Do you like Dharam-Meera pairing in Saathiya?

Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya is known to bring unique and complex love stories. This time, we bring this poll on the new pairing building up in the show. Dharam married Meera as part of the revenge plan from Gaura’s side. Dharam wanted to trouble Modis and their daughter Meera for his uncle’s death. Kokila was against Meera’s move to marry much older Dharam. Meera was going nuts in revenge from Gopi and Kokila. She could not see Vidya marrying Shravan. She took extreme step to become her sister’s mother in law relation wise. Meera then dominated Vidya in Gaura’s house. Though Meera did not maintain any relation with Dharam, she recently started fooling him in her love. This made Dharam fall in her dramatic plan of so called love.

Meera has realized that it was Gaura’s plans to settle her old scores with Kokila by using her. With things going ahead, Gaura executed another plan to trouble Meera by mixing some drugs in Meera and Dharam’s drink. She sent Dharam back home and left Dharam and Meera alone in the house. Dharam landed in jail for attempting rape on Meera, while Meera united with her family. Dharam is extremely apologetic for what he did to Meera Gaura and Gopi’s mother Madhuben have swapped Kokila with a fake lookalike. Kokila has been kidnapped by the two partners in crime Gaura and Madhuben. They have planted a look-alike who is wearing a mask to look exactly like Kokila. Though just her voice matches with Kokila’s, the duplicate is creating enough drama in Kokila style. Dharam admits all charges on him in court for Meera’s sake. This makes Meera’s heart melt and she accepts Dharam’s apology. She takes her case back and regards Dharam innocent. Dharam falls for Meera. Dharam has no feelings for his former wife. He expresses his love for Meera and has turned obsessive for her. Do you like Dharam-Meera pairing and this blossoming love story in Saathiya? Let us know what you think about this track in this fun poll by your vote and comment.

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  1. No, it provokes old men to love their daughter’s age girls


    2. Shraddha Sharma

      Rightly said by you

  2. Pearley hobaichan

    Yes they look so cute

  3. Evn though they are cute couples ??

  4. they look good together,but they should change his style, to look modern.

    1. and his age as well

  5. Is a nuisance pairing. Does it mean that is allowed in India that a man who is already married can marry that woman without being divorce. This is just the way I see it. I know it is allowed in Islam to marry more than one wife

    1. Yes @lolly.but a man can’t marry again without permission of his first wife…..

    2. In islam it is allowed with the agreement of girl boy and first wife…… Even in every religion now it is done by the permission of first wife……. Its a/c to law….

  6. Values+norms must be respected instead of that, Kill shirvan mother (Durga) so that meera can fit there for dharam

  7. In islam it is allowed to marry another woman only if the first wife agrees if not then you cant.

    1. Archal Dhruv Chandani

      ************************Irrespective of the commentators religions here, to show something like this in a family serial is not suitable at all. Dharam for character portraits of a man who is about 45+ , where Meera is only about 21+. So there is a huge age gap. On top of that Dharam is Meeras sister Vidya’s Father-In Law. And Vidya’s mother in law is Alive, Fit and Healthy. So this is 100% not socially approved. Meera and Shravan are at same age so it’s like Dharam is falling in love for a girl of his daughters age. Writers could have done more by giving Vidya’s mother a new avatar and make Dharam fall for her instead. So that the negativity in Meeras characters at the moment will fade her and she can get divorced, marry again to a guy same as her age. The storyline will me more pleasant and suitable for minor viewers. Because Saath Nibhana Saathiya is watched by Generation of people starting from 15-80.So for younger viewer’s writers does not give a good mindset.*********************

      1. wellwisher(ww) ragna and zaya fan


      2. wellwisher(ww) ragna and zaya fan

        star plus is only portraying siys ke ram. where we have ram and sits only by seeing it atleast saathyia shoould change the track……….. and we tamilains will kill if saathiya’s remake Devaim thantha Veedu also going to protray this…… yuck…….. what the hell is this?????? Is it love or infatuation??? ridiculous……….
        sorry if i have hurted any of the fans but i dont agree with this………..

      3. AGREE

      4. Cheeni Kum movie with similar age gap between pairs was a feel good one,but here,not so good message it is conveying,most probably,Dharam will die and a new pair will be introduced for Meera or Meera may act as bad and put herself down in Dharam’s eyes and unite Dharam with his first wife.

      5. I totally agree wid u

      6. exactly…

  8. Yes meera dharam pairing so cute


    1. Archal Dhruv Chandani

      True..The serial is heading towards its hell By Meera+Dharam , and Fake kokila

  10. I don’t watch this show at all nit I must say that if dharam was of meera’s age or slightly elder and got his moustache shaven they would have looked a very cute couple 😛 that’s the two big problems of Meera-dharam pair

  11. Though they look cute it is odd because she becomes mother in law to her own sister and aunt to her own self by relation. tomorrow she will be aunt and grandmother to same child lol

  12. Guys this is a serial not real

  13. i like them so much. guys if u think he’s old for meera just forget the fact that he’s old and enjoy sooooo…damn cute……:)

  14. yes ofcourse.they are cute couple and age doesnot matter in love and affection.even meera had many twists in her premarital life with sanskar and shravan .since dharam has true feelings for her and meera too which was started from hatred.
    hence they should pair up with more strong bond

  15. Oh God! This is JUST A SERIAL NOT REALITY… I like dharam meera pairing… idk why some ppl r reacting so much. This is not to give any social msg but just to entertain us…

  16. Dont give examples of one has rite to comment on dat…comment on serial dont make religion issue…have brain think well

  17. No not at all

  18. Yuk..hw cn sm1 lyk such pairing..

  19. Oh my god! Meera and dharam!!! Twice thrice difference of age!!!! Hates off rashmi sharma hates off

  20. U r saying abt ISLAM ryte den in Mahabarata or ramayana watvea it is… that a husband has many wives…As if….and ISLAM we have to ask the first wife permission..

    1. Nd u dont any rgt to cmment on our ISLAM..understand u better understand…

  21. Wat about dharam’s first wife. it’s not good.

  22. i dont watch d serial but heard the story … the plot is actually disgusting

  23. Baaaad pair!!!!

  24. I hate that pair he can he marry a girl who was equal to his son sravan age and mera and vidya r sisters and now they become mother in law and dauthèr in law is this the message do you want to give to society satiya team.first change the track

  25. I hope it is bad to pair them…Because the Tamil remake of Sathiya( deivam thantha veedu) will also portrait the same story which tamilians won’t accept….sry if my comment hurts anyone

  26. Love with an old man!

  27. yes..........

    i love it……….

  28. i have to say such a good pair.age doesn’t matter in love.

  29. love them ………


  31. Yes……I love there pair a lot……..what if Dharam is elder than meera but, Live do not see the age….and they look good together so I love them together…………

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