Krishnadasi Review: Many elements knitted to describe harsh passé practices

Krishnadasi is the new offering on Colors channel. The show presents an insight of the old Devadasi system, where a girl was married to a deity and was forever devoted towards the deity. The women were said to be of brave minds and soul, who carried the tradition with their pride and devotion. This story was unseen in hindi tv shows before. Colors makes an attempt to present this untold tale of Devadasi system, which has hidden secrets and mysteries.


Aradhya is Tulsi’s daughter. She does not know she is a Devadasi as well, as she belongs to same lineage. Tulsi’s mother Kumudini heartily became a Devadasi, while Tulsi was forced to become a part of this tradition by Kumudini. Tulsi does not wish Aradhya to take this legacy ahead. Tulsi wants to protect her daughter and covers the Devadasi truth from Aradhya. Aradhya starts uncovering the truth which shatters her life. The story shows three generations and their Devdasi lives explored. The show takes a step to bring social awareness about such customs which really existed in the country and were forbidden.

Main Characters:


Kumudini is the head of the Devadasi legacy. She holds this legacy with pride and feels lucky to be part of this tradition. Kumudini has come back to her hometown Krishnavati to earn her respect back and take revenge for her humiliations from Pradhyumna. She stands against the village dominating man Pradhyumna Vidhyadhar Rao. Kumudini wants to make Aradhya as Devadasi as well and take the tradition and lineage ahead.

Tulsi: krishnadaasi21

Tulsi is Kumudini’s daughter and Aradhya’s mother. She is soft spoken and compassionate lady. She is a protective mother and gem at heart. She loves Aradhya a lot and often talks to her as her friend. Tulsi wraps many truths for the betterment. She does not want Aradhya to become Devadasi. Tulsi made Aradhya an independent girl, with a life of her own. Tulsi has hidden the big truth from Aradhya, which comes out later. The history of Devadasi system hurts Tulsi and she unwillingly becomes a Devadasi on Kumudini’s insistence. Tulsi has been affected by the traditions huge way and hides the past.


Aradhya is a modern, literate and independent girl. She is brave, speaks her mind and does not suppress her rightful spirit. Aradhya uncovers the truth that her mother Tulsi is a Devadasi. Aradhya finds the truth bitter that she has to quit her normal life and turn into a Devadasi, to take the lineage ahead. Aradhya opposes the customs at first, and later becomes a part of it. Aradhya self discovers herself and becomes a Krishnadasi, a servant of God. Aradhya’s struggles and sacrifices a lot in her new journey.

Pradhyumna Vidyadhar Rao:krishnadaasi25

He is self proclaimed ruler of the village Krishnavati. He is named Aaba Sahab by the villagers. He passes out judgments and punishments for people who brings social shame to the village. He believes Devadasi system is social stigma and dishonors it. He dislikes Kumudini, who has come back to answer him about the Devadasi traditions. He believes Kumudini is just a dancer, who does not earn any place in the village as well as their temple.


He is a modern mindset, good hearted and heroic attitude guy. He is Pradhyumna’s grandson. He has been away from Krishnavati for his studies and does not know the Devadasi system and Pradhyumna’s rivalry with Kumudini. Aryan falls in love with Aradhya. The love faces a major hatred between Aradhya’s grandma Kumudini and his grandpa Pradhyumna.


Sana Amin Sheikh as Aradhya
Shravan Reddy as Aryan
Chhavi Mittal as Krishnadasi Tulsi
Indira Krishnan as Krishnadasi Kumudini
Uday Tikekar as Aaba Sahab Pradhyumna Vidyadhar Rao
Jiten Lalwani as Shashwat Pradyumna Vidyadhar Rao
Shweta Mahadik as Pavitra

Story So Far:

krishnadaasi12Tulsi leaves the village Krishnavati with Kumudini and baby Aradhya. After 21 years, Kumudini comes back to Krishnavati’s border. She comes back to take revenge for her insult by Pradhyumna. Kumudini waited for 21 years to come back to Krishnavati. She plays the shank and challenges Pradhyumna. The flashback shows Kumudini and Tulsi honored by the queen for being Devadasi, who married Krishna. Kumudini says they are Krishnadasi. She recalls how they were thrown out of Krishnavati and now wants her rights back. Pradhyumna is called Aaba Sahab by everyone and is respected by everyone. He shows his power and dominance over the village people. Tulsi is afraid that Aradhya would come to Krishnavati as well and is running away to answer Aradhya about her father. Aradhya gets to know about a girl getting married to Lord Krishna, and will become Devadasi. Aradhya tells her friend Kusum that she will stop this wrong tradition. Pandit tells the girl’s family that rain will commence in village if the girl becomes a Devadasi.

krishnadaasi33Aradhya stops the rituals. Aradhya gets into an argument with pandit, Aaba Sahab and others. She scolds Pradhyumna for disrespecting the village girls. Aradhya gets arrested by police. Aradhya can’t believe how everyone is supporting the Devadasi system. Tulsi breaks out this news to Kumudini and gets worried. Tulsi heads to Krishnavati and wishes Pradhyumna is not related to Aradhya’s case. Inspector insults Aradhya by speaking ill about her mother. Aradhya raises hand to slap him, and Pradhyumna ‘s son Shashwat stops her. Aradhya assumes Shashwat a good man, as he bails her out. Shashwant asks her to think of her protection as well, as standing for justice and raising voice are not wrong things.

krishnadaasi3Tulsi comes there and hides seeing Shashwat. She recalls how Shashwat dragged Tulsi and beaten her up. Tulsi takes Aradhya from there. Pradhyumna gets angry on Shashwat for freeing Aradhya from lockup. Tulsi gets angry on Aradhya. Pradhyumna punishes Shashwat by scaring him about his daughter Gayatri. He reminds Shashwat not to fall weak for his daughters. Aradhya explains Tulsi how she fought for the girl’s rights and justice, by the values Kumudini gave her. Tulsi hugs Aradhya and worries. Aradhya asks Tulsi to imagine if this happened with her. Tulsi gets stunned and recalls her past with Shashwat’s tortures. She lets Aradhya meet the girl and sends her. Pradhyumna sends goons to get that girl. Aradhya saves the girl and goons attack her. Aradhya is brought to Pradhyumna by mistake. Pradhyumna thinks its time to punish Aradhya and scolds her for destroying their attempt to get rain in village. Tulsi panics on not finding Aradhya.

krishnadaasi20Pradhyumna tells his goons to take Aradhya out and he will ruin her respect. Tulsi rushes to temple and prays for Aradhya’s safety. Aradhya is insulted by people, and just then Aryan comes there riding on his horse to save her. Aryan drops her safe at the camp and she could not see his face. He assumes social workers always fall in problem. Tulsi gets informed that Aradhya has returned. Aradhya thinks two men in the village are good, one who saved her in police station and one this horse rider. Aradhya promises Tulsi that she will never return to Krishnavati. Kaka informs Tulsi that Kumudini is admitted in hospital. Tulsi rushes to see her mother and tells her about the huge changes in the village. Doctor tells Tulsi that Kumudini has last stage of cancer. Tulsi gets shocked. Kumudini tells Tulsi that she wants to return to Krishnavati and earn her respect back, as this is her last chance. Tulsi agrees and asks her not to tell any past truth to Aradhya. She reminds its Aradhya’s birthday today and wonders will Aradhya agree to stay in hostel. Doctor tells Kumudini that she made him lie about cancer so that she can go to Krishnavati. Shashwant understands his son has saved Aradhya and gets glad. Aradhya tells Tulsi that she does not want to stay in hostel.

krishnadaasi7Kumudini tells Aradhya about her village Krishnavati and how Pradhyumna rules there. Aradhya asks them not go there, as they make innocent girls a Devadasi. Kumudini has memories with that village and is determined to go there. Aradhya tells them about the man who saved her in police station. They celebrate Aradhya’s birthday by cutting a cake. Aradhya goes to hostel and gets to know rules by the warden. Kumudini and Tulsi arrive in Krishnavati. Pradhyumna comes to know about Kumudini’s arrival and meets her at temple. She reminds him that 21 years of punishment by Panchayat is over now. He tells her that she has no right on the temple and calls her a dancer. He asks people to throw Kumudini out. She lights diya in temple and it starts raining. The people get happy that Kumudini got wealth and luck along with her. Shashwat’s wife Pavitra comes to know about Tulsi and Kumudini’s arrival and gets shocked. Pavitra breaks this news to Shashwat. Pradhyumna allows Kumudini to stay as people favor her now, but asks her to be in her limits.

krishnadaasi4Kumudini and Tulsi go to their old house in village. They clean the house, whereas Aradhya decorates her hostel room. Tulsi sends a gift for Aradhya. Aradhya opens the door room and sees Aryan. Aryan breaks the things in her room, blaming her that she broke his friend’s heart, while she denies. He gets mistaken by room number. Aryan celebrates his birthday, while Aradhya sets her room again. She recalls the horse rider guy whose shirt button she has. She wishes to meet him. Aryan has her anklet and wishes to meet her. Kumudini wants to show her powers to Pradhyumna and asks Tulsi to dance infront of everyone in the marriage function tomorrow. Tulsi agrees and wishes Aradhya does not become like her. Aryan and Aradhya make a wish, standing on either sides of the wall and talk.

Our Take:

krishnadaasi13Nice attempt by Colors channel to show social cause and its reflections on the society. Devadasi practice is age old and still continues in few places. The show gives a modern touch to the bygone customs and presents an unknown and unseen story with fictional balance. The show has drama, engaging suspense and can be called intelligent attempt. It is based on remake of hit show by same name, with new actors and few things changed. The actors do a convincing job, and portray varied emotions. Story takes a new turn when the lead Aradhya gets to discover her identity, and how her love story with Aryan develops. The conflicts they face and the family rivalry pressures would add up more drama. There has to be more chemistry between the leads, which falls flat as of now.


A fair attempt to create societal awareness by Colors, just like its other hit running shows on social causes. It has present day relevance which will surely attract viewers to know about the concept. Watchable to good extent, till it bores you.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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  1. Not a nice story
    If aradhya becomes devdasi that means her n aryans luv story wont have happy ending
    I dont lyk d show but i like shravan reddy a looooooooooot ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♥♡♥

  2. This show is copy of Tamil aerial krishnadasi but in Tamil it will be super but here also nice becoz shravan reddy entered the show

  3. This is the same story telecasted in Sun TV (TAMIL) during 2000 -2002.

  4. if dey r devdasi how did dey hav kids??

  5. I was thinking about that too! Where is the husband/dad.??

  6. Sandy and stg, in the previous episodes, we got to learn about Aradhya’s friend’s marriage with the deity of Lord Krishna. During that wedding, her friends father accepts money from a rich perverted old man, to use his daughter as a pr*stitute. Somewhere in the show the pandit who is conducting the ‘wedding’ says that in each man there is a form of god. So, having a relationship with god and having a s*xual affair with a man is totally seen as right in eyes of the lust blinded and perverted men of that village. I know this concept is very immature for someone who calls himself a pandit. The devadasis were very mistreated in the past, and that is what the show wants to depict. I just hope people do not taint the image of God, because all these sins were done on the name of religion, and is completely against the basic hindu scriptures. Anyway, hope this remains a show, and not a show for enhancing such concepts, but one which removes them!

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan


  7. this dev dasi pratha is not actually about being lord’s maid..its about smthng else…which is the dark side of the society..i feel it should be abolished if practiced anywhere..

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