Spoilers- 29th January 2016


Ishani gets hurt seeing Ranveer with Naina. It was their anniversary and Ishani misses him. She runs in the jungle, where everyone follow her. Ranveer reaches Ishani. Ishani gets attacked by the snake. Nirbhay Singh and his family looks on. Ranveer holds Ishani after she gets bitten by the snake. Ranveer saves Ishani by sucking the poison. Ishani gets saved. Ranveer spits the poison. Nirbhay and his family comes there. Nirbhay gets mistaken seeing Ranveer and Ishani close.


Sharmishta is shocked seeing her dead Sautan’s ghost. Janki’s ghost is here. She has succeeded to scare Swara’s Maa. Sharmishta screams and faints. Swara rushes to Sharmishta. Swara asks her what happened. Sharmishta tells about Janki, who was there holding a candle. Many things are happening wrong with Sharmishta. Someone is trying to kill Sharmishta. This time someone attacked Sharmishta and bitten her hand too.

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  1. arham

    So of nirbhay and his family..i hate his family membrs…luv u ishveer.u r alwayz rokzzz na yaar..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end my matsh..onc you end it..it’s k..but i want matsh season with my lovable ishveer..

  2. Yes go baby Ranveer and save ur Ishani..MATSH ROCKS I hope that they get better trp man I just can’t believe that once MATSH were the rulers of trp now their trp is decreasing what’s is wrong with this people they only watched the show when its interesting but they don’t know that when they stop watching it just get more interesting… I just hope MATSH doesn’t end

  3. sana

    Ishveer reunion is near.pls don’t end the show.and I agree with u arham.if they’re end it.they have to start the season 2.otherwise start another serial with shadhika pair.love them to see together.

  4. Ade

    The programme trp will reduce since they have refused to sub title the programme. All viewers are not Hindus. Some of us can only enjoy the programme when is subtitled. That is the hint.if they want us to watch it, they should subtitle it. End of discussion

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