100 % Love …The soulmates / Vitharv (JNDSD) (Episode 2)

Hiii friends…first of all I want to say.. thank you so much for your support….i am really really happy that you guys are supporting me…I need your more and more support.. here is my second episode…read and enjoy…
At hospital
Sujata(herself):ha muraari…what I do now??I should tell the full truth to vividha..It’s better…sorry atharv..I can’t fulfill your wish to see vividha and ravish marriage…
(Sujata lost in thoughts of atharv.She was passing through atharv’s room.she looked into the room and saw atharv in unconscious state)
Sujata(loudly):atharv…beta…atharv..Udoo..Kya hua.. Beta..
Doctor:He met with an accident..His head is injured..Now he is in unconscious state..We can’t tell anything without he regain his consciousness ..He is murmuring the name vividha so many times..Who is vividha??
Sujata:vividha is everything to him….( Sujata remembers vitharv moments)
Doctor: someone took him to hospital and disappears.Give this medicines.if he awake inform me
Sujata:yes (doctor leaves the room)

Atharv(murmur):vividhaa….vividhaa..Mein tujhe chodkar chali gayi..Mujhe galati huyi..Vividha ji…aap mujhe maaf kijiye..
Sujata:beta..Aanken kholo..Meri taraf dekho…Tujhe kuch nahi hua…vividha bhi teek hai..
Atharv: ( without opening his eyes)I will never leave you like this…I want to marry you…Vividhaa..
(Sujata smiles with tears)
Sujata go to the temple within hospital and say thanks to muraari for giving back atharv …Also pray for atharv’s betterment..And go to vividha’s room to inform her about atharv…
Atharv regain consciousness.He feels vividha’s presence.Start looking here and there..
At the same time vividha also feels atharv..
Vividha:what happen Chachi??
Sujata:Atharv..Atharv..Is here..He met with an accident and admitted here..
(Vividha shocked)
Vividha:where is atharv..??
(Sujata and vividha run towards atharv’s room)

(At the same time..Khalindi finds atharv while passing through atharv’s room and shocked to see him alive.she calls someone in phone)
Khalindi(angrily):Are you trying to fooling me??
Stranger:what are you saying??
Khalindi: you told me that you will hit him and he will die within two or three hours..Now I find him in hospital and he is fine..
Stranger:ohh…no…I couldn’t hit him hard.. Because there was so many people around me and they try to catch me and I run from there..
Khalindi:you stupid…useless..I will find some other person to do this job..
(She cuts the phone and enquire about atharv’s condition.doctor inform that injury is not affect to internal organs..And he is fine now)
[In my story the person who hits atharv is not kailash kashyap.it is a gunda sent by khalindi]

(Atharv sees khalindi)
Atharv(with a tired voice):bua..Why are you here?? Where is vividha and maa??
Khalindi(with a weird expression):I don’t know…I just come here to see my Friend..
Khalindi(to herself): I have to do something before sujata and vividha finds atharv…This is right time
(Khalindi leaves the room to call someone)( atharv again feels that vividha is near to him..He wake up from the bed and left the room…)
Sujata and vividha reaches atharv’s room..Sujata shocked to see empty bed..Both Searches for atharv…

Vividha sees atharv..And ran towards him..They both have a hug ?

Sorry guys..I couldn’t make vitharv meet in this episode..You can see some romantic episodes soon….wait and see.
Do comment here guys..I am greed for your comments and support..?

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