100%love (MATSH) Episode 3

Episode 3
The class gets over in the evening Rishi comes to Ranveer and says why don’t you come to my house today I need to introduce you to my mother she will be very happy to see you . Ranveer says how will I come to your house I have not got permission from my mother, Rishi says this is your problem after going home we will call your mother and inform, now let’s go.
Rishi pulls Ranveer and takes him to his car and they both go to Rishi’s home. Ranveer is amused at seeing the lavish bungalow and asks how many people stay in this house Rishi says mom dad Ishaani and me and they come inside the house
Sirisha who watches Rishi coming home with a boy asks who is this boy
Rishi says mom guess who ? He saved Ishaani yesterday and he saved me today
Sirisha exclaims “Ranveer ” and pats his back and says so good of you ,at this age you are very helpful and affectionate to others … One day you will become a successful person.
Ranveer says thanks maa ji….

Sirisha leaves them alone and says let me bring snacks for you, and turns to Rishi and tells him to take Ranveer to his room.
Rishi tells Ranveer come let’s go upstairs to my room ,when Ranveer takes the staircase and enters the room, he sees a picture of a beautiful baby on the wall and keeps on seeing it without taking off his eyes, Rishi comes and watches Ranveer standing as a statue and says “Ranveer ”
Ranveer comes back to his senses and says the baby is very cute I feel like cuddling the baby. Rishi says its Ishaani and laughs at Ranveer.

Rishi says Ishaani is my favorite all time such a caring sister and my lucky charm.
Ranveer asks where is Ishaani I could not see her in house , Rishi says Mom should have known it but first let’s make a call to your mother and tell that you are with me.
Ranveer says yes I totally forgot about that after coming to your house , Rishi laughs again and says maybe you forgot because of seeing Ishaani.. Ranveer raises his hand and says I am not going to spare you ,you are teasing me and runs after Rishi , Rishi runs saying u cannot catch me
While sirisha comes inside and gives them snacks to eat, Rishi asks where is Ishaani
Sirisha says that she has gone to her friends house today and will be coming late.
Ranveer puts up a sad face and thinks I could not see Ishaani , hope her bruises are ok.
Rishi says let’s go out and play badminton for sometime and then call your mom and takes Ranveer out.

In Ranveer’s house
Nethra brings Ishaani to her house, Gauri welcomes Ishaani home and offers her sweets and says you are looking so beautiful, Ishaani says thank you maaji
Nethra says maa this is Ishaani u know she saved me today and says what happened in the class. Gauri smiles and says so you are Ishaani nanda daughter of Harsha Nanda
Ranveer saved you yesterday and today you saved his sister
Ishaani says Ranveer oh yes I remember and asks where is Ranveer maaji
Gauri says he has not come from school still maybe he is playing with his friends he will come soon

Ishaani thinks I could not see Ranveer today.. Nethra observes Ishaani and asks what happened? Ishaani nods her head saying nothing.
The phone bell rings and Nethra runs to pick up the phone and says “hello who is this”, Rishi says hi my name is Rishi can I speak to ranveer’s mom , Nethra says I am his sister speaking while Gauri comes and gets the receiver from Nethra, Rishi gives the phone to Ranveer.
Ranveer explains that he came to his friends house he will come home soon while Gauri was about to speak Ishaani and Nethra run outside while Gauri shouts careful Ishaani and Nethra play carefully..

Ranveer asks Ishaani?
Gauri says yes the same Ishaani you saved yesterday.
Ranveer puts down the phone saying that I will come home soon mom.
He then goes to Rishi and says let me go home now Rishi dad may come home soon na so I have to be in home before dad comes..

Rishi wonders what happened to Ranveer all of a sudden he wants to go home..
He comes to sirisha and says mom Ranveer wants to go home soon , sirisha asks Ranveer y hurry wait till Ishaani comes home , Ranveer says no maaji I will come another day after informing dad .. Sirisha says ok then and calls for Raju kaaka their car driver and tells him to drop Ranveer home. Ranveer gets into the car and the car starts from Rishi’s home.
Ishaani and Nethra were playing hide and seek and Ishaani goes to hide in Ranveer’s room.
Ranveer gets down from the car and goes inside the house in a hurry but could not find Ishaani. He thinks let me freshen up myself and then see where Ishaani is

He enters into his room and switches the light on to see Ishaani standing there.

Precap: Ishaani and Ranveer keep on seeing each other while Nethra comes in and says bhayya meet my friend Ishaani , Ranveer comes back into his senses and smiles at Ishaani and says Ishaani is also my friend …..

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  1. Keerthi. I want to say this that u r such a briliant ff writter. Oh superb dr.and ur imagination its really unique and different apart from the matsh show. Keep roking yaar. I feel every matsh ff writter r awesome.

    1. Thanks dear if you all like it I am happy I started to write this ff only for all you true Ishveer fans dear…. To forget my Ishveer is really difficult for me so I thought I will remember their story this way

  2. marvelous ff

    1. Thanks dear

    1. Thank you

  3. Very nice keerthi dr.good going.

    1. Thanks sana more twists coming on the way

  4. Keerthi dr really ur ff is awesome,and the story is some ahat different dr,i imqgine every scene its fl like a film dr,,keep gng

    1. Is it sathya I am happy when I am writing the ff I feel like what if their lifes were like this

  5. Awww…cuteee ishveer..while reading ur ff tat scene scrolling infront ma eyes as an imaginatn…keep on writing ths way..gud luck..

    1. Thanks dear

  6. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Nice . I am waiting for next

  7. rookey rookers

    very nice dear . love it atleast we can see my ishveer from these ff . thax 4that

    1. Yeah dear that’s y I am writing this ff to remember ishveer

  8. o…..so nice ff keerthi dear

  9. o…..so nice ff keerthi dear…

    1. Thank you dear

  10. Awesome …. dr …,

    cant wait for precap

    1. Vyshu hope u like it dear……stay happy

    1. Thanks arham dr …..

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