100%love (MATSH) Episode 2

Ishaani’s house

Sirisha nanda gets a call from her sister tripura who is residing in Bangalore she says that they are moving to Pune as her husband yajnesh has setup a IT company so she is moving along with her family…sirisha asks about her kids sourish and hamsaa Tripura says they are both fine and she will come to meet her soon as soon as she is settled in pune .
Meanwhile in Ranveer’s home kailash calls his brother Kedar and informs him about their sister Jalodari had moved in to Mumbai Kedar is excited to hear it and says he would definitely come to meet her with his wife Baruni and kids Ranesh and Tanisi
Rmv public school

Ranveer enters the playground and all the boys play with ball suddenly one guy pushes another guy and he falls down ,Ranveer rushes to the boy and says why did u push him and makes him to stand up, and asks if he is ok the boy says no one wants to be my friend Ranveer asks why he speaks like this and introduces himself as Ranveer .. The boy gives hands back and says I am Rishi and says thank you so much ranveer u saved my sister…Ranveer is thinking who should this be while Rishi recounts the incident which happened in the park while Ranveer says now I remember you are Ishaani’s brother how is Ishaani is she fine all her bruises gone, I could not see her crying .Rishi is overwhelmed and says yes friend my sister is fine promise me that u ll be my best friend from today …Ranveer promises yes our friendship will last for our lifetime and they both hug each other.

Ishaani comes into the class and sits in her desk and starts to draw in her painting book while a girl nearby sees Ishaani having a new set of imported crayola crayons and asks is it very costly Ishaani replies yes if u want u can have it the young girl says no no thanks for asking I am contended with what I have and leaves that place. In the lunch time Ishaani opens her bag to find crayons missing and goes on searching everywhere when her teacher comes near her and asks what are you searching Ishaani replies about crayons. The teacher calls for all students and asks who took Ishaani’s crayons a girl Manusri says Nethra took the crayons I saw it….Nethra panics and starts crying saying no miss I am not a thief I did not do it….when the teacher comes near Nethra and checks her bag to find the crayons inside her bag.. Teacher says now you will get the punishment for stealing…Ishaani comes to the teacher and says mam Nethra will never steal I was happy to give her the crayons but she refused saying she is happy with what she has and the real thief is Manusri not Nethra

Manusri comes near Ishaani and asks how can u say it’s me
Ishaani smiles and says ur hands show it see ur nails it has pieces of crayons Manusri tries to hide her hands but the teacher notices and gives her beatings . Manusri cries and says to herself ,I ll never leave you Ishaani u and Nethra are my first enemy
Nethra comes and hugs Ishaani and says how come u trusted me so much , Ishaani says when u were not accepting my crayons I knew how much pure ur heart is and I saw Manusri’s hands so I knew you were not the thief.. Nethra hugs Ishaani tightly and says best friends forever ,Ishaani says sure but only if u take me to your home. Nethra says definitely today I am taking you to my home…

Precap: Ranveer comes to Rishi’s house and watching a baby photo in the room says the baby is very cute feel like cuddling the baby ,Rishi says its Ishaani and laughs at Ranveer. Gauri welcomes Ishaani home and offer her sweets and says u are looking so beautiful.

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  1. It was superb keerthi dr.l am happy u also writing a ff.l am not expected this.ur also writing so well.all the best dr.

    1. Thank you dear only way to remember my shadhika I thought to write this ff
      Hope u all will like it

  2. Superb ff. Ur imagination of matsh its awesome dr. I waiting 4 ur next ff.

    1. Thanks dear it all for our shadhika I am writing this ff

  3. And keerthi dr I have some requests.l know there is no need for this.u r already going to do this.but for my peace I am saying:pls don’t stop it soon.show each and every step of their life.that means their marriage, their children etc etc.l hope u will do this because u know about fans heart.how they missing ishveer etc.

    1. Definitely I am improving each and every details dear …how romance blooms among them twists and turns and each and every step of their life definitely u will enjoy read the ff and give me suggestions also dear I will change it accordingly

  4. wow it’s too good

    1. Thanks dear

  5. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    I just love it Keerthi dear……..I’m just loving it from core.,…waiting for precap Ranveer want it cuddle ishani,……..waiting for it…..hope you could upload it daily….???

    1. Definitely dear u want two episodes daily or each day one episode let me know ur suggestion I ll upload as such

  6. gud goin dr…nxt v can xpect sme cute natkat childhood ishveer nokh-jokh… 🙂

    1. Thanks dear next u ll see Chotta chotta villains entry in our ishveer life …. See if u all like it else I will change the storyline

  7. Keerthi dr first of all sorry for late update i dnt know u r writing ff dr,now only i read all ff dr,.really its superb ,keep going dr

    1. It is ok sathya dear I was crying till now after seeing MATSH ending but made up my mind that I should not cry and started to write ff … I wish MATSH 2 will start soon praying praying other than tweeting and praying what will I do dear…….ll keep u all happy at least by writing this ff

  8. Wow keerthi dr mind blowing…owsomstory lin..but don’t tak villan’s dr..wr want only sizzling romances btwn our ishveer dr..

    1. Sure dear but even though villains come in ranveer always protects ishaani dear I ll upload the episodes let me know if u like it or not

  9. It’s k dr…all d bst for making such a wndrful scenes dr..

  10. Love it dr …. Awesome …. dr ….
    keep rocking …., dr ….

    All the best … for ur fanfiction …. dr

    Thank so much for writting …

    u r amazing writter ur


    is suuperb ….

    Love ishveer childhood …..

    preacap …. suuperb waiting …. dr….

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