Vote for your favorite couple in Siya Ke Ram

After bringing some polls on new entries and recent tracks in the hit shows currently, we now bring a poll to know your favorite actors/pairings/characters in the mythological show Siya Ke Ram. The show recently has shown Vivaah Utsav of all the four pairs. Each of the pair looked adorable and awesome. The viewers got a great visual sight after watching the grand marriages on the small screen.

Siya Ke Ram is the next big mytho serial on Star Plus after the successful finite show Mahabharat. Sita Ke Ram presents the chronicles of Ramayana from Sita’s perspective. Thus this one has more depth into Sita’s family, her sisters and her journey in her inlaws. Sita’s three sisters accompany to her inlaws as they turn up into her sisters-in-law. The compassion, patience, love, sacrifice and humility of all the characters are shown well.

The ancient pairings known in Ramayana are seen in detail. The costumes, characterization and all the grandeur got well presented in the show. Ram and Sita are the foremost couple, who are the main leads of the show. After them, the three couples who won the viewer’s hearts are Bharat-Mandvi, Laxman-Urmila and Shatrughan-Shruthkirti. Everyone has their own charm and distinctively liked by the viewers. The Vivaah Utsav focused on all the four couples. After that, some sweet moments between the couples were shown. We want to know which one is your favorite couple in Siya Ke Ram? You may leave comment as well.


  1. nupur

    Actually i like both siyaram and lakshmila.Bt i dnt knw why bt i get extremely happy wenevr i see lakshmila so i think my vote goes 2 LAKSHMAN-URMILA:)

    • Nidhi

      Same here nupur di❤️ They look really adorable together with their silly and cute fights☺️
      They look like teddy bears to me? such cuteness!?

  2. i think that i love all the pairs hence i am not able to poll according to me all the pairs are excellent but if someone tells me to chose 1 then on number one is sita and ram, on second laxmilla, on third shrushan and on fourth bhavi

  3. Nidhi

    All the pairs are awesome so unable to decide which one to vote for?
    And as seema do said it would be nice if all the newly wed brides have their hair open as they look gorgeous that way ?

      • Nidhi

        Yah because in day before yesterday’s episode we got to see ram gifting a hair accessory to Sita he puts it on her bun… It was also nice but Madirakshi will look more beautiful if she leaves her hair open❤️? it suits her and her sisters a lot!

      • Nidhi

        Yes haripriya di I agree with you too but then in my mythological serials we have seen lead roles having their hair open even after marriage know di?
        But it’s ok di everyone has their own opinion 🙂

      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        no di……… married women should not have free hair but can plate their hair……….

  4. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    a very difficult choice………. many over here will vote for KS and YK only,……… bcoz we saw more of their cute fights……… MM ans AS are also good pair…… but tere wont be much for Shrusha (PK and TN) and Bhavi (SR and PH) pair bcoz we hardly saw their chemistry…….. i think this vote section should have come little more later…………. Since i have to vote any one only my

    1st preference goes Karan Suchak and Yukthi Kapoor that is Urmika pair………

    2nd to Ashish Sharma and Madirakshi Mundle that is Siam pair……..

    i dont want to give 3rd and 4th preference bcoz the other pairs are actually as equal as Siam…….. i really love the love chemistry between Sujay Reu n Prithvi Hatte ( BHAVI ) Pratham Kunwar n Tanvi Madhyan ( SHRUSHA )……….. LOVE U GUYS…….. AND THE SIYA KE RAM FAMILY TOO……………


    • Nidhi

      Yah true I too actually voted for Lakshmila❤️
      Their cute fights☺️
      They look really adorable together!

  5. Omg choosing best pair it quit difficult. ……….because I like all the pair
    So we have vote then I give
    1st place to lakshmila
    2nd place 2 siam
    3rd and 4th not able 2 decided because both pair look GOOD

  6. Hemalathakini

    There is no comparison whatsoever they r all sweet brothers and sisters, but even other wise AshMa aka #RamSiya are above any couple in this Universe

  7. Ashutosh

    Siya Ram the best and most gorgeous couple in #Siya ke ram.. Ashish and madi have a rocking chemstry.. ❤️


        hi diya di……… was missing so much…….. miss u n devga di a lot….. why didnt u come for past 1 month? missing u a lot

      • diya

        Hi dear… Busy wd job…. Me too missing u all…. And I saw most f d skr fans dp changed… All DPS r just awesome… I think u only startd frstna… Great…… And dear how s ur exams and preparations….

      • Nidhi

        Hi diya di yes many new fans came… 🙂
        Missed you a lot di?
        My exam preparations are going on well di 🙂
        Sorry for interrupting your conversation?

      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        nidhi no sorry……..

        diya di my exams preparations superb…………. 3 papers over and all i have done superbly……….

        n yes the trend of dps in siya ke ram page was started by me only…………..

  8. sultan

    Ram & Sita,one of the most beautiful,gorgeous,adorable,fabulous,mindblowing,pretty,nice and great couple.Ashish Sharma & Madirakshi Mundle both doing perfect as Ram & Sita.Always stay blessed.

  9. Arvind

    Lakshman-Urmila are the best couple of this show. Ram-Sita are kind of boring, their scenes have no passion, no romance. Previous couples played these characters much better.

    Lakshman and Urmila are the most attractive pair of this show.

    SKR is dragging so much, I’m losing interest in this show. Ramayan has been shown so many times in the past, and each version has become a hit. There’s no need for SKR to drag so much. Nothing they’ve shown so far is new. Everything has been seen in previous versions, even Sita’s childhood, so what’s the need to drag?

    Star Plus’ Mahabharat was much better.


      u might have seen it but we are only just from 11 to 20 so we might not know much…… sorry if my comment hurts u…………

  10. Nidhi

    My vote always to Lakshmila❤️
    They look really adorable together and it took me 3 shouts to decide!??
    Siam also look perfect but the cuteness in lakshmila I don’t find in any other couple☺️
    Awww! Their silly and cute fights are the best part and that is the main thing which makes them look really adorable!☺️
    They and their teddy bear fights!? Awwww!??❤️?

  11. I saw some episodes of SKR, I love Ram-Sita pair and for some reason I found Bharat-Mandvi pair quite cute and also laxman-urmila pair quite awesome, and Satrughan-Shruthkirti pair also not bad it’s a tough choice to make

  12. I just voted lakshmila. 🙂 they look so adorable together. :* whenever I see them together or During lakshmila scenes I just start jumping in a childish way 🙂

    They are the only pair who are so entertaining and of course a stress booster. :* 🙂

  13. Dimeo

    Bit of a pointless vote. Ramsiya and Lakshmilla will obviously get more votes are they get more exposure on the show and are obviously more prominent characters. The show has also clearly put more time into filling these roles with suitable actors than the others. I do like all the pairs btw.

  14. anjali

    I like Lakshmila but what the poll zone shows , by that I am really unhappy because yesterday this pair had more than 39% but today by noon it has reduced to only 30% . I’m seeing here that so many are giving comments that they like LakshMila jodi the most then why there is a reduction in the polls? Girls and Guys if you really like Lakshmila more than others then vote them more so that the CVs of the serial may show more scenes of Lakshmila

  15. anjali

    Thanks to them those who voted Lakshmila . And sorry too as I’m demanding more Lakshmila votes . Actually I really love this jodi more than others and even I love their off-screen photos .

  16. Zannat farhim

    Plz ,siya ke ram ka repeattelicast ka timing change mat karo use 10:30 pm hi rakhne do,i love the show vry vry much

    • wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      Sure anjali….. Welcome to SIYA KE RAM fan club….. n could u pls introduce about u to us???? Sorry if its personal…..

    • Nidhi

      Yah sure anjali?why not?
      Every fan of siya ke ram is most welcome here 🙂
      May I know where are you from? And in which class? 🙂 I’m sorry if it’s personal…? didn’t mean to hurt you…

  17. SiRa

    theres no comparision btw Ram Siya nd other … Ashish Sharma nd Madirakshi Mundle the most beautiful onscreen couple the best Ram Siya ever

  18. Naina

    Siya Ram all the way.. Ashish and Madi rocking as #Ram siya.. Other couples are also good specially mandavi and bharat.. my vote goes TO siya ram..:)

  19. Liya

    Actually i like laxman-urmilla jodi than siyaram not becual imp toause of their actors nor because of the acting I am not a hindu .I have studied in my language class about a portion of ramayan in that when siyaram & laxman went to vanavas, urmila was left behind she lived 14 years without the love & care of her husband without any complaint she looked after her husbands parents …when laxman came back frm vanvass she was behaving normal she was not happy .He asked her the reason she said that he did’nt say good bye to her when he left for vanvass so she believed that he was there with her always all these years she says he lives in her heartt ………such an adorable lovestory i have never heard until now Because of urmilla i love the lax-urmi pair sooo muchhh……for this reason i always have a soft corner to writers plzz give equal imp to all pairs

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