Would you watch Colors’ Naagin without Adaa Khan?

Colors’ Naagin started as a good attempt on weekends. The biweekly show is much awaited by the viewers. Each episode brings good drama along with killer looks of the Naagins. Adaa Khan and Mouni Roy look stunning in the Naagin characters. In few months, Naagin has become one of the favorite weekend entertainers. The mystery concept and amazing star cast are doing wonders for the show.

In upcoming episodes, Adaa Khan’s character Sesha will get into a battle with Ichhadhari Mor played by Madhura Naik. There will be a action fight between the Naagin and Mor, wherein Sesha will be attacked badly, being the weaker and wounded one at that moment. Mor will tie up Sesha and make an attempt to kill Sesha. Sesha will be severely injured and lose her senses also. She will get unconscious and then with Shivanya’s prayers and Lord Shiv’s devotion, Sesha will be getting conscious to fight with the Mor. The track has suspense about Sesha’s character dying or just getting injured. Will Sesha get saved by Shivanya at the nick of the moment or die in the dangerous fight… This will be seen very soon. Would you watch Naagin without Adaa Khan?
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  1. naagin drama is best because of adaa khan

  2. i like adaa khan a lot

  3. shweta tiwari

    No never ever

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