Spoilers — 14th December 2015


Siya Ke Ram:

Shri Ram comes to address his people on the road. All the people of his dynasty are happy seeing Lord coming to meet them. A villager woman hopes to meet Ram. Ram comes with Lakshman in his cart, and hugs the woman who called him from heart. The lady gives him kheer to eat. Ram eats it showing he is one of the common people, and down to earth, despite being Ayodhya’s prince.


Both of the Naagins, Sesha and Shivanya injure a man. Shesha has taken Suri’s wife avatar, and acts to go with Shailash, and this initiates a fight between two friends. Later, Shivanya and Sesha make him half dead. The naagin throws the arrow on him, and then bite him. Shivanya then goes back home and spends romantic moments with Ritik. Ritik is unaware that he is making Naagin wear the mangalsutra. Shivanya recalls something and burns her pics, as she doesn’t want her past to come in her present.

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