his haldi. Aru sees her mum crying. She sings Heer to badi sad hai and hugs her mum. Aru asks her mum not to worry, Tanvi’s curse won’t affect her. Aarav’s dad tells his wife Parul that Aarav has learnt all great things from him. They smile. Aarav’s Dadi asks Aarav’s mum to start haldi rituals. Padma tries to do something. She stops Parul from doing rituals. She says its about rituals, that’s why I m saying, I think you forgot shagun, that you are step mum of Aarav. Everyone get shocked. Padma says I m real Bua of Aarav, so I will apply shagun haldi to him. Aarav says shubh things do not start by real or step mum, its my eldest family member, that’s my Dadi. He asks Dadi to start his haldi ritual. Padma turns to Dadi. Dadi applies haldi to Aarav. Parul does his aarti. Aarav’s sister also applies haldi to him, and says I will empty all the gifts. He applies haldi to her and laughs. He asks his dad won’t he apply haldi to him. Aarav’s dad gets emotional and says I will surely apply haldi, you made me proud by getting a girl like Arundhati in your life and our house, thanks. He applies the haldi and blesses Aarav.

Dadi says we have to send haldi to Arundhati as well. Aarav sends Gangajal and chandan haldi for Aru. The ladies say I think Aarav will bring moon in marriage. Aru sits for haldi. She sees Aarav there and smiles. Taare leke baarati….. He applies haldi to her and they dance. He lifts her in arms. She imagines him and smiles. Tanvi gets a bat in a bag. Dadi goes to keep haldi near the Lord idol. Tanvi keeps the bag there and smiles seeing everyone dancing. She leaves the bat free. Manjunath keeps his hand on the diya and says I won’t move my hand till the danger on my family gets away. The bat flies and everyone get scared. The bat sits in the haldi. Aru’s mum drops the bowl. The diya blows off. Manjunath gets shocked. Aru and her family get shocked seeing the haldi fallen. Tanvi smiles and says this marriage can’t happen. Aarav is seen dancing with his family and is very happy. Aru cries.

Aarav kisses Aru’s hand and hugs her. Tanvi blames Aru’s mum for ruining her life, and curses Aru. Aru cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Narendran

    Thnx for the super fast update.. Nice start.. But all shows.. Will show their real face after few epi.. Like ssk??

  2. Anaita

    Already a fan!!

  3. Anita

    the show is good im really likng aru & arav cute jodi they remind me of jatsya
    coming to arav bua and aru chachi what is wrong wid them lol
    i get it why aravs bua doesnt want arav to get married to any one but what s that aru chacchi why is she so pissed off
    then the dadaji why is hes so scared
    one more so many characters in the show im getting confused lol

  4. Amena u update yhm and this serial n they come in the same time slot… How do you manage?

  5. Fan Of Baazigar

    I Like This Episode Aarav Are Very Mastermind Boy

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Nice start i wonder what is arav mystery

  7. Fan Of Baazigar

    I Like This Episode

  8. Fan Of Baazigar

    So Cute Couples

  9. Fan Of Baazigar

    Its Like A Angel Anu

  10. Fan Of Baazigar


  11. Kutto Ki Jodi Acchi Hai


    Nice start… but i hope show is not at all like film bazzigar or tv serail dil se di dua… subhaygavati or tv serial main na bhoolungi…..
    Becoz there are lot of surprises which related the same concept of mix match of all these shows

  13. Neelima Sunil

    Who is the actress playing aru’ s chachi?? Does anyone know some other serial in which she has acted?

    1. Anaita

      She was also seen in Ek hasina thi as Suchitra Her real name is Jyoti Gauba

      1. She is atractive. I remember her playing hero’s mum. So two actors from EHT. Another one from EHT, Rishi is acting as hero in Jana nahin dil se door.

    2. she was chachi of Vatsal seth in Ek hasina thi also in real life when Vatsal was in school she was teacher in that school

  14. He is an amazing actor
    Because of him this show is going to get immense popularity
    Even the storyline is good
    Casting is awesome

  15. Nice start,,,,!

  16. Shai

    Moderate start hope show gets better…after all vatsal seth is there
    But they shud minimise the family drama

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