Meri Saasu Maa Review: Actors shine in dramatically olden concept

Zee TV’s Meri Saasu Maa started this week. It shows the journey of a girl Pari, who misses mother’s love in her life. Hiba Nawab and Pearl V Puri are playing the lead in the show. Pari does not get mother’s love at her home, and is sure that she will get a mother in her mother in law. She believes that her Saasu Maa will love her as her own Maa. Pari waits for her Saasu Maa to come in her life and is excited for marriage, which would bring mother’s love in her life.


Pari is shown as a bold and rightful girl. She does not want to compromise with her life. Her life journey starts after her marriage, where she finds a mother in her mother-in-law, Bhawna Devi. Bhawna is Satyendra’s mother and is called Maa Saab by everyone. Satyendra is nicknamed Sattu by his family. Sattu is an obedient son and he is the only one who can calm his mother’s anger. Bhawna believes that daughters-in-law have to be kept within strict boundaries. Sattu falls in love with Pari. They both get married in later track. Pari does not feel down by any discrimination and her patience wins Bhawna’s heart as story progresses.

Main Characters:

Bhawna Devi:merisasu3
She is the head of the Sharma family. She is called Maa Saab by everyone known. She manages the dairy milk business named Doodh Sagar Wale. She can’t bear to see any woman from her family going out of limits. She manages the family and business alone. She takes care of her sons and their families as well. She is dominant, sharp tongued, shrewd and a strict lady. She brings discipline in her family and wants her daughter in laws to be obedient. She believes daughter in law can never become a daughter, unless she meets Pari.

Pari is a daring, sweet, well mannered, caring, respectable, and honest girl. She is from a middle class family, but never lets down her father’s pride. She stays with her dad Ramesh and others in her family. She misses a mother’s love in her life. She is sure that her pursuit for mother’s love will end when she gets married and gets a mother in law. Pari finds happiness around her and never loses her hopes and dreams. She respects family and all relations well. Pari knows to keep relations safe and sound with love and respect.

He is Bhawna Devi’s son, who is still a bachelor. He is from rich Sharma family and is Maa Saab’s most beloved and emotionally bonding son. Sattu is the only person who calms Maa Saab’s anger and solve the tricky situations at home. Sattu is smart, handsome and truthful guy. He can do anything for his Maa Saab and believes that Maa Saab can manage everything always. He likes maintaining peace at home and works hard for his family. Sattu falls in love with Pari.


Hiba Nawab as Pari Sinha
Pearl V Puri as Satyendra Sharma / Sattu
Anindita Saha Kapileshwari as Bhawna Devi / Maa Saab
Tanvi Dogra as Babita Sharma
Rashul Tandon as Sarvesh Sharma
Krishna Soni as Kamlesh Sharma
Prithvi Shankala as Ramesh Sinha
Arpita Amar as Meera Sinha
Suman Kanth as Shashikala Devi

Story So Far:

merisasu7Story begins with Pari’s marriage scene. Pari’s father Ramesh welcomes the groom and his family at his home. As the groom steps inside, the power goes. The guests start calling it an abshagun. Ramesh sends someone to start generator and it gets late. Pari changes her traditional dress and wears a jeans to run to the generator. She starts the generator and brings light in her home and lives too. Ramesh understands that Pari has done this, as she is the light of his life. Dadi tells Pari about the baraat. She shows Pari her to be mother in law. Pari gets very glad and imagines her mother in law showering motherly love on her. Pari gets ready in her bridal dress. She overhears the groom talking to his girlfriend at some corner. He tells the girl about marrying Pari, which is merely a compromise. He shares his plans to keep his wife as furniture at home and enjoy with his girlfriend. Pari gets shocked when she sees her future mother in law supporting the groom. Pari is brought to the mandap and is restless to share the matter with Ramesh. Pari tells the entire truth infront of everyone. The groom and his family deny the matter and passes humiliating taunts to Pari and Ramesh. They leave the place, while Pari starts missing her mother. Pari’s Maasi Maa Shashikala insults Pari for ruining their family name. Ramesh gets disappointed hearing the taunts.

merisasu10Maa Saab spots her grand daughter Suman going on bike with her boyfriend Ankit (Pari’s brother). She follows them in the milk delivery truck and beats the guy. She drags Suman home and burns all western clothes. Maa Saab scolds her son for failing to control his wife and daughter. Satyendra is shown doing aarti at the temple. He is nicknamed Sattu. He does the aarti and walks out of the temple, while Pari passes by him. The aarti diya burns Pari’s dupatta and lights up the place as well. Sattu gets shocked seeing the fire and jumps to save Pari. Satu saves Pari from the fire, and she gets to know that Sattu was responsible for the fire incident. Pari shouts on him for his carelessness.

merisasu14Ankit tells Pari that he is in love with Suman. He tells about the problems Suman and he are facing. He asks Pari to call Suman. Sattu comes home and greets Maa Saab, after she locks Suman in her room. Sattu does Maa Saab’s aarti and tilak, as it is her birthday. Maa Saab taunts others who did not remember her birthday. Sattu reminds Suman’s childhood and calms Maa Saab’s anger. Maa Saab takes Suman’s phone and attends Pari’s call. Pari disconnects as her Shashikala calls her. Sattu and Pari come to a fair and walk past each other. Pari gets into an argument with the generator guy. Pari gets sad as her marriage did not happen, and she could not get her mother in her mother in law. A priest tells Pari about her bright future, and she would get a mother in her mother in law, after crossing many hurdles. Pari gets happy.

merisasu19Maa Saab calls on the number and Pari attends call. She thinks its Suman and tells about her hitler Dadi. She does not know its Maa Saab on the call. Maa Saab then talks to Pari and taunts her. They both get into an argument. Maa Saab determines to hurt Ankit and this girl Pari for talking with disrespect. Ankit gets restless to meet Suman and comes to her room by climbing the pole. Suman and Ankit have a talk, while Maa Saab catches him. Maa Saab forces Ankit to marry Suman and insults him. She blackens his face, then cuts his hair, and makes his video. Maa Saab calls a news reporter to give Ankit’s news. Maa Saab hears Babita saying she will get her daughter married in a house where she won’t have mother in law. She thinks her bahus want her dead and angrily shows them that she is committing suicide. The bahus get terrified. Sattu comes and saves Maa Saab. Ankit comes home and is depressed. He shares his worry with Pari. Pari sees the video and gets shocked. Ankit tells her about Suman’s rich and influential family. Ramesh gets a heart attack by this new tension and is rushed to hospital. Sattu also gets Maa Saab admitted in hospital. She gets emotional seeing his concern. Pari is with Ramesh in next ward. She swears not to leave the person responsible for Ramesh’s state. The reporters catch up Pari at the hospital asking about Ankit’s video.

merisasu12Pari gives her opinion about love and elder’s approach towards their children. Maa Saab and Sattu hear her. Maa Saab does not agree with Pari, while Sattu likes Pari’s words about love and family. Sattu sees Pari at the desserts shop and keeps looking at her, while she talks on her phone. Sattu watches her, while Pari is trying to get a job. Pari gets sad knowing the vacancy got filled. Sattu eyes her with love, while she walks out of the shop. At home, Pari sees Ankit committing suicide and stops him. She gets emotional. She assures that she will make everything fine. She decides to go to Suman’s house and talk to Suman about his love. Maa Saab comes home and taunts her bahus. Maa Saab hears Pari’s news byte against her and gets angry. She decides not to spare Ankit and Pari, once they come on her family name again. Babita asks her husband Akhilesh to steal jewelry from Maa Saab and convinces him with ease. Pari goes to meet Suman at night, and tries waking up Suman. Its actually Maa Saab sleeping. Pari keeps the letter for Suman and hides seeing Akhilesh. Akhilesh goes to steal the cash, and Pari runs out. The sound wakes up Maa Saab and she calls out thief.

merisasu16Sattu catches Pari and she struggles to run away. She tells Sattu that she is not a thief and asks him to let her go. Babita switches off the power, which eases Pari to run away. Sattu then catches Akhilesh and entire family sees him, when power comes back. Akhilesh tells Maa Saab that Babita made him steal. Maa Saab fumes on them and punishes them to work in the house. Sattu gets shocked seeing Akhilesh caught as thief. Pari comes home and assures Ankit that Suman will read her letter. Maa Saab reads the letter and gets enraged. She follows Suman where she is supposed to meet Ankit. Pari and Sattu collide their scooty on the way and get into an argument. Sattu stares at her, while she scolds him and gives her address, asking him to send the accident loss charges at her home. Pari goes to confront Maa Saab, and is trapped by her. Maa Saab throws money at Pari, saying Pari did all this for money. Pari picks the money to give her an answer, and gets clicked by reporters. Pari asks Ankit to speak the truth, and he betrays her. Ankit later explains Pari that Maa Saab would have killed them, hence he was helpless to speak false infront of reporters.

Our Take:

merisasu15The story will take you on an emotional ride with some surprises, romance fill up in few scenes and lots of drama. As for the first week, the story is catching up pretty fast. Pearl V Puri and Hiba Nawab’s chemistry looks natural, as the eye stares and close up scenes bring some good romance feel in their characters. Anindita Saha Kapileshwari is okay and fits her role, as Maa Saab is strict dominating lady. The story is progressing with the supporting cast’s tracks, and would get more interesting once the lead characters fall in love. Pari’s pursuit for finding a mother in her mother in law make an moderate interesting concept. We wish this show does not bring some saas-bahu drama of mother in laws dominating bahus on pretext of keeping traditions intact. The show may have more to it in the coming weeks. The USP of the show remains the lead actors and their chemistry.


merisasu30Viewers will like the show mostly for the lead actors. Concept wise, it brings nothing new. Just an emotional add up to show a hunt for mother in a Saasu Maa, which every bahu in all shows do without emphasizing this in the tagline. This show offers same content, and would relate to previous Zee tv shows.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5

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  1. My Rating is 4.9/5

    1. Varsha Darshini


  2. Nipuna Weerasekara

    Cannot rate this serial yet because we haven’t seen much yet… Aren’t we all???
    But so far I can say, the chemistry between main roles are good and their acting feels natural therefore, I can give 2.6/5.

  3. Cannot rate this serial yetbecause we haven’t seen much yet… Aren’t we all???But so far I can say, the chemistry between main roles are good and their acting feels natural therefore, I can give 2.6/5.

  4. itz vry true that d chemistry btw hiba n pearl v puri z natural n amazing…..i m sure it alone can hold d viewers…….ma rating z 4/5……..

  5. According to me show is going fine till now I loved the acting of Maa Saab I don’t know why I find her funny 😛 n I like pari-sattu pair a lot n their acting also, but all these we have seen before nothing new but a girl finding her mom in her sasu ma seems interesting especially when her mother-in-law is like Maa Sab, I would give 3.2/5

  6. 2/5 …but I will continue to follow since it may still get better

  7. jai shree maasaab bahu ko pyaar aur mamta dena sikhie

  8. 2/5.there is nothing in the story line.we have already seen the previous serials like this

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