Friday Spoilers — 5th January 2016


Shanti is scared today and have worn ghunghat as Shanti’s brother in law have come home. Shanti takes care of him and gets scolded by him. She is cooking food infront of him and also cleaning the utensils. Shanti gets irked as Dadda ji scolds her. Riya and her mum in law Kaushalya wear pallu on their head and come infront of him. Riya thinks Shanti and Dadda ji might team up and throw her out of house.

Jamai Raja:

Siddharth fights with the goons and saves Roshni. She beats the goons like Chachi 420. Jyoti Tai have come as Chachi 420 and beat goons. The goons fall on the ground. Roshni is surprised to see Jyoti Tai beating the goons. Some goons teases Kunal and Roshni, but Jyoti Tai beats the goons, and Sid proves his love for Roshni. Sid has impressed Roshni while Kunal is shocked to see Jyoti Tai beating goons badly.

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  1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    thanks for giving SKR spoilers

  2. Y no updates for MSM

  3. Twinkle twinkle big star

    Tashan e ishq please

  4. Directors of SNS have lost sense..I think the directors of SNS also lead their life the same way aa shown in SNS..relationship with ppl who are double their age..or relationship with their father in law ..or the elder ppl marrying daughter in law..may be they do all these in their lives and so they are showing the same in SNS…blo*dy directors..Raskals of russia..fool of an ass..Idiots of India..showing all immoral stories juat for their cheap of them!!!!

    1. I agree, I stopped watching that nonsense ever since they made the Meera Charecter marry her sister’s father in law. I think the producer’s and directors/story writer’s expect every one in India be the same way how they live. We are Indians and we never heard of this kind of relationship in our life, if some one live like that we don’t treat them as equal as others. Immoral people write and picture immoral stories. bastards spoiling Indian culture and India’s name ar0ud the world.

  5. Pls post Sadda Haq spoilers too.

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