Super Spoilers Combo — 28th January 2016



Gayatri is doing Rageshwari’s Abhishek by milk and flowers. Rageshwari falls in the mud and blames Gayatri for it. She asks Gayatri to do her Abhishek. Gayatri did not think she will do Dudh Abhishek of her enemy. Rageshwari is going to become Rana ji’s wife. She gets milk and rose petals for Rageshwari. This was Gayatri’s punishment, as she made Rageshwari fall in mud.


Gopi has come to know that the lady in her house is fake Kokila. She goes to confront the doppelganger. Fake Kokila makes her talk to Kokila who is kidnapped by her. Gopi talks to Kokila and requests the fake one to free her mum in law. Gopi begs to fake Kokila to leave Kokila, and she won’t tell anyone about her. Fake Kokila continuously slaps Gopi and tries suffocating her neck. Gopi falls down by the continuous slaps. Gopi gets hurt and bears everything to save her mum in law. Fake Kokila will try to leave the house, and this drama will be blamed on Gopi.

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