Do you think Dream Girl should wrap up?


Life Ok’s Dream Girl has lost the track based on the title. It shifted to the supporting cast and removed the main leads Laxmi and Samar. While Samar was killed, Laxmi moved from the city. Thus their love story ended. Now there is a love story between Aarti and Raghu. The show is dipping. It seemed the show will end soon with the leads going. But with a new entry and track, it started on a good pace again.

Manav returned to take revenge from Ayesha. The threatening caller is going on since a while. Ayesha is worried about the anonymous calls related to her secret twin sister Aarti. Ayesha panics on seeing Manav. Raghu tries finding the anonymous caller and fails. Raghu is worried about Ayesha’s condition. Aarti tells Ayesha’s plans to Karan about Raghu, and how she used her in the 7 day challenge to win Raghu’s trust. Karan gets disappointed with Ayesha again. Ayesha suspects Aarti of spying on her and goes home to confront her. Raghu sees Ayesha and Karan arguing and gets upset about Ayesha’s changed behavior. He calls Ayesha repeatedly. Aarti attends the call and talks to him. Ayesha scolds Aarti for taking Raghu’s calls. Ayesha becomes worried after Raghu enters Aarti’s room. Raghu spends time with her and Mithi. Manav and Richa spy on Ayesha and Raghu. Ayesha feels scared after receiving anonymous threatening calls. Raghu stays with her for her safety and confessed that he loves Ayesha. By Manav’s plannings, Aarti comes infront of Raghu and Ayesha. Raghu is shocked to see Aarti who resembles Ayesha. Ayesha tries hard to mislead Raghu about Aarti.

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  1. Yaar dont know why dream girl creators hamesha ayesha ko high karthe hein her charecter was so cheap plzzzz creators try to make aarthi and raghu pairing

    1. i thnk rati(RAghu arTI) sounds bettr

  2. Yeah i want raghu and aarti together always support and their combination is ghuti

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Iss show ne apna track chod diya hai….. ab iss show ko ya to band kr do ya show naam Ayesha rakh do…
    Mere hisab s to band krna jayda accha option hai

  4. now ths show is amazng wit raghu nd aarti love track .lv dream girl

  5. the story was about lashmi but now it turned to aarthi’s story with aysha

  6. I like Shraddha a lot. But still,aisa lagta he ki yeh show bandh hona chahiye. Kahani ek shuru hui thi or dusri, tisri aur pata nehi kitni 6oti 6oti kahaniyon mein badal gayi. Agar ayesha- aarti ka hi concept karna tha, to name change hi kyun kiya gaya aur “dream girl” ka concept hi kyun rakha gaya pata nehi chalta he aab.

  7. Aarti Raghu nice but not Ayesha hate ger

  8. No the title still suits the track. I guess after this they r going to send Ayesha jail n make aarthi the new dream girl. After all the the title doesn’t say Dream girl Laxmi the title dream gal can also mean a life story of an actress. I like the track. I like Raghu a lot.
    The show shouldn’t wrap up.

  9. it is the time ,stop this serial now .ya fir Samar ki love story wapas dikhai jay..!

  10. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

    They should show laxmi and samar love story. But I like the track.

  11. Aarti and Raghu is superb but the show is losing the track.the track will only be better when Samar and laxmi will come back we want Samar and laxmi back on the show again

  12. We want laxmi and Samar back on the show

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