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Colors’ Naagin is eternal story of Love and Revenge. The show got popularity by the lead actors Mouni Roy, Arjun Bijlani and Adaa Khan. Arjun Bijlani plays a business tycoon Ritik, whereas Shivanya and Sesha are the venomous Naagins. Shivanya enters his life to take revenge for her parents’ death. Ritik believed that love and religion make a person weak. But his mindset changes after meeting simple and sweet Shivanya. Ritik does not know Shivanya’s truth that she is a Naagin and falls innocently in love with her.


The snakes were killed in the Shiv temple by Ritik’s family on Shivratri night. Ritik’s father Ankush has killed the two snakes in the Shiv temple. Sesha is Shiv Bhakt and asks Shiv ji to get justice. Shivanya had her doubt on Ritik and married him with intentions to take revenge from him and his family. Sesha and Shivanya lost their family and do not want to spare the culprits. Sesha is firm on her revenge, where Shivanya falls in love with Ritik. The show brings many cute and sweet romantic moments between Ritik and Shivanya, which won the viewers’ hearts. The show got well appreciated by the viewers in few time.

The show brings visual affects to transform the actors into snake. The bi-weekly show brings new twists and Naagin’s effect nicely intertwined by the actors. Ritik and Shivanya looks beautiful and perfect as a couple. The show brings thrill, suspense and revenge track. All packed with romance, love and a stunning cast. Vote for your favorite Hottie in Colors’ Naagin in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Oh my god…I love both mouni and arjun …dey r prefect….love dem a lottty

  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    Both are best ritvik and shivanya

  3. Superb serial… I like it so much… All actors were do their job well… Hands of it… Love u lot the 3 main role-playing actors….

  4. Is none other than arjun bijlani. Beginingily of the i don’t feel he is suitable 4 this role. But now he is perfect. Mouni did the role very well but compairing arjun i really like arjun.mouni it’s really good. i’m big fan of arjun from matsh seriel.

  5. I know most importance of the show will be a mouni. She is a serpent and also title name also depent on. But ritik so awesome. He gives so many feeling 4 the seriel like romance, carring, loving, angry etc. I not expecting he has a aswsome acting skill. He did the role much perfectly.

  6. Is it a thing to ask who is our best hottie in Naagin??? !!!!!!!! Of course it’s ARJUN BALAJI…!!!!!! Lovely performance of him… OMG… I got a crush on him from Matsh…!!! I wanted Shekar to marry Ishani… Anyways, Shivanya and Ritik are also verrrrryyyyyy cute… Awesome one…!!!

  7. Its none othr than arjun bijlani.. he is perfect for this role… nd he is doing good.. and i like aada khan.. she is also playing apt role… love them all

  8. sesha acts really good ….

  9. I love both shivanya and sesha

  10. This comment is deleted.

    1. Stop hating other actors simply because you have some sick obsession with Barun Sobti!

    2. Shut up barun crazy…are you mad…..dont you hav shame to talk like this…..just shut up and mind your tongue….

  11. naagin is rocking…………
    mouni roy and arjun both are so cute together……..
    i also like the acting of sudhachandran and adaa khan…..
    love them loads……

  12. oh my god… it’s Arjun… he is rocking… Mouni and Ada are also good… I just loved this show… Rithik and Shivanya.. Awesome…

  13. i luv both arjun n mouni…. luv them loads….

  14. Mouni is the best…..she looks stunning as a naagin after Sati…!!! 🙂

  15. I love this serial.. Bt i might hv missed an epi or two…
    I dont knw why is shesha taking revenge frm ritwik n family??
    Shivanya is taking revenge fr her murdered parents, bt why shesha??

  16. mouni looks gud BT I lk adaa as nagin vy much
    love dem a lot
    stupid barun crazy wat do u think of urself evy tym leavg jsz tat same stupid comment fr Evy ff or it may b dis voting plot
    & don’t u dare to tell anything abt my Asad & zoya if u lk barun keep it vit u ly
    no 1 asked ur comment & now don’t tell me tats its my opinion
    karan Singh gorver is the best actor comparing to barun sobti & den barun came up vit a flop movie
    so disgusting stupid barun crazy

  17. & u vit ur stupid opinion tat barun has bestbody look lk a beggar

  18. guys I said dis bcoz tat stupid barun crazy said the same in ASYA fan fiction

    1. This comment is deleted.

  19. I love ritik-shivanya both their acting, their expressions, ritik ki commentaries I love that I love naagin serial thankgod ritik ko shivanya ke naagin hone ke bare mein nahin pata

  20. I’m very Excited about shivanya his acting and expressions are Really Awesome. she is perfect for this Role.

  21. I love both arjun and mouni. They r perfect for each other. At the beginning I didn’t found hi suitable. But now they r the best and the serial naagin as also awesome serial. Never saw such a wonderful serial in my life. I had saw many serial but this is the best of all. And r it ik and shiva na look so cute with each other

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