Do you like post leap portrayals & actors in Udaan?

Colors’ Udaan premiered on 18 August 2014. The show has taken the second leap in the show. The first leap was when young Chakor was shown and then the story continued long. Finally, Chakor, Imli, Vivaan, Aditya and Suraj are shown grown up with many twists coming in their lives. Sai Ballal, Vineet Raina, Sai Deodhar, Prachee Pathak, Ginny Virdi, Rajiv Kumar are still the part of the show.

Meera Deosthale, who was last seen as Eshu, the youngest sibling in Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls is playing the lead role of Chakor. Paras Arora who is known as Shivaji in the show Veer Shivaji is playing Ranjana’s son Vivaan Rajvanshi in the show. There will be a love track between Chakor and Vivaan.

Vidhi Pandya earlier seen in Balika Vadhu is playing the grown up Imli post leap. Imli will be seen going against her sister Chakor. Vijayendra Kumeria who played the lead role Rajat in Shastri Sisters is seen as Suraj Rajvanshi in Udaan. Suraj will be paired with Chakor in future track, when Suraj will oppose Chakor and Vivaan’s love. Vijayendra will be seen in the grey shade in this show, after the dual role in his previous show. Varun Sharma of Bhagyalakshmi fame is playing Aditya Rawat’s role.

Spandan Chaturvedi who played the little Chakor in the show, did superb portrayal making the role memorable. All the child actors were remarkable in their roles. Spandan Chaturvedi, Darshan Gurjar, Yash Mistry, Tasheen Shah and other child actors will be missed a lot. After the 10 years leap, Chakor was shown taking training by Arjun and winning the racing champion tag in all the marathons. Chakor grows up with only one dream. She wants to free Azaadganj from the clutches of Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi, known as Bhaiya ji. While everyone has witnessed the child actors portraying the characters very convincingly, we want to know whether the viewers liked the new actors’ portrayals in the well defined characters. What do you think about the post leap portrayals & actors in Udaan? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Are the pairs gonna be Vivian and Chakor or Suraj and Chakor..? Anyways Paras Arora is my favo actor and I love the new cast ALOT!!!!!!!!

    1. And who is Aditya going to be paired up with??? Imli??

    2. Paras arora is my fav actor too l do watch all of is shows

  2. ilove suraj and chakor pair….

  3. Aditya- ragini
    Vivan – chakor
    Surya-imli…. This will be perfect pairing in the serial.. Surya n chakor pairing shd not happen because from childhood there was some chemistry btwn vivaan n chakor …n eshwar was chakor s mausa Ji so adi will be chakor s best frnd or a brother . meera deosthale is perfect replace of spandan ..but I don’t understand y adithya became a journalist ..he was a very good author na he could have replaced his dad s position or have become an author itself..whatever he being a newsreporter is also good …the serial is seriously awesum ….hopes it comes on Saturday also

    1. He’s the news reporter as he has to do a big role in this drama. When Chakor is in a mission to expose Bhaiyya ji she needs the media on her side. And whatever news in the future could be bought forward wit the help of Aditya

  4. Well I definitely had this doubt in mind about suraj-chakor pairing…… Coz if suraj hadn’t been a lead then some normal guy cud have played the part….
    But vijayendra isn’t fool to play JUST AN ANTAGONIST WHO LOSES AT LAST N EXITS AFTER PLAYING LEADS…… So may b I have got some aroma of triangles n quadrangles coming up….. Thanx to my love antennas!!! 😀

    1. Obviously they wouldn’t chose such a handsome actor for normal role. The day Chakor was introduced the same day Sooraj was shown and the day Imli was shown, the same day Vivaan. Besides all thesedays Bhaiyyaji hve been treating these banduas so badly and I’m sure the producers would hve defintely thought of making these two girls as Bhaiyyaji’s daughters in law. That would be the fate in the end. Vivaan and Chakor falling in love and then Sooraj opposing it and later sooraj marrying Chakor and maybe imli will turn good and marry vivaan.

  5. Vijayendra Kumeria’s scenes left the most impact this first week after the leap. He is an awesome actor. Love him in udaan

  6. Me too want chakor with suraj

  7. I love suraj and chakor pair …

  8. chakor ending up suraj looks disgusting to me..chakor marrying the one who tortured her and sister and made their life a hell along with his father.. great. for god sake this show is not a lov stry or saas bahu crap. the show got some social responsibilty too.

    1. Bhaiyyaji created Chakor’s fate by making her a bandua, but Chakor’s fate would be bringing freedom to Azadganj and marrying the elder son of the house and being Bhaiyyaji’s daughter in law. If Chakor pirs with Vivaan, it’s useless as he’s not bhaiyaji’s own son. And it isn’t right for Chakor to pair with Vivaan and imli to pair with sooraj either. I’m sure in the future Sooraj will become good and support Chakor after falling in love with Chakor.

    2. I think that’s exactly why chakor should marry sooraj. if she stays in that house she can make the life hell of bhaiyaji and sooraj. and cuz chakor will be famous they might not be able to harm her. they say ” keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer” , she should teach a lesson to sooraj and bhaiyaji for every torture they have done on her. and as for social responsibility chakor is already giving the message to the viewers to fight back no mater what situation you are in.

  9. i want Suraj &chakor

  10. Suraj and chakor??? NO WAYYYY… I don’t like suraj at all.. its not about actors who are portraying the characters. the story ia abt its characters only.. so as of suraj, he is just like his father who torchored chakor and imli and made cute si imli a goon.. vivaan may have misunderstood chakor but his character is positive since childhood and helped chakor a lot.. either vivan or aditya both is ok for chakor but not suraj plzzzzzzz..

  11. So Chakor and Vivaan both will fall in love and later Suraj will marry Chakor. Sounds Interesting. Maybe later Imli will turn good and marry Vivaan or maybe someone else. However the bandua girls would become the daughters in law of Bhaiyya ji. That would defintely be the fate. I’m excited to watch the show <3

  12. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys they have confirmed the date this show gonna end in may15,2018 pls check it till that we have time to enjoy this show?????????

  13. vidhi is playing chakor not mera it’s shown in youtube segment here

    1. sorry my bd its old news and wrong

  14. only chakor and surajjjjjjj
    I want charaj …..
    I love vijay ….

  15. Luv u Vijay ATB for ur new character. meera and Vijay pair looks best and even Meera and Paras pair looks best
    but I want Charaj Pair becoz I want a change in Suraj’s character

  16. No. Chakor and Vivaan

  17. I want to chakor-vivan pair bcoz in childhood chemistry between both are vry cute………………..plz unite chakor-vivan plzzzzzzzz

  18. Daniel Sankar

    Can anyone tell me if Meera Does tamale acted as Kusum in the juvenile jail and ran against Young Chakor

  19. I m missing the kids a lot but the actors r doing a great job I thought it will be ChaVi(Chakor-Vivan)pair so m bit surprised to know that it will be ChaRaj(Chakor-Suraj) , never expected Suraj to be the male lead 😛 I think Chavi and ImRaj(Imli-Suraj) would have been better, but anyways it would be quite interesting to see the chemistry between ChaRaj

  20. ONlYyyyy…… Charaj
    suraj & chakor

  21. ONlYyyyy…… Charaj
    suraj & chakor

  22. i love vijay…. <3
    so iwant chakor and suraj pair
    ( charaj….. )

  23. Aditya-Chakor-Vivaan love triangle may also be there..

  24. Make a poll about vivan & chakor and suraj & chakor…plzzz l an unable to do it…

  25. Honest opinion

    Wait.. Is Paras quitting SAB TV’s police factory?

  26. I think chakor used to call suraj bayya in her childhood.. so how could it b possible to pair up with him.. I don’t think it looks good.. its so weird…

    1. Yes ur right. Chakor used to call her suraj bhaiya but suraj didn’t like it and told her to call him chote malik. I want chakor and vivaam pair

  27. Plz bring ragini…i likd her character a lot though she was shown very less….

  28. Am 2 happy 2 c my PARAS as My Fav Vivaan

  29. Suraj-Chakor have a superb on-screen Chemistry. After Vijayendra’s Performance in Shastri Sisters i have full faith that he’ll be the best male lead of Udaan. Meera , Vidhi and the parallel leads are doing a wonderful job. Restoration of the TRP proves that! ☺

  30. Please unite vivan and chakor ……. …. bcz its from chilhood appears like this will happen after leap….

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