Swaragini love at first sight part-9


Recap: Swara and ragini talks about the plan and laksh and sanskaar talk about fight with ragini sanskaar laughs they all leave

The episode starts with Swara thinks she need to execute the plan as soon as possible Swara tells laksh and ragini to go to viplav sangeet tomorrow so you get ready

They leave In the room ragini fights with laksh he keeps finger on her mouth and shows her the gift she gets amused and kisses him laksh gets shy and asks for one more she tells that is for next gift laksh laughs Swara thinks to speak to sanskaar tomorrow about MD

Next day Swara comes to office and sees MD crying with a photo he asks who’s photo is this she thinks and goes inside MD scolds her for coming inside without knocking the door she asks for the photo MD gets call he leaves out hurriedly Swara goes and sees the photo she gets shocked and gets teary eyes she comes to sanskaar and throws photo on him and asks who is she?? Sanskaar tells she is my friend survi Swara asks what relation you had with that girl?? Sanskaar tells not to get jealous she is just my friend

Swara gets relaxed and goes and keep the photo and asks sanskaar where is she?? He tells she is in coma stage she did not get conscious he leaves Swara thinks I think he is taking revanege but why?? I have to find out the truth laksh and ragini fight at the house telling about viplav sangeet they leaves continue ing the fight

Ragini calls Swara and asks about the plan she tells about it ragini tells I think survi loved him but he got married to u so that she should have tried to kill herself. Ragini tells it is my imagination pls think it. 75℅this is the truth becoz in many movie this is the show Swara laughs and tells her spend time with laksh

Ragini disconnects Swara thinks about it and tells I think ragini is right I will talk to MD about it he comes to the room she asks about survi MD insults her and tells you are responsible for my sister condition sanskaar sees it and gets shocked he tells survi loves him but you got married to him so that only she killed but somehow she got saved but daily she is crying Swara leaves from there crying

Precap: Ragini consoles swara. Sanskaar comes to the hospital and sees survi

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Credit to: Narendran

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