100%love (MATSH)

The opening scene shows a park
A small girl was playing in the swing and she fall downs from the swing and gets hurt and starts to cry , a young boy comes running and makes her to stand and asks are you hurt the little girl says not much my papa was here all the time he went to get ice cream for me and I lost my balance.
The boy says my name is ranveer and I live near by the park…….
Suddenly the girl’s father comes running and says hello young man my name is harsha nanda and this is my daughter ishaani nanda.. Ishaani says papa he saved me after I fell off from the swing so ishaani’a father says thank you beta so sweet of you so you came alone to the park ranveer says no uncle I came with my father and takes ishaani and her father to introduce to his father
Ranveer’s father introduces his name to be kailash and says he is a bank employee and his wife is a home maker they have a son and a daughter her name is nethra…ishaani’s father introduces himself as harsha nanda and says he is the ceo of nanda group of industries his wife is sirisha nanda who is managing his industry …. We have two kids ishaani is the youngest and a elder son his name is rishi nanda….

Both of the fathers keep on talking while ishaani asks ranveer which school he studies and he says I am doing my schooling in rmv public school ishaani says is it I am also in that school only but I have not seen you….
He asks which class you are in she says 5th and he says I am 7th standard anyway from today I know you so we are friends and gives Ishaani a handshake and both fathers smile at each other and take leave and exit the park along with ranveer and ishaani…..
Ranveer and ishaani keep on turning to see each other until ishaani gets into the car and ranveer gets along in his father’s bike….
Ranveer home
Ranveer ‘s mom gauri comes in and ask why they both were late from the park kailash explains what happened in the park …gauri pats on ranveer’s back and says good boy
I have made your favorite samosa go and freshen yourself and come let’s eat…..ranveer’s sister nethra comes and hugs ranveer and says bhayya I got dairy milk for you have it ….ranveer says we ll both have it equally and cuts into half and gives to his sister and says my sweetest sister….
Both of them sit in the dining table to eat samosa

When they start eating they hear a knock at the door kailash goes to open the door and is shocked to see his sister jalodari and her family at the door step… He welcomes them inside the house they seek the blessings of kailash and gauri and say my husband jagdish has got transferred here to Mumbai office so we have come here and we have got an apartment for rent …kailash asks where are the kids jalodari says they will be coming by next week as we have to get them transferred to a new school here…..kailash says why don’t you join them in the school where ranveer and nethra are studying and so which standard are they in jagadish says my daughter riddhima is in 6th standard and my son Rahul is in 8th standard..gauri says good and asks them let’s eat and then speak….
Please sit and have samosas and they continue their talk
There in ishaani’s house
Ishaani and her father come inside when rishi comes and hugs ishaani and seeing her bruises in legs panics and shouts mummy ishaani is hurt and starts to cry while ishaani says bhayya I am fine don’t cry and consoles while ishaani s mother rushes to see her and tells come let’s clean the bruise with antiseptic and takes her inside…

Nanda family sits before tv and starts to watch movie while a servant comes and tells there are visitors sirisha tells to send them in
Sirisha is surprised to see her brother parmesh rao and his wife jahnavi along with their kids taran rao and his sister dhanya rao….
Harsha asks parmesh all of a sudden you have come to Mumbai
parmesh says I am starting a new construction company in Mumbai so had to leave Hyderabad and come here … We thought to tell you before but I wanted to give surprise to sirisha….
So harsha says y don’t you join taran and dhanya where ishaani and rishi study parmesh says yes that’s a good idea I ll join them in rmv public school

Precap: rishi comes to ranveer and says thank you so much for saving my sister you are my best friend from today and nethra hugs ishaani and says friends forever

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  1. Lots of new names.u started from ishveer childhood.nice.continue it.

    1. Thank you dear definitely ll continue it this is the only way I ll remember our ishveer

  2. OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just thinking who could write a ff on ishveer childhood and its’s you dear……….now i think i should also start to write one but no time to comment also i get but yaar your ff is lovely yaar
    my cute lil ishveer just imagine them
    ilove you are…………and your ff also

    1. Thanks dear I am writing this ff only for all my Ishveer fans sathya praveena vyshu arham jasa Kerala shazna aama rookie rookers marry raji zia and all true ishveerians hopefully everyone likes it

    2. Thanks dear I am writing this ff only for all my Ishveer fans sathya praveena vyshu arham jasa Kerala shazna sana rookie rookers marry raji zia and all true ishveerians hopefully everyone likes it

  3. Superb ff. Its just going to roking dr. And ur imagination of matsh its awesome.

    1. Thanks dear sorry for late reply dear was very upset yesterday night after last episode so slept as such

  4. Keerthi dr gud intresting..u r d perfct one to write ff bcz i lyk ua thots…usually i wont read ff bcz i wont get time n lso mny ff r thr n itz messing up wid title..earlier onc i read tamannas ff 1st epi n i loved her character interpretatn so mch n read furthr 2 epi..bt thn i dint gt any furthr epiz f tat ff may b writer stoppd writing…still i remember tat ff tat ws really amazing n smethng diffrnt.. me felt sad as loved tat ff so mch..:( if u wd hav read u ll lso loved it 😀 aftrtat nvr read any othr ff..

    Tody juz saw nw ff so juz opend to see hw it ll b n found writer z u..defntly i ll continue to read as i lyk ur thinking n thots n ll save ua title in ma mind..u strtd frm ishveer childhood tatz rly nyc dr…continue sme epiz f childhood n thn make a big twist n take leap n aftr leap include ma shikhar lso(arjun bijlani) bcz i lovd his charactr ishkar nokh-jokh n frndship in matsh..ths point z juz ma 1 lill suggestion 😉

    1. Sure dear I will take ur suggestions too? the only way to remember shadhika is this ff surely will write to satisfy ur expectations….and definitely will include shikhar also as even when he was in MATSH our MATSH was topping the charts.. With this nirbhay family members only our MATSH went off air… I will make sure I will write well and keep all ishveer fans happy with this ff?

      1. thanx dr..love arjuns acting..evn though i don lyk naagin bhoot n al bcz f him me watchd naagin..lovd his charactr in naagin lso..mouni adaa n arjun doin grt wrk in naagin..

  5. rookey rookers

    really thax keerthi when i saw ur comment really tears came from my eyes it is such a proud for me like a national rank . . i dont know u said my name as a true ishveerian actually i read it and searched my name nut then i taught that my name wont be there i am in cloud nine . by 4ever lover of ranvi . pls continuevit dear

    1. Definitely dear …I am so happy if u all are happy… I always see all of Ishveer fans comments and I have seen ur’s also dear so I mentioned ur name dear hope u like the ff… I did not mention many Ishveer fans names dear hope they don’t take me wrong…hope u all like my ff and I will keep entertaining all my dear ishveerians

  6. too good

    1. Thanks dear I am seeing ur comment after long tym how are you dear

  7. Oh keerthi dr sorry for late update dr,really ur ff awesome,its somewhat different dr,.ow only i saw tis ff dr,i think someone new writer ,after reading ff i scrole downa i get wondered its our keerthi write new ff na,keep going dr

    1. It’s ok sathya dear comment moderation and uploading are taking time dear…hope u liked it

  8. keerthi … dr sorry for late replay…

    Suuperb dr …. ishveer childhood
    started u r Amazing writter …
    ur creativity is suuperb ….

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