What’s your take on Leap track in Silsila Pyaar Ka?


Star Plus’ Silsila Pyar Ka has just launched few weeks back. The story went on pretty fast. With all the characters known and some passes by as per the track, viewers will see a major leap forward. The show will take a leap of five years. Janki Devi has achieved whatever she wanted, by stopping her son Raunak marry his love Kajal. She created the situation where Akshay and Kajal were forced to marry, which made the best friends Raunak and Akshay against each other. When Raunak reaches the wedding venue, he gets shocked to see Kajal married to Akshay. After big dialogues in the huge confrontation between Akshay and Raunak, a twist comes where Akshay falls off the cliff accidentally. It’s believed that Akshay is dead, and Kajal becoming a widow.

Next a leap of five years is seen, wherein the story shows a wedding track of Janki’s daughter Neeti. Kajal will be shown as a widow post the leap. There will be a huge drama at the wedding with Kajal revealing a major yet bitter fact to Janki. Kajal meets Janki and tells her about Neeti’s love for Kajal’s brother Vinay. Kajal will tell Janki that Neeti has in fact planned to run away from the wedding venue. This truth becomes shocking for Janki and Raunak. Janki does not believe anything Kajal. Vinay comes at the venue, waiting for an opportunity to elope with Neeti.

Kajal reveals Vinay before and slaps him for planning to elope. Janki believes that Kajal is plotting a bigger plan by instigating her brother to run with Neeti. Raunak gets angry for Kajal for ruining the happiness of their family for the second time. What’s your take on Leap track in Silsila Pyaar Ka? Let us know in this poll and you may comment as well in the section below.

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  1. Take two more. Leaps and end the serial ?

    1. Archal Dhruv Chandani

      yes correct so so correct

      1. Yes I too agree for this show badtameez dil is superb now this show such a worst

  2. End it nowww!!!!!

  3. This show was going good but leap was totally not needed at all this was the only star plus show I m watching currently but sometimes after the leap

  4. Ab serial bahoth boring ho gayi hei
    Akshay ko maarna nahi chahiye dha

  5. What is this yaar

  6. Can’t understand Kajal character which sister will behave like her

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