Would you watch Colors’ Naagin without Adaa Khan?

Colors’ Naagin started as a good attempt on weekends. The biweekly show is much awaited by the viewers. Each episode brings good drama along with killer looks of the Naagins. Adaa Khan and Mouni Roy look stunning in the Naagin characters. In few months, Naagin has become one of the favorite weekend entertainers. The mystery concept and amazing star cast are doing wonders for the show.

In upcoming episodes, Adaa Khan’s character Sesha will get into a battle with Ichhadhari Mor played by Madhura Naik. There will be a action fight between the Naagin and Mor, wherein Sesha will be attacked badly, being the weaker and wounded one at that moment. Mor will tie up Sesha and make an attempt to kill Sesha. Sesha will be severely injured and lose her senses also. She will get unconscious and then with Shivanya’s prayers and Lord Shiv’s devotion, Sesha will be getting conscious to fight with the Mor. The track has suspense about Sesha’s character dying or just getting injured. Will Sesha get saved by Shivanya at the nick of the moment or die in the dangerous fight… This will be seen very soon. Would you watch Naagin without Adaa Khan?
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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I watch this show for rivanya pair only so that for me no problem but sesha should be there then only it will be interesting

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    I want only Shivanya and Ritik pair… baki shesha bhi rehni chiye after all she is soo help ful.. but teeno ke bich me love triangle mat dikhana..

  3. Yes of course.This show is about Shivanya and Ritik.I am the one who will be least bothered about the entry or exit of any of the actors except these two.So, Adaa show mein rahte hain then it is fine and agar woh chali bhi jaati hai then I don’t care.

  4. K.Ajay

    I will watch but just for d sake of it!!!!for a fact I started watching Naagin for Mouni, but Adaa Khan impressed me as Sesha that Mouni falls flat if compared with Sesha…without Sesha Naagin is nothing and Shivanya will never be able to take full Revenge….And also RiVanya’s is a repetitive romance of which I am bored off and AB is not that much good looking nor he does have anything substantial to do in d show….Sesha is d rockstar!!!

  5. Riya

    The thing is Shivanya is very emotional but sesha is not ……. Without sesha Shivanya wouldn’t have killed the kaatillon….. Sesha was always a support for Shivanya and that’s why I don’t want sesha to be killed…….. And guys the news is that morni will flirt wid rithik making shivanya jealous….. So enjoy rivanya scenes……

  6. Naagin lover

    Sesha has to be there in the show as she is sensible. Sivanya is shown emotional. Both sisters need to be there for each other. Don’t let sesha die else there will not be any charm in watching the serial.

  7. Star

    No not at all unless and until sesha doesn’t create problems in shivanya and rhitiks life!!!!

  8. Anu

    Shesha is awesome character but she is not the one whole show revolves around. So I will be watching this great show till its end even if shesha or shivanya whoever gets killed. But I would love if nothing of this happens :/

  9. abdul saboor ahmad

    shesha is doing a fabelous role in this fantasy show she must be here with shivania till last otherwise charm will not remain

  10. trupti

    sesha is mind blowing in nagin character. …nd without sesha the show ll be boring. ..I ll stop watching the show without sesha. .

  11. rivanyafan*

    i love rivanya… !! so… mainly I care abt shivanya and ritik… shesha should b dere… otherwise… d spark may vanish… and naagin is abt revenge… which might remain incomplete if shesha is not dere… so let three of dem b in show till d end… BT pls don’t make a live triangle here… !!

  12. Priya

    Shivnya is the herione of the show. but its Sesha who always steal the show. she is powerful, bold, beautiful and cunning. i realy admire Ada Khan is is realy very beautiful as well as good actress.

  13. Liya

    love uuuu adhaa your superbb actress…….you are the strength of shivaanya your sisterly love is what motivates her to take revenge ……..without you show will bee a part dead..

  14. I watch nagin show only for shesha / adaa Khan ,though rithik n shivanya are the leads but there is no charm without shesha ,I love her ,she is so beautiful n a brilliant actor.

  15. Shivani

    the rivanya pair is awsm but without sesha may be the show will get boring as it is sesha who reminds shivanya of her revenge

  16. I like rivanya Jodi & about sesha her presence doesn’t matter if she is there then it is OK if not little bit bad but if she is alive plz yaar don’t make love triangle now

  17. Joya

    Widout ada khan nagin is boring…………. She is a charm of dis show…………i really like moni roy but after watching nagin i accepted that ada is better than moni roy.she is perfect.

  18. Shambhavi

    No problem wid sesha…BT if she sperated Rivanya by marrying wd Ritik….then don’t want to see sesha character anymore

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.