Parvarish 2 Review: Striking right chord by relating subject and convincing portrayals


Sony TV’s new show Parvarish – Season 2 is based on same concept like the original one. This is a sequel to Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi. The show was very hit and connected with masses by the right concept which every parent relates. Every parent is concerned about the right upbringing of a child. Parents worry for their children and limit them from getting into bad habits.


This show also brings the same story between two families, who are related. It has the mother’s concern and ultra caring habits which sometimes does not go well with children. It presents the troubles which parents go through while raising their children in teenage years. Parents also learn new experiences by this journey along children. Surinder and Simran are old friends who meet up in Delhi and get in regular touch. They discuss their parental issues and story goes on.

Main Characters:

Khurana Family:parvarish20

Khurana Family just shifted to Delhi from Amritsar. Surinder and Kulvinder want to provide a better life to their children Jassi and Jogi. Surinder has supportive in laws. Her mother in law is strict but good valued lady. Surinder wants to get good education and career for Jassi and Jogi. Jassi is shy girl, whereas Jogi is lost in his own world. The teenagers are big concern for the parents. Surinder often suggests high profile school and living for her daughter Jassi. Kulvinder always suggests Surinder to take her worries easy and not care much for the children’s future. Kulvinder believes his children are the best already. Surinder and Kulvinder love their children a lot.

Gupta Family:parvarish21

Gupta Family resides in Delhi. Simran is a working woman and lives with her husband Raj and daughter Riya. Raj is a doctor by profession. She is very protective about Riya. Riya does not listen to Simran and often takes her dad’s help. Riya feels pressure by Simran’s controlling behavior. Raj is easy going and does not want Simran to always spy around Riya. Raj tries to balance Simran and Riya at all times. Simran is worried being in metro city and modern trends going on. Simran also tries to check Riya’s phone to know her friends. At times both Raj and Simran are off to work. She worries the most when Riya is alone at home. Riya does not like Simran’s questioning and gets displeased by constant pressure by Simran. Riya likes to be free and go out of home, like other teenagers do. Riya is not allowed to hangout with friends often. Simran fears Riya will land in any problem.


Gautami Kapoor as Simran Gupta
Vinay Jain as Dr Raj Gupta
Sangita Ghosh as Surinder Khurana
Sandeep Baswana as Kulvinder Khurana
Diana Khan as Jassi
Anuj Pandit as Jogi
Bhavika Sharma as Riya

Story So Far:

parvarish3Surinder lands in Delhi with her inlaws, husband and children. She hopes to give a better living to her children. Surinder’s concern is seen when Jassi is not along them. Surinder gets worried. Jassi comes and Kulvinder scolds her. The parents hold their teenage children’s hand and they come out of railway station. Jassi goes to get water and gets behind, when all the family members leave in taxi. Jassi tries calling them by PCO, but her parents’ phones have no network. Surinder notices taxi driver fooling them and leaves that taxi. A girl helps them and scolds the taxi driver for fooling them for extra money. Surinder then sees Jassi missing and starts panicking. The girl gets her car and takes them back to railway station.

parvarish10 Jassi worries and collides with Simran. Jassi cries and tells Simran how she got lost. Simran takes Surinder’s number and calls to scold her. Surinder apologizes and requests her to be with Jassi. Simran takes Surinder’s address to drop Jassi home. Simran gets servant’s call wherein he tells her daughter Riya has taken the car. Simran calls Riya and scolds her. Surinder asks the helpful girl Riya not to drive car again as she is under 18. Simran reaches Surinder’s home and drops Jassi. She then scolds Surinder. Surinder and Simran realize they are childhood friends. They hug and are glad to meet after many years. Simran invited Surinder at her home for dinner.

parvarish9Simran does not permit Riya to go for a movie with her friends. Raj manages the situation. Surinder tells Jassi that Kulvinder loves her a lot and reminds her childhood. Raj asks Riya to apologize to Simran. Riya apologizes. Simran then forgives Riya. Surinder tells Kulvinder about Simran and her husband Raj, who also belongs to pind. Simran pressurizes Riya to wear traditional dress to impress Surinder. Surinder pressurizes Jassi to wear torn jeans and top to impress Simran. Jassi gets embarrassed to wear torn jeans. Kulvinder gets angry seeing Jassi’s improper dressing. Surinder has made Jassi wear it and admits to Kulvinder. Jassi’s Biji jokes that the daughters got swapped today.

parvarish6Surinder and Simran have a talk about their past and childhood friendship. Kulvinder sits talking with Raj, while Jassi and Riya have a talk about their mom’s orders on dressing. Simran tells about Riya’s school which is best one in town. Surinder decides to get Jassi’s admission there. Kulvinder does not agree and wants Jassi to study in Gurudwara school. Simran wants Riya and Jassi to be best friends like her and Surinder. Surinder does not want to compromise with Jassi’s future and meets Simran to take her along for Jassi’s admission in Riya’s school. She did not take Kulvinder’s permission. Simran tells her to take Kulvinder’s approval as trust is most important in marriage. Simran takes Surinder to Riya’s modern school. Surinder inquires about the high fees, but is glad seeing the best school. She imagines Jassi getting applauded.

parvarish15Simran tells Riya about Jassi getting admission in her school. Riya feels embarrassed infront of her friends. Kulvinder and Jogi go to Gurudwara school for Jassi’s admission. Jogi asks Kulvinder to find a better school. Kulvinder scolds him and says they are not too rich. Simran asks Raj to get Jassi admitted in Riya’s school. Riya tells her friends about Simran’s comparison habits. Her friends asks her to scare Jassi and not let Jassi get admission in same school. Riya thinks to try this idea to stop Simran from sending a spy Jassi behind her.

parvarish1Riya scares Jassi by telling bad about her school. Surinder tells Kulvinder about Riya’s school, how the children are so brilliant there with good education facilities. Jassi says she does not want to change her school. Jassi tells them what all Riya said. Riya tells her friends that Jassi will not join her school after she scared Jassi. Simran hears Riya’s conversation and scolds her. Simran calls Raj home. Raj explains Riya her mistake. He tells Riya to make efforts to end Jassi’s fear. Kulvinder is afraid of Surinder’s attempts to become like Simran’s family. He decides that they all will go back to Amritsar. He does not want to become like Raj. He tells his parents that he does not respect Raj and Simran. Raj and Simran walk in on his house and hear his words, getting hurt.

Our Take:

parvarish25The story is very close to reality. Every parent of a teenager child will relate with this show. Parents can even get to know what all other parents do to raise their children properly. The show deals with all the troubles parents face, their concern and love for their children. Parvarish Season 1 was also amazing with the story. Same goes with Season 2. Story pace is good. The actors are very convincing. They are properly cast and give best to the roles. Gautami Kapoor, Vinay Jain, Sangita Ghosh and Sandeep Baswana are the highlights of the show. They have nice natural feel which makes the show more watchable. The concept is old, but still adorable to watch daily. The USP is connectivity with audience well. Sangita Ghosh and Sandeep Baswana show a great chemistry with their natural Punjabi accent. The younger cast is okay and will be more seen in upcoming episodes. The story adds more sense and gets very likable by presenting both parents and children’s views on same matter.


parvarish24Parvarish Season 2 made a good start. It has much things to watch for teenagers and parents. Young children can take lessons too and value their parents’ efforts. Parents can learn lessons on treating their children by sensible approach. It is very watchable. A story which connects with common people. Good decision by Sony to bring Parvarish sequel. It is a family entertainer worth watching. The concept is the hero of this show.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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