Vote to guess Mohit’s murderer in DABH?

Diya aur Baati Hum is having an interesting suspense track about finding Mohit’s murderer. Officer Sandhya Rathi is remarked that she can’t handle Mohit Rathi murder case, since it is related to her family. This makes way for Satyadev Tripathi, who is special investigative officer. Satyadev is appointed along with a Sandhya Rathi to solve Mohit’s murder case, The track has a lot of mystery attached to it. The officer is seriously finding out the culprit. Satyadev questions Rathi family members to know the culprit. Satyadev will solve the mysterious murder of Mohit .

Sooraj scolds the neighbor ladies for insulting Mohit. Sandhya makes a plan and tells it to Satyadev to trap the murderer. As per her plan, Satyadev asks the Rathi family to provide their fingerprints. Emily is aware of Komal and lied to Sandhya. Satyadev and Sandhya are shocked to learn this. They ask Emily to visit the lab to give her fingerprints. Rathi family, Lalima and Lokesh give their fingerprints, but Emily does not come there along with them. Satyadev tells Sandhya a clue found at crime spot, which is Emily and Mohit’s divorce papers. He suspects Emily of having murdered Mohit. Satyadev learns that while giving his fingerprints, Lokesh had applied a chemical. Bhabho agrees to undergo the surgery, after Sooraj convinces her. Lokesh confesses the crime that he had murdered Mohit.

Sandhya suspects Emily’s involvement in Mohit’s murder. Sandhya shares her doubt about Emily with Satyadev. Emily confesses that she has killed Mohit. Sandhya and Satyadev realize both Lokesh and Emily confessed the crime. Sandhya gets a clue and decides to find the caller who informed police about Mohit’s murder. Next is Sooraj who will accept the murder crime. Whom do you think is involved in Mohit’s murder? Vote to guess Mohit’s murderer in DABH. You may leave comment as well. Select upto two choices to give their votes.

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  1. Bhaboo has murdered mohit

  2. Uff sub confess kr dain sub ne mara h use

  3. It is pari.

  4. its pari

  5. how can a mother kill her own son?

  6. Its pari…who killed Jim..all trying to rescue her.. That’s it..

  7. It is Pari

  8. Pari may have struck mohit by mìstake

    It was an accident

    Family members including lalima who love this family somehow know about this and áre trying to take blame

  9. Ya i think bhaboO r suraj..nai to pari .but disgusting how’s possible mom n bro aisa karenge viswash nhi hota……

  10. Its Pari
    And everyone is protecting her

  11. Mohit was not a good son. Nor a good father nor husband. He just used everyone so bhabho finally decided to free Emily from mohit and killed him. And every one knows so they are trying to save bhabho. Because lokesh and lalima are attached to bhabho and if they take the blame for any one of the rathi’s than it would b bhabho.

  12. It’s either Pari or Lalima or Bhabho.

  13. its pari…..for sure…but they dont have the option

  14. Its pari.but one has hit mohit and another one throw into well.. Hit by pari..thrown by bhabho or viceversa.. But so many are surrounded by this event…sooraj,lalima,lokesh,bhabho,emily,pari and last but not least komal.. Komal..witnessed.. And she did the phone call

  15. I’m waiting for the lehenga changes and the sticker is which is in sooraj’s kurta.

  16. Pari is murderer I think. So great of lokesh to accept a mistake even if he didn’t do.

  17. I’m not too sure of the choice of murders but I have a feeling its something to do with Pari. It could be she witnessed the crime and gone into shock, or she witnessed Emily and Mohit having a dispute over the divorce papers and Mohit started to man handle Emily and in order to help her mum Pari hit her dad from back with stick and then pushed into the well, or the back head injury happened whilst the scuffle between Mohit and Emily and then in a fit of rage Pari pushed her dad down the well in order to help her mum.

    In hindsight the others potential murders may be trying to cover up this scenario.

  18. In my opp i killed mohit. I like my vote. Sorry i was joking. Actually i m totally cofuse . So many suspect. Anybody can be.

  19. it is pari

  20. Its ma guy.

  21. suspense is killing me

  22. even if its pari it seems to be an accident not any intentionally planned crime

  23. Bhabho

  24. Bhaboo…..

  25. Actually nobody of them is killer. Bhaboo,pari,laleema none,

  26. I think it’s bhaboo…….

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