100 percent love (Intro)

hi guys am anamika . some people know me because i am writing swaragini : would it be better for . so 100 percent love is a telugu movie acted by naga chataniya and tamanah . i thought of writing it here .i got this idea after pavani wrote mr perfect so i thought i can write .so the pairs are ragsan already the voting are done in my ff would it be better for

guys i don’t know hindi relationship that much so i will try but the show is happening in andhra

ok lets begin


ragini – she is rp sister’s daughter . her mother died

sanskar – he is son rp and sujatha

guys in my ff there is no ap , dp , adarsh , pari
swara have no relationship with ragini
laksh have no relationship with sanskar

lets begin

some one is coming towards the bar door . he goes inside he hear some voice: that u right . no am right. now they are showing the man he is wearing golden sherwani , red pant and a red shawl . hie face is shown it our sanskar

sankar:i want 1 whisky
shopkeeper:it is ur marriage i will not give go and marry
sanskar: large plz
people:go and marry
shopkeeper says go go

sanskar goes slowly

two people ar putting some calcution
first person: 5 lak 35 thousand
second person:7 lak 65 thousand 5 % interest
sanskar:no 8 .5 lak , 2.5 interest .after 3 months 9 .1 lak 15 thousand first repayment 2 laks new loan 3.5 lak after two months balance 2.5 interest 6 lak 81 thousand 5 hundred
3 rupees interest. 3 lak 75 thousand 2 hundred balance 3 lak after four mouths balnce 84 thousand

every one in shop was stunned to hear the caculation

Credit to: anamika


  1. Tvisha

    awesome.. but I am confused, I didn’t get it.. But please make it swasan as I am die heart fan of them

  2. pavani

    Nice movie anamika actually I too want to write but u are a head forward any ways nice concept nd all the best urs loving pav

  3. Really nice.
    I am writing an ff Ragini – you will find your soulmate. It will be great if read it and give your suggestions.

  4. V

    Good choice of movie but it would b better if it is raglak rather than ragsan… He suits well in balu role… He can portray that jealous character well… I can find similarities between naga chaitanya and laksh…. anyways ur ff ur wish… but I’m so happy abt ur thought. I mean choosing of a telugu movie… It will be soooo good no the best than the current tracks of the show…..keep going anamika…. tell me one thing w r u from? A.P???

  5. deepika

    This is my favorite movie
    Hey pls add this dialogue ” infatuation is nothing but” in u’ r story
    Pls try to continue regularly???
    All the best??

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