100 % Love …The soulmates / Vitharv (JNDSD) (Episode 3)

Hi guys..I know I am super late.. I stuck with some personal problems ..Sorry for the late update..So..I decide to write a maha episode…read and comment…

Episode 3

At hospital
(vividha and sujata searches for atharv.but they couldn’t find.vividha brokedown again.she go to Temple in hospital)
Vividha:hey bagwan!!!Kya ho raha hai..Meri atharv ko kitne baar khoya mein ne…ab bhi..
Sujata: vividha.. Don’t worry..Muraari will save our atharv…
Vividha: Chachi..I think he again leave me..He can’t trust me..He believe that I started Loving ravish…he lost trust in my love for him.l have never thought that atharv will misunderstood my love…Is this my old atharv..Who loves me madly…okk..Fine…I too decide something…
Sujata:no..Vividha..My atharv never misunderstood you..
Vividha: Then..Why he left me?? Love someone..Live with someone..No..I can’t live that life..
Sujata:I want to say you something..You have to be strong while hearing this…..
(Sujata narrate the whole story about atharv’s disease.vividha shocked..And cries..)
Vividha:bagwan!!Why atharv always suffered?? My fate is against my love.. Firstly kailash kashyap ruined our life..Now fate is in the form of disease.. No..This shouldn’t happen…
Sujata:we have to find atharv…

(At that time atharv sees vividha and sujata stood at Temple.vividha looks on..And find atharv)
(Vividha ran towards atharv and hugs him)
Jana na dil se door…(plays)
Jana na dil se door…(8)
Tumse milke aise laga..Jaise apna koi..
Ankon mein sapne nayi..Mann mai hulchal nayi..(2)..
Dadkane ye dham gayi thumko dekh kar…
Tumse Milne ki dua Zindagi ban gayi…
Waqt ki karvate ya mausamom ki rang…
Har Safar saath ho..Har Safar sang sang..
kam na ho ek pal pyaar ka ye suroor..
Jana na dil see door..

(Atharv breaks hug and cupped vividha’s face.He kissed on her forehead.tears rolling down from their eyes)(sujata look at them and wipe her tears smilingly)
Atharv : sorry vividha ji…I hurt you..I only want your happiness..I don’t want you be a widow..
(Vividha put her hands on atharvs mouth)
Vividha:no..Atharv..Mein tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga…
(Atharv look into her eyes.)
Oo..Mazilon se pare ho apni dastaan
Jannat ho ki tarah ho apna aashiyan..(2)
Ishq hi pehchan ho Teri Meri yahaan..
Pyaar ke naam pe ho jayenge fanaa..
Kal ke anjaane dekho ek hogaye..
Donom ek duje mein pure kho Gaye..
Kamna ho ek pal pyaar ka ye suroor..
Jana na dil se door…
Vividha:I can’t live without you atharv…you know me very well..And then why you think like that….
Atharv :once again sorry… vividha.. for hurting you…Will you please forgive me
(Atharv put his both hands on ears and start doing up and down.vividha and sujata smiles)
Vividha:atharv..I want to remind you one thing…
Atharv : what vividha ji??
Vividha: hamare paanch wa vachan
Atharv:I remember every thing…

Flash back shows..
“Hum do no ko Ek doosre ka aiyna banna hoga.Hume ek doosre ka sach banna hai.Aur hum kabhi bhi ek doosre see koi sach nahi chupayenge..Chahe voh baath bathaana kitni bhi mushkil kyun na ho”
Fb ends..

Atharv:I know vividha ji..But situation made me to take that decision…
(Atharv hugs sujata)
Sujata: (with teary eyes)we have to see a good doctor for your treatment..
Vividha:haa Chachi…mein atharv ko kuch nahi hone doonga..
Atharv:don’t worry..I am ok..I have no diseases..
(Atharv narrate the whole incidence about his meeting with a doctor in his way..And the accident while he returning to home)
Vividha:Is this true..??
Sujata:muraari ko laakh laakh shukr..
(Vividha and sujata’s eyes were filled with happy tears)
Sujata:I will pay the bill of hospital..
(Sujata leaves.vividha look at atharv)
Vividha:atharv..Sorry..I really felt that you misunderstood me and ravish..
Atharv: no vividha..I know you very well..Just forget those incidence..Now concentrate on our shaadi..

(Vividha beat him and blushes.she then hugs atharv passionately)
Ooh..Tere khayalon se mehke hum chandan se..tujhse mili hai Zindagi jeevan mein…kabhi chodke mujko Jana nahi..Apne liye tadpana nahi..Jo bhi hai Teri aarzoo chahat Meri vahi…Ooh..Mar jaun re…tere naam pe..Tere naam leke aara mein jiye jaun re..(2)..Jo tuna tho sab hai paraya ban ke rahun mein Tere saaya..Ye vaada ..Ye vaada..Mein nibaun re..Kamna ho ek pal pyaar ka ye suroor…jana na dil seedoor….
(Atharv vividha look at each other and walk out from the hospital by holding their hands)

Atharv:now we have to go to ajmer..The place where we meet for the first time..where Our love begins..Where I found my soulmate..Where we separate for the first time..

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  1. Thats a nice ff. Keep writing. The way u r telling story is good. waiting for next ff. Want to see a new vitharv story with intense, cute, silly fights moments. Thanku.

    1. Jenny123

      Thank you hima..I am just cleared the original messed up story here.you can see vitharv intense story in upcoming episodes…Do encourage me with your comments

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    Superb yarrr awesome ????keep writing

    1. Jenny123

      Ur ff is also awesome dear..

  3. Jenny123

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  4. Sandy17

    Vitharv moments were nice and u wrote the songs in between…like the idea and also the 5th vachan?
    Keep writing dear

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  5. Really interesting and nice episode happy to hear that Atharv doesn’t have any disease waiting eagerly for ur next episode dear ????????????????????????????????

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  6. wow super duper episode amazing keep writing dear

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  7. Superb amazing episode..Waiting for vitharv in ajmer scenes

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  8. Nice episode dear..Really loved it….Update soon..Precap seems interesting..All the best…

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  10. Good going dear..Keep writing.. Eagerly waiting for your next episode..Update soon as possible

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      Thank you sweety…I will upload soon as possible..It’s ramzan hai na so thoda busy hogi..But I will try..??..Keep reading and commenting..

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