100 % Love …The soulmates / Vitharv (JNDSD) (Episode 1)

Episode 1
Atharv fell unconscious.Someone took atharv to hospital.He is in critical stage.on the other hand vividha is waiting for atharv..
Pandit ji: muhurat nikalne waale hai.
(Everyone look at each other.suman smiles without showing her happiness to anyone)
Vividha: my atharv will come.pandit ji plz wait.He will come.trust me.
Pandit ji : beta.aaj ye shaadi nahi kar sakti.
(Pandit ji leave the house)
Vividha:I will wait for him here till he arrives.he will come..He can’t leave me alone..
(Ravish go in search of atharv.sujata sits silently.uma and dadi tries to console vividha)
(Ravish comes and inform that he couldn’t find atharv anywhere.)
(Sujata remember atharv’s words and cries.then she wipes her tears and look at vividha)
Sujata(to herself) I promised to atharv.i will not tell about his disease to vividha.also I should make it happen..Vividha and ravish marriage…
Vividha:Chachi,why he left me alone here.Tell me .why are you stood silent??I know he can’t leave me alone..There should be some reason…(vividha said with teared eyes)
Sujata:vividha..He left all of us..He will never come back…there is no use of waiting for him…He want..ur and ravish’s marriage to be happen..
(Vividha faints after hearing this.Ravish took vividha to hospital. the same hospital where atharv is hospitalized.)
Doctor:now she is ok.Dont worry.she needs rest.

Uma:are you ok now??
Vividha:yes..Maa…Did atharv come??
(Sujata ,uma and dadi cries)
Sujata:vividha..Did you listen what I say??
Vividha:haa…chachi you know me very well..I can’t love anyone except atharv…I know ravish loves me..But I can’t love him back..He also know that.
Sujata:but vividha you have to move on..Atharv will never comeback..He too want this..(Sujata’s eyes were filled with tears)
Vividha:I can’t marry ravish.i don’t want to give him more pain.we both know we can’t live together….
Vividha:no..chachi…I will wait for him…my atharv will come..

(Sujata shouts)
Sujata:Meri baat samajne ki koshish karo vividhaa…atharv will never come back..Don’t ruin your life by waiting for him…
(Sujata leaves the room and cries)
Vividha is broken from heart.. she thinks of their moments…And cries madly…
Vividha:atharv…why you left me alone…Did you think that I love ravish??Never..Atharv..Why you distrust my love for you…I told you I can’t live without you..I only need you as my partner..Why you do this to me…you misunderstood our friendship..I respect ravish..And I want to help ravish in his difficulties.. Because he do a lot to me..he release me from the ties of marriage and give you….why atharv…why…you leave me alone…
(Vividha screams..Uma shocked to see vividha like this.All try to console vividha..)

Atharv regains consciousness…vividha can feels atharv’s presence…atharv also feel that vividha is near to him…

Wait and see….Vitharv moments are ahead…❤❤

Sorry for any grammatical error and typos​.Do comment here guys…Tell me u liked or not…Or any suggestions…

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  1. Sandy17

    Its superb … Vitharv feeling each other’s presence ?

    1. Jenny123

      Thank you Sandy..Keep reading..And commenting

  2. Sunanda12345

    Superb yarrr awesome…?????keep gng on..

    1. Jenny123

      Thank you sunanda..Ur ff is also superb..

  3. Bhot acha Hai par please ravish aur vividha ki shaddi mat karana aur let vitharv meet in the next episode ! Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

    1. Jenny123

      Thank you ria…Wait and see…Bahut kuch hone wale hai..?

  4. RAOne

    nice great episode………. waiting for next episode…. you really turned the table…… keep going….

    1. Optimistic

      Dear my ff vitharv made for each other episode already updated check it

    2. Jenny123

      Thank you Raone…Ur ff is also awesome..U r a fantastic writer..

  5. Aam2000

    Amazing…keep going

    1. Optimistic

      Check my ff vitharv made for each other

    2. Jenny123

      Thank you aam…Keep commenting dear…U too a good writer..

  6. Rockxz

    Aye.. “Soulmates* you took my ff name…???… Jk.. Keep writing.. This one is so good.???

    1. Jenny123

      Thank you rockxz…My ff name is 100% love…I used soulmate​ to represent vitharv..? it is not my ff name…

  7. nice episode just touched heart but plssssss plsssss plsssss plsssss plsssssss don’t let vividha marry ravish plsssssssssssssss only vividha atharva marriage and yes episode was wow

    1. Jenny123

      Thank you so much Aisha…Keep reading…

  8. It’s awesome episode dear keep writing next episode as fast as possible ??????????

    1. Jenny123

      Thank you dear sreelekshmi…I will try to upload soon as possible…

  9. Nice episode dear keep writing???

    1. Jenny123

      Thank you so much vismaya

  10. Veer

    Great episode. Keep going.

    1. Jenny123

      Thank you so much veer..Keep reading

  11. Zaina

    Jenny…. ur ff is super duper…. dont let ravidha marry… hoping for vitharv….continue writing… waiting for the next…..

    1. Jenny123

      Thank you so much….Zaina…Wait and see…

  12. Superb episode dear…I also want to change the the story from here…In the serial CVS messed up the story by bringing 4 year leap and vivitha marrying ravish…
    Your idea of changing the story is too good..And I appreciate on your effort..Keep writing..

  13. Nice episode..I really liked it..Eagely waiting for next episode..

  14. Superb… Upload next episode soon..Precap is awesome..We want vithatv plz…Don’t ravidha…

  15. Jenny123

    Thank you so much @dolly @angel @simran..Keep reading guys…

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