Would you miss MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan?

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan which airs on MTV channel will be coming to a proper end this month. The show will go off air by the end of the year and the last episode will be aired on 31st December 2015. The show revolves around music academy – a music band FAB 5. The show portrayed the love story of Manan, Manik and Nandini, who have won million of hearts all over by the amazing chemistry between them. The show has well received by the audience and had good TRPs. It is very popular among the youth.


However, the second season of the show did not garner much TRPs. The finale scene of the season 1 showed the car blast with Cabir and Manik boarding the car, instead Nandini. Manik’s stepmother Nyonika had planted the bomb in the car with Harshad’s help. She had much dislike and hatred for Manik’s love interest Nandini. Nyonika wanted to kill Nandini. The plotline of Season 1 was leaving everyone clueless. Till Manik came back in Season 2, the car accident of Season 1 was just a mystery. Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor became popular and most loved actors by the young generation. The show related to the teens well. The music genre added to the fictional drama gave it a hit like bollywood movies with musical touch. Every actor related to the show will be remembered for their impressive roles. Would you miss MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. This show means a lot too me…..
    Infact, main kbhi isko bhul hi nhi paiogi…..
    Miss u all cast of kyy….specially”MANAN”…
    kyy rockzz…..

  2. I will definitely miss it. I am a greatest fan of MANAN…… Love you guys, that is for everyone… really gonna miss u all…..

  3. Ofcourse we gonna miss it wid no doubts… Each n every character of dis show z really doing good job n are remarkable…specially manan n m a vry big fan of manan… It’s really sad ? dat it has cum to an end but dis tym atlst make a happy ending of manan…coz dhruliya ka toh nahi huva na cayva atlst be fair wid manan…will miss kyy alot n all d characters manik ka attitude cabir ke pranks n comments for manan aliya ke dressings dhruv ka innocence mukti ka craziness navya ke funde n hamari baby doll nandani ka luv n loyalty towards manik….luv u loads everyone… Wish u all luck for ur bright future…

  4. khyati parmar

    I like mukti very much. I’ll miss her so much

  5. shifa(shakira)

    ofcourse missing manan

  6. Out of question. Gonna miss it too much that it cant b measured! Each n evry character they showed was so meaningful and beautifully enacted by the actors made us fall for it! Actually evry1 who watched d show has loved it! Fab 5.. One cant get a better example of friendship! MaNan.. The purest love ever! Cabir.. The actor needs guts to enact d character of a gay and no doubt ayaz did it the best! Navya.. An unmarried mother. A girl who’s in her teens becomes pregnant and she has no place to stay and here comes friend, mukti! Cabir was kicked outta his house and circumstances made him to live with “black n white madhubala”.. This lead to another lovely couple CaVya..! Dhruv.. The shy boy.. Topiwala! Ah i miss him so much! The most silent of all! Alya.. The fashionista.. Went through a lot of pain coz her so called brother, mr.harshad saxena or popularly called “jerk” did no good to her friends! Though abhishek had played harshad very well that we fans have so much hatred for harshad! Manik the darkest soul and nandini the source of light! The story of a star and firefly! The stars shine and the fireflies glow! True love! This show has motivated the youth! Im inspired!

  7. We are surely going to miss it… love manna and kyy…

  8. And mukti.. The strong girl who suffered in her love story.. Who was into depression.. Who then was happy coz of a stranger.. Abhimanyu.. Abhi!! The bandar of kyy :p taught her to smile.. To not cry for anything.. Who taught her to live life! And here comes our another cutieee couple MukBhi! And not to forget we have the adorable DhruLya! Shy boy dhruv and barbie doll alya! Love KYY so so much!!!
    A true kyyian forever! Cant stop lovin it!

  9. This show is jst superb…wen season 1 was used to aired on mtv i was not in touch wid it….it was jst coincidence dat i got to knw abt dis awesome show on youtube & i started following it on youtube only……& its jst an heart throbbing show….i alwayz hav a hectic schedule in hospital & dis show used to enlighten my day…will miss manan….der lovely bond on tv…dere frndship…..being a doc i will prescribe everyone to watch it to treat ur heart breaks….hahaha….

  10. manancrazylover

    y is it ending…?? i luv dis show yaar….luv MaNan…luv PaNi…..luv everyone…..ky2 had bcom a very imp part of my lyf…gonna miss it lyk hell…..

  11. of course yaar!!!! i will miss my kyy!!!

  12. Love this show
    Parth & nandini should be again work together

  13. I will miss all the characters of kyy 🙁

  14. of cooooouuuuurrrrrseeeee………..i wud srsly mis this show….i have supported kyy evrytime and now……comes its end..It’s like a best friend saying gudbue & going off somewhere ….
    i don’t have words to say..tears fall from my eues when i type this….BYE kyy……Miss u loadssssssssss

  15. This is my favorite show and I will definitely miss this!!!

  16. Of couse we miss it badly… It was one of my favorite show
    Such a beautiful stry… Which gave Importance to friendship ..
    I like fab 5 so much … Manan is rocking …
    After season 2 strting i missed cabir so much …
    I will miss fab 5 n manan
    I am big fan of maik

  17. Of couse we miss it badly… It was one of my favorite show
    Such a beautiful stry… Which gave Importance to friendship ..
    I like fab 5 so much … Manan is rocking …
    After season 2 strting i missed cabir so much …
    I will miss fab 5 n manan
    I am fan of manik …

  18. This show is my heart soul… I cant imagine myself… Without this show… The musics… Its just touched me sooooo…. I loved it…. I love it…in soooooo much extent…

  19. rushil agrawal

    Of course I’m gonna miss kyy a lot
    It is my favourite show infact it is the best show with best couples and osm love stories
    I spent 2 days crying n still can’t believe that it has come to an end
    Missed Cabir a lot in s.2
    All the characters in the show are jst wonderful
    #MaNan forever together…
    Kyy rokžżź
    gonna really miss it badly jst like anything and yaa Fab.5 perfect example of friendship
    I’m the biggest fan of Parth he would have ever seen…

  20. rushil agrawal

    gonna miss you all guys

  21. This comment is deleted.

  22. gonna miss manan badly and madly… gonna miss fab5 bonding tooooo… and most importantly manik’s hotness attitude his humor what not everything…..

  23. “MISS KYY??” Kyy is our lyf man! Itz a part of our lyf………..! We don’t WATCH KYY……WE LIVE IT! May be our bad luck that itz gonna end………but kyy will always b there in our hearts!! N lyk everyday, m toh not gonna spend even a day widout it!!

    I got so much to learn from kyy…….
    FRIENDSHIP! The best thing one can get in one’s lyf…………..by sharing more,it increases!!
    LOVE! The most beautiful feeling that makes u live ur lyf to da fullest widout any fear,n most important having da support of sum1 who will never ever leave u whatever happens!
    It taught me to face da situations wid confidence!! Lyk srsly…………after getting so much from this,it can never end for me!

    Kyy will always b there for me………….always!!! I’ll keep watching da epis everyday at 6:30pm!!!
    I don’t care whether da epis r old or new……coz da more I watch da episode da more interesting it bcums for me!

    1. This comment is deleted.

  24. Why???? Tis can’t happen.. many questions are yet revolving around me.many mysteries are yet to be solved…
    The one and only thing I’ll miss the most is my dear PARTH SAMTHAAN … Like every one kyy connected to me the most Bt kyy2 did no special magic on me lyk the first season did. Yaaaa I know that if ne thing is started ,it has to have an end but I wud surely miss manik’s voice,his looks ,his love ,his charm and yesssss MANan (just because maniks name is connected to it) . But whatsoever a gud show is goinnng to end and it seems that a huge part of my life is snatched away from me……..
    Luv u kyy and Parth ..
    Miss u bye…
    Yr greatest fan forever piya 😉

  25. honestly .. season 1 of kyy was amazing .. but season 2 sucks.

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