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Milan is the one who has killed Sharman. Sharman has a doubt on Milan and called him there to confront him. Milan goes there with full preparation and stabs him. Sharman also came with the plan and records their conversation, but Milan throws the confession tape in air. Then stabs Sharman in his stomach. Sharman gets doubtful when he comes to know about Ranveer’s twin brother. Milan might keep quiet for sometime and then go away from Ishani’s life. There are many more secrets to unveil.

Jamai Raja:

Raghu are Roshni are romancing in jungle. Raghu and Roshni are on an outing for the first time. Raghu was running away from Roshni, but now he is coming closer and romancing her. He tells her that he is not Raghu, but Sid. They both are shocked when they see Shabnam following her. Sid and Roshni hold each other hands and walks in the jungle. They walk in the jungle till night. It is yet to be seen what Shabnam will do after she comes to know that he is actually Sid. They see Shabnam leaving in her car. Raghu and Roshni have a romantic argument.

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Big twists ahead; Ishita to romance Ashok

Roshni and Sid’s romance to bring delight

Ishani to save Ranvir against Milan’s devious plans

Viplav and Dhaani get married in Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Abhi’s smart trick on Pragya to get property back

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