Did you like And Tv’s Santoshi Maa by its start?


And tv’s new show Santoshi Maa started off by well spiritual track. The show starts Ratan Rajput and Gracy Singh among lead roles. First week of the show went on slow to describe devotion in detail. It was not boring to watch, as every bit of the show had something unpredictable. Santoshi’s parents die in the temple mishap. The little girl faces lots of problems in her life. All this happens to test her growing strong devotion for Maa Santoshi. The evil greed and jealousy symbolizing Devi Paulmi creates many hurdles for the little girl. After a leap, little Santoshi is shown a grown up happy go lucky girl. Santoshi always smiles even in tough times and takes life as it comes.

Santoshi has being forced to marry three men as her aunts took huge amounts from the groom’s Bua. Santoshi was unaware of this as her face is covered with the ghunghat. Santoshi gets shocked to see herself getting married to three men and questions her aunts about it. Paulmi Devi gets in Janardhan’s body and emotionally blackmails Santoshi. Sheshnath arrives and informs all that Santoshi’s Dadi has fainted and her operation will cost four lakhs. Bua agrees to lend the money, but asks Santoshi to marry her three nephews. Having no other option, Santoshi agrees to this marriage, thinking she will give up her life once this marriage happens. Santoshi Maa helps her devotee, on Dadi’s prayers call. Santoshi’s ghatbanghan gets burnt by Agnidev and marriage stops. Santoshi gets relieved seeing Dadi fine. Dadi beats up both her daughter in laws, for doing this sin. Bua and her nephews demand money back from Daksha. Quite an interesting and non dragging plot till now. What do you think about this new show? Let us know in this poll.

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