Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-1

Guys this is new it is apart from the story line plzz support me guyzzz


Ishaani: Very arrogant and her father is the richest man in the city
Ranveer: Manager of Ishaani father
Harshad: He is simple and quiet
Ragini: Ishaani sister but she died . Ishaani thinks his father only killed her. But his father does not kill her.
Purab: Ranveer friend he is in the back jail
And guyzz no amba,kailash,will be there. Ranveer and Ishaani are friends

The episode starts with Ishaani dresses up modern Harshad comes but Ishaani throws something on the floor and tells the servant to clean it she leaves Harshad cries

Ranveer comes to the office and comes to Harshad cabin he sees him crying and asks what happened?? He tells about Ishaani ranveer tells everything will be fine sir. Harshad tells ranveer to call Ishaani and speak becoz today is her birthday ranveer tells I have already wished her. He tells thnx for taking care as your friend

Ranveer calls her and asks why Ishaani you made him upset?? Ishaani tells him not to take his name plzz come let us go to party ranveer tells I am not interested

Ishaani tells then I will go with ragul ranveer tells OK I will come ishanni

Ishaani gets happy now let us see. Ranveer thinks why I am not letting anyone go near her?? What happened to me??

Ranveer comes to the farm house and sees many boys misbehaving with girls he beats them Ishaani tells him to stop. Purab comes there and calls ranveer. Ranveer asks your release date is tomorrow only but.. He tells I escaped

Ishaani laughs and tells you can’t wait for 12hrs to meet ranveer. Purab tells he is my best friend

Ishaani tells him to stop it and tells let us go ranveer they comes to the house Harshad sees them Ishaani leaves from there Harshad gets sad

Precap: Ishaani tells ranveer that we should go to my friend birthday party. Ranveer tells no. Ishaani blackmails him and tells Raghul he comes there.

Guyzzz I think you all like it this is my first epi plzz give comments

Enjoy it buddies?????????

Credit to: Narendran


  1. IshuRV

    very nice Ranaji . Nash tum real matsh ke writer hote to matsh romance aur ishveer ke nokjhok she bhara hota.

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