13 flowers of war, swara,sanskar,ragini,laksh

it a true story based on war, i just saw a movie and thought to write,

Swara group
Avneet kaur
Pragati chourasiya
Tunisha sharma
Roshni walia
Jannat zubair
Sumedh mudalkar
swara and her group are chinese people, sudents, all age 14, can speak english too
laksh is 35 year old, he is chinese soldier only speak chinese
sanskar, 42 year old, american man, a mortician
Ragini group
Sana amin sheikh
Reem Sameer Shaikh
ragini is 27 and her group different ages, all r prostitues, only speak chinese except ragini, ragini can speak english too

there r no couples, all 4 characters play a herioc role
Hey guys, once again I’m writing an adaption of film story, hope u enjoy
In 1937, Japan invades China, beginning the Second Sino-Japanese War. The Japanese Imperial Army overruns China’s capital city, Nanking, in December and carries out the systematic and brutal Nanking massacre.
Scene 1
We can see 3 young girls running [swara, Avneet, Pragati], they all seem tired and scared, they were wearing uniform, the vision were all blur due to heavy bombing and destroyed roads, a large group of japan army were running with loaded weapons.
Swara pov:
After 20 days of continuous bombing, Nanking finally fell to the Japanese, 13 dec 1937, I remember everybody was running that day but no one could escape that heavy fog. Major laksh had only few man left, Nanking was no longer able to put up a fight and those left behind ran for their lives. The 3 girls stooped as they heard some horse footsteps, they step aside giving them way, swara saw the ladies sitting in cart in beautiful dresses.
Scene 2
A group of girls [in same uniform as swara] were running, with them there was a boy of their age, boy turn and started counting the girls when one of them yelled
Jannat yelled: STOP COUNTING SUMEDH, … SWARA AND OTHER TWO ARE MISSING, they all started to run again.
Scene changed
An American guy was seeing running when he was attacked by firing, he make his way and escape through a large number of dead bodies, swara Avneet Pragati were also attacked, they saw a shelter and Pragati hided herself in, swara and Avneet also try to enter their but there was no place left so they were pushed away, Avneet was crying but swara hold her hand and started to run again, to their luck they find a giant hollow tank and hided themselves in there, they could here Japanese coming that way,
J. army: hey someone is hiding there, HEY COME OUT, I SAID COME OUT ‘in a min 3 Japanese army man come and attack the shelter where Pragati was hiding with some few other people, they all attack them wildly with knife and bullets but they didn’t let any voice escapes their mouth. ‘swara and Avneet hugged eo tightly crying, they both got scared when some guy came in
Guy whisper: hey, hey relax, I’m not, I’m refugee, I’m also hiding plz don’t scream ‘they nod, he started to drink alcohol,’ hey u girls r separated from families ‘he ask them in English but then thought they might don’t know the language as they were Chinese but still tries’ do u know Winchester cathedral, ‘he tried asking but they were quite as they were scared so he give up and start going from their’
Sw; mister
San surprise: who said mister, u said mister, and do u know English?
Sw nod, low voice: yes we r from Winchester cathedral,
San laugh: ur kidding
Sw: we r student in convent
San: will u take me there
Sw: y do u wanna go there
San: I’m a mortician, I’m helping to bury ur father, well not ur father, I mean father …
Avn: father ingleman [he’s father at church]
San nod: yes, I’m burying him sending him to heaven or whatever, will u show me the way ‘ they nod,
Scene changed
A group of Chinese soldiers were running, they heard girls voices so hided themselves in side preparing the guns, they saw girls [from scene 2] coming their way, and behind them there were Japanese soldiers firing at them
Major laksh: sahil u go from back and attack them on my signal ‘sahil saw the number of soldiers in their group’ sahil r u deaf go hurry up
Sahil: major laksh, we r the last one here, we should run away ‘laksh got shock, he saw his group yes they were out of number, and there was no chance they could stand that big army, he took a deep breath and saw the young girls, he gulp’ keep fighting till death ‘all got shock but yell YES MAJOR and took their positions ‘1 of Japanese man get a hold of girl, she scream but he grabbed her tightly, he was about to kiss that girl when he got shot by laksh, in a moment all started to fire, laksh group killed the opposite group giving the schools girl time to run away to their convent ‘laksh saw the young girls which were thanking him through eyes and giving smiles, as soon as they reached the church, laksh group started going but were attacked by a large number of j, army attacking them there with tanks, laksh people got more less, but he had to destroyed those tanks somehow, they employed a tactic from ancient welfare, they form a human shield of 9 people to get a bomb closed to the tanks, and such selfless acts were not uncommon, all 9 soldiers died 1 after 1 giving the last one time to get closed to tank, last guy died infront of tank making tank blown with his bomb. Laksh group fight with them bravely,
In other side, swara and avneet cry out as they saw their friend in many pikes filled with blood, sanskar somehow took them from there, as the fight stopped laksh saw he was the only one their left and with him there was a young soldier ashok who was injured badly, laksh took him and flee from there hiding himself beside the church, he saw from his binocular, checking if the young girls r safe, he saw swara and avneet entering the school with some American guy.

Sumedh told sanskar that father flew away by bomb, and he and only few girls are in there, but sanskar said that he want his money to which Sumedh refused,
San: look I have come here very hard so u have to pay me money
Su: we don’t have money
San: off course u have ‘he started to go in,
Su: can u fix truck
Sa: what
Su: help us leave this place, fix the truck
Sa: for free ‘he nod’ no I can’t do that, I can take the parts from here and sell them ‘he nod no’ no, okay then let’s go inside
Inside all girls were praying for Pragati
Avn cry: Pragati didn’t even make noise, even when they stabbed her over and over
Swa cry: it’s my fault
Avn: no, it’s not
Jannat cry: yes it is urs fault, ur father promised us to take us on boat and leave this place but he betrayed us, he ran away now the Japanese are here, it is even too late to go to refugee now, PRAGATI DIED CUS OF UR DAD ‘she yelled, swara attacked her both started fighting, when sanskar and sumedh came they stopped their fighting, sanskar went to fathers room and start looking for money but didn’t find any. Sumedh heard someone knocking the school door, he could hear some girl voices
He open the door, call ur cook, he said we can live here ‘ said kavya, but sumedh refuse to let them in
R u sure, u deal with him kavya‘ said kavita
Yes kavita otherwise I wouldn’t have bring u girls here, I serve that fat guy all night, he said this convent is under western protection, Japanese can’t come inside and ragini will u do something instead of ur makeup, ‘said kavya looking at ragini, who was retouching her makeup, she ignore all girls who were knocking the door continuously, she throw her bag across the wall and started climbing the wall, all girls follow her steps, laksh and swara n her group could see them from window, by their dressing they could tell that they were pr*stitutes, swara was enchanted by their 14 beauties from brothel, sanskar also saw and whistle at them
Kavya: hey ragini look a westerner ‘Rag turn her face, san was making heart shape to her,
Kavya; is he a priest, which type of priest flirt, well as long as he can protect us ‘rag smirk and gave him fly kiss, san pretend to fall, all other girls laugh, swara was not liking this, ragini and her group take over their cellar, which was dirty place, swara was peeking at cellar continuously looking at ragini, as she was the prettiest one, she saw all were wearing lingerie’s, ragini saw her looking at them and smirk, swara got alert and ran away, ragini laugh at her. Sanskar made the dinner for school girls as they didn’t eat from many days, but there also rags group interrupt, they all start to flirt with sanskar, swara group were pissed at the girls they all think of them as bad girls and y not after all they r pr*stitutes, sanskar was happy as all were beautiful girls but he didn’t understand their language, he saw rag and came to her, rag uses her all charm on him and it workout he like her the most, he was impressed when she also spoke in English with him, so he invited her to serve him for tonight, to which she agree.
At night, rag was going to sanskar room, she saw swara who was looking at her, she again ran, rag ignored her and went to san room,
rag seducing: Hey handsome’
san kissing her: ‘hey beautiful ‘he give her some money’ hope this is enough for u, come jump on the bed ‘rag look at the money than him’ come on hurry up
rag sigh: I want u to take me and my group out of this place
San shock; what, how, did u see out there, that’s not happening, isn’t cash enough?
rag shrug: y else u thought we r flirting with u, I just know ur face is key to escape this place, think about it, if u help, I will thank u in way u would have never imagine about it ‘rag left the place seducing him more, but san was irritated as he was aroused full hard for her, he started to drink and start doing weird things like dressing himself as father and dancing disrespecting all rules of church.
In other side, laksh barged in church with ashok, sumedh find out and try to throw them out as per Japanese rule, if they help any Chinese soldier they will face the consequences but laksh threaten that he will kill them b4 them so sumedh take both to cellar where brothel ladies were hiding, all ladies were shock to see them and all speak bad to laksh, they thought laksh being soldier was hiding like a coward, like a lady, laksh felt bad, he laid ashok on bed and told
Lak: he is ashok, he was homeless so we took him here, he is too young just 16, give me some water ‘rags and reem help laksh,
Kavita: y did u bring him here ‘

Lak: he is too young, my all men die, I want him to die in warm place, plz take care of him ‘laksh clean his face,
Reem mesmerized: what a handsome face he has
Kavita: oh u got a crush on him ‘all started to tease reem taking ashok name, laksh was leaving when he saw swara and her group was praying, swara saw laksh and got scared but kept quiet cus she knew none of her friend will help any soldier, laksh was leaving when rag came to him
Rag: soldier ‘he look at her’ I’m sorry, we were very rude to u, as u know we r from brothel we have to loud mouth, we speak without thinking, I hope u forgive us, and thanku for protecting us ‘laksh nod, he was leaving when they heard some bottle breaking, laksh point his gun
San drunk: hey relax dude, it’s just me, hey rags baby did u like my new attire, I dressed up as a father for u, will now u serve me
Lak confuse: who is he, does he belong here ‘she sigh nod’
San cam to them: hey come on rags plz sleep with me ‘laksh was not understanding as he was speaking English
Rag; go sanskar we will talk later
San forcing rags; come on rags, u r serving him [laksh] but not me, y not is it I’m not soldier, I will dress like one for u, if that turns u on ‘that was it for laksh, sanskar 1st disrespect church rules and women, he came to beat him, but rag stopped both of them,
Rag: I’m sorry about that
Lak angry: listen, plz tell me honestly who is he ‘rag kept quiet he sigh’ look lady, tell him when he got sober, these girls shouldn’t get in Japanese hands, otherwise my men had died for nothing, ‘she nod, laksh left
Rag came to san slap him but he take as a pleasure: u should be thankful ur westerner otherwise I wouldn’t had stop that guy to kill u ‘she left, swara saw them, laksh hiding himself nearby house to protect them, if he could he could change to civilized cloths and escape but he stayed there for them.
Next morning
Few school girls were fighting with brothel ladies
Kavita sweet: hey little sis plz let us use ur washroom, we promised we won’t shit or piss in ur toilet ‘jannat nod no, kavya was getting annoyed’ hey plz little sis, we always take shower b4 bedtime
Jannat yell; don’t call me little sis, ur not my sis, and what bedtime, it’s morning
Kavita joke; morning is bed time for us
Kavya yell: just let us use washroom, wr is for human, right
Jannat smirk: u answer by urself ‘kavita roll her eyes
Kavya angry: what u mean we r not human
Jannat: u know what u are
Sana; u got some nerve
Jannat yell: we won’t use our wr with u, go back to ur rat house ‘splashing water on their foot
Sana: she’s humiliating us, b*t*h
Jannat: u b*t*h, u all r
Kavya smirk: so u think ur tuff han, let’s fight then ‘both were fighting
Jannat yell madly: I WONT LET U USE MY WR, U FILTHY WHORE ‘she struggling until she was shot to dead, all girls scream there, they saw bullet was fired from window straight to jannat head, they knew Japanese attack them
Swara yell: u all girls run to cellar n hide, I will bring the rest there, go hurry up ‘all brothel girls run to cellar with sumedh , kavita was about to shut the door but rags kept it open so schoolgirls can come in while swara and avneet went to call other girls, but they got too late, as they were about to go in cellar, 1 j. man found them, ‘HEY COME HERE GUYS, THERE R GIRLS’ HE YELLED, swara saw ragini, she knew if they went in cellar now they will also put ragini n her group in danger,
Sw took deep breath: UPSTAIRS NOW ‘all school girls run upstairs they hide themselves in library closing the gate with book shelves preventing them to come in, ragini was shock to see swara brave step, they closed the cellar door but still could hear them, Japanese army barged in and started to fire destroying everything, sanskar and laksh got alert, sanskar hide himself in cupboard while laksh start his plan to trick them and save the girls, jap. Army crushed the library gate and yelled ‘YES, WE GOT VIRGINS’ all men started to run behind them while all girls scream and tried to save from the beasts there, all girls got caught by men there, when
Sanskar: STOP, ‘all men stop, they couldn’t attack him as he is westerner and they thought he was father there as he was still wearing that dress’ plz this is place for peace, u all r gentlemen plz leave the girls, girls plz come here and stand beside me ‘all girls run and stand behind sanskar, swara hugged him, but jap army didn’t bulged, they injured sanskar and again attack all girls like animals, they all were treating them wildly
Avn: no don’t come near me ‘she was hold by few men, she got scared as she could see the lust in them, she closed her eyes and jump from there n died, sanskar got shock, he was injured and he was not that strong to save those innocent school girls
Sw struggling; no plz, plz mercy, plz ‘2 men were above her they ripped her uniform and were about to rape her but got fired both fall on swara as dead person ‘all men heard the fire and got alert, they all yell ‘HEY SOME CHINESE SOLDEIRS ARE HERE, LET’S DEAL WITH THEM THEN WE WILL COME HERE’ all leave the girls there, all girls cloths were ripped and were bleeding, swara looked from window and saw laksh, she wasn’t crying but just staring him, laksh trick jap. Soldiers they thought there were many but he lonely fight with them all, he got injured he know he will die anyway, so he implanted himself with bomb and get closed to their army blasting them with him which was witness by swara, she was still not moving from her place
San: swara let go inside, ur bleeding, swara come on
Sw cry, hug him; plz don’t leave us father plz
San shock: swara I’m not father, I just pretend to save u girls, but it didn’t work, come on let’s go ‘he take her from there.
Japanese colonel got to know about this incident, he came in person with a Chinese man shekhar who work for them now and saw the entire scenario, he felt sad to see the girls like this, he apologized to sanskar as sanskar was still in father dress
San: plz don’t hurt the girls
Jap. Col: I’m sorry, I’m responsible for the safety of this area, to apologize I brink some food for ur students, ‘san still was not sure of them, but he had to accept from them as girls were dying of hunger’ from now on my men will be here to guard u to assure the safety of children, we won’t let anything happened to children’s ‘san was shock as now Japanese army will guard on them, do students sing well
San; very well
Jap. Col: good I will come after Days to hear them
San: y
Jap. Col: no reason, I just happened to love music, I will come after days, so prepare them to sing ‘they all leave, swara happened to see shekhar and got shock, they all leave, but colonel had surround the area with his guards, sanskar help the girls to bury avneet and jannat, all brothel ladies felt bad for them if they hadn’t taken over their cellar, they apologized to them, but they ignored them. San once again get drunk, rag met him and told him she was impressed by his heroic scene today, but sanskar was scared as he know now all girls r dependent on him, and he 2 can’t leave them alone not after what he witness today, they also share they r suspicious about the japan army as now they will be 24/7 hour watched, they knew they want something from them, rag told him her offer is still on to which sanskar laugh.
All brothel girls were partying in cellar, roshni was playing sitar for ashok, but her sitar strings were broke, ashok was all blue he could die any min, he ask roshni if she could play some water music for her, roshni tried but it didn’t help, she wished she have the strings so she could play for him, she hugged ashok to keep him warm. Next day sanskar tried to fix the truck without japan army knowledge, he saw shekhar coming inside, he was shock to see him as swara father
Sw yell: how could u do this, ur betrayer, I’m ashamed of u, u join force with japan army knowing what they want from us
Shek sigh: u tell me swara, I told ur mother I will get u out of here anyhow and I did arrangement to leave this place but u were so stubborn, u wouldn’t leave without ur friends, I as worried for u, I wanted to see u so that’s y I joined with them, so I can get u out of here, plz leave ur friends and come with me ‘swara got angry and left from there, her friends heard them but instead of appreciating they started targeting her father calling her traitor, she got pissed and left to her room. Sanskar also heard them and made plan with shekhar, shekhar put condition if only he could save her daughter anyhow he would help them, sanskar arrange truck tool and 1 bypass permit [which was for swara] with help of shekhar, he made the truck fine. Rag saw ashok died, sanskar also bury and did his ritual, all school girl found out about ashok and they were shock that brothel ladies took care of him despite knowing it could put them in danger, they got to know they were not that bad, in mid of that rags noticed something
Rag panic; where r roshni and sana, I haven’t saw them from morning, did anyone saw them
Kavya cry: han actually rags reem wanted to play song for ashok but she didn’t had string with her so she went back to bazaar for strings so she could played it for ashok b4 he died and sana went back for her earrings
Rag angry; r u out of ur mind, didn’t u saw what japanese army did, still u let them go, oh god
San: what happened ‘rag told him, he saw rags eyes which were pleading ‘u want them me to find them ‘she nod’ okay I will try ‘san and sumedh trick japan army and went to search girls, sanskar met his friend from America adarsh, he offer sanskar to come with him and leave this place but sanskar refused and went back to find girls.

Reem and sana came to bazaar and found their belongings, they were going back when both were attack by japanese soldiers, both screamed and yelled tried to run away, sana got shot in neck, reem tried to take her but sana pushed her telling her to run, reem run crying, sana tried to stopped soldiers but they abused her violently and went behind reem, reem jump in lake to escape but got caught, they take her to room, and tied her with ropes spreading her legs wide open, she scream and yell but all soldiers 1 by 1 raped her, reem had enough she bite the last soldier hard, he yelled but she continue to bite him, he got angry and killed her ripping her body with sword. Sanskar reached bazaar and saw sana [sana was also rape after she was dead] and reem dead bodies in very inappropriate manner, he took the earring and string to ragini, lying to them that both girls were shot to death. All brothel ladies cried but they were still satisfied that they were not tortured, rag knew san lied but she didn’t told as she knew this will all scare them more, sometimes truth is the last thing we want to know, next day jap. Col came to heard girls singing, all school girls sang while brothel ladies hide themselves in cellar, kavita told rags that Uttara had went outside to search her cat. Here Uttara was seen hiding behind church with her cat but got caught by jap. Col,
Sw: sorry officer, she’s also a student here, she lost her uniform so we ask her not to perform with us as we want to look our best ‘col nod
Col: father, I have a good news, me and my army are celebrating as we won and took over nanking, so I will like to invite u and ur church to celebrate and perform for us ‘all girls get shock, san too, now he know y he wanted to keep guard on them, colonel wanted to save the virgin girls so he could serve them to higher officers, he look at swara, who was scared
San nod no: no, I can’t, these girls r too young what will they do in adults party, I will not permit that
Col serious: these r orders from higher officers, we will come after 2 days and take the girls, prepare them ‘col leave
San yell: I WILL NO
Another army man: OYE SHUTUP ‘scaring sanskar, he count the girls’ 13 girls we will take 13 girls from here, 1 is less we will not leave u ‘they all left leaving them shock
Sw: what will they do with us, do they want us to sing
San nod lying: ya they want u to sing
Sw: all 13 of us ‘san nod
Uttara yell: what u mean all13, I’m not student I won’t go ‘al look at her’ I SAID I’M NOT STUDENT I WON’T GO
Sumedh: u have to they have counted u
Utt cry: no I won’t go, do u really think they want u to sing, don’t u know what they do, they kill they burn they rape, I WON’T GO
Rag: stop it uttara ‘uttara ran from there, san console the girls by lying that they will get good food and other think so they couldn’t get scare, while rag appreciate this side of sanskar swara didn’t, she with her group go to the terrace
Sw wiping her tears: after me u took ur positions ‘all girls cried they were scared’ do u want them to catch u, we won’t let them hurt us ‘they all nod no’ so I said take ur positions, I will go first ‘they all nod, swara climb the terrace with group were about to jump when sanskar and rag with her group reached there as sumedh inform them
San shout: swara don’t jump, plz get down
Sw: no
Sumedh: swara remember what father told, life is scared thing we shouldn’t waist that ‘swara closed her eyes remembering the father teaching and then remember when she was about to get raped, she open her eyes and was about to jump when
Rag: I will go instead of u ‘swara shockingly turn to her, rag nod’ yes swara I will go instead of u ‘kavya saw this
Kavya: yes and I will go instead of u roshni
Kavita nod: and I will go instead of Tunisha, we won’t let them hurt u, we will deal with them, ‘all school girls were shock, they took the chances and pull all the girls back safely
In cellar
Rag: listen if uttara can fool them by looking like student y not us, we will dress in their uniform and take their place, they won’t kill us, they want pleasure from us, that’s what we do
Kavita: wait a min rag, we just said that so we could save them, I have no wish to go and serve them
Rag smirk: y not, that’s what we do right, we know how to handle man, how do u think these young girls will handle those men
Kavi: yes but the thing is they r not man, they r animals, ready to make us their prey, don’t u realized there will be thousands of men and we only 13 girls how we r gonna serve them, they will eat us ragini, can u imagine 100 of men ripping u
Uttara: exactly and y should we go, they don’t even consider us human, remember they didn’t even let us use their wr
Kavya smirk: u don’t speak much uttara even if we r not going but u r, the japanese count u remember
Uttara angry: I will not go, I’m not a student
Rag: then y didn’t u tell them by urself uttara ‘rag smirk’ and don’t forgot if that day swara didn’t distracted them, they would have found us too and even kill us to give shelter to Chinese soldier, I’m surprised that a young girl had more guts than u girls, … come on what r u thinking, all people look down on us, we have only this chance to prove that we pr*stitutes can also serve humanity, we could also do something heroic ‘finally they all were agree
Rag came to sanskar for makeover, he was really upset, he want to save all of them but he got no choice, he shared with rag that he learn the makeover for his daughter, while rag told about her past that she was raped by her stepfather in age of 13 and she don’t want these girls to through that and she also used to be a student just like swara, swara also came there and apologized she told them when they both ragsan came here, she didn’t like them thinking them as a bad character and ask forgiveness and left from there. San made rag laid down so he could give her makeover, they share eye lock
San gulp: once this war is over I’m gonna come back and take u from here, and I will marry u them
Rag laugh: haha, once this is over u won’t come back, cus u won’t find me, and if u want to marry me, marry me now ‘san got shock to see her tears, she always talk to seduce but 1st she was talking with her heart, san kissed her, rag also, they both made love, rag want to cry but she didn’t cus if she did san won’t leave her alone, all were getting weak someone had stay strong, that was she, san gave rags makeover, she now look like student, all were shock to see her, all pr*stitutes got makeover from sanskar, all students give their uniform to them, swara came to ragini and called her sister to which she got emotional, all pr*stitutes get ready in school uniform, while swara stepped forward and cut all her hair
Sw sobbing: if by chance they found us they shouldn’t know we r girls ‘all other girls agreed with her and cut her hairs and painted their face white colors
Rag: sanskar we had a problem
San: what happened
Rag gulp: we r only 12, japanese count 13, we r less 1 number ‘all get panic
Kavita: damn all we did is for nothing, 1 of u still have to go with us or all of u will get in trouble
Sumedh: I will go ‘all got shock
San: sumedh there is no time for kidding
Su: do u think I will kid like this, I want to go, u can makeup, gave me makeover, make me girl, father gave me responsibilities of these girls but I’m failing ‘he cried’ I won’t let them suffer more, I will be the 13th one
San: u knew if japanese found out they
Su: I know I’m ready ‘san sigh, he gave sumedh makeover and give instruction to hide himself behind rag, head down’
Next day, all school girls hide in cellar in boys attire while all ladies in student disguise were sitting in jeep, shekhar also came there to see his daughter but didn’t find him, so he knew sanskar saved swara, but a japanese man shot shekhar as he won’t be needed more, uttara saw this and got panic
Uttara yelled panic: no, no I’m not a student, I’M NOT STUDENT ‘she ran to sanskar and hugged him tightly not letting him go and cried’ PLZ DON’T LEAVE ME FATHER PLZ SAVE ME, I’M NOT A STUDENT ‘she was dragged by soldiers
San: hey careful she’s a kid ‘he saw they throw uttara like she was some animal, he closed his eyes couldn’t see anymore, all soldiers left, that was the last time sanskar and students saw these 13 flowers ragini and her friends. He couldn’t waste more time, he bring the truck and hiding the girls b4 saying’ swara listen
Sw: what
San: he look in her eyes: ur father was a great man, he was not a traitor, he did this to save u, if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be out of this, did u get it ur father is a great man
Sw nod teary: my father is a great man ‘he hide all girls in truck and keep the wine bottle he got from church above them, and crossed the border,
Swara pov
Sanskar told me his biggest regret that he didn’t gave my father a proper burying
Until this day I still don’t know what happened to the women of bazaar, I never learn all of their names, and never saw them taken away by japanese soldiers, so I imagined, I always imagined myself standing by the large round window watching them walk in once again ‘she remember when she 1st saw them.

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