100% love (MATSH) Episode 8

Episode 8
Ranveer and rishi sit nearby while Ishaani and nethra sit opposite along with gauri and sirisha…. And the train starts to move from Mumbai station .
The children start to play business game while sirisha and gauri start to speak about their families and children .
Ishaani and Ranveer team up together leaving rishi and nethra on the opposite team and they start to play and win the game both of them give a hi5 to each other and smile at each other. While rishi and nethra says when you both team up together I think victory is on your side and show sad faces while Ranveer says no problem we will play another game while rishi and nethra cheer up, sirisha and gauri says it’s already 8pm let’s finish dinner first and then u all can play again.
Everyone go to wash their hands and come, Ranveer sits next to Ishaani while nethra sits with rishi while gauri and sirisha serve them food.

When gauri was about to keep paneer butter masala on ranveer’s plate he says no and she pours on his hand and he says maa it’s so hot and says how will I eat now my hand is paining Ishaani watching him says no problem Ranveer I will help you out and helps him eat by feeding with her hands.
Ranveer says to himself “Ishaani if you are there with me no pain is big for me but if you are not there even the small pain seems to be a bigger one for me”
Sirisha and gauri smile looking at Ranveer and Ishaani .
They all finish eating and say so let’s start the game Ishaani says no I feel sleepy you both play and gets into the upper berth to sleep. Rishi turns to Ranveer and asks so you ll come to play Ranveer says no u and nethra play I also feel like sleeping and takes a comic book and gets to the upper berth while nethra and rishi says we will play one game and they start to play.
Ranveer gets into the upper berth and watches Ishaani sleeping and keeps on admiring her and feels Ishaani u should always be happy I will not allow anyone to destroy your happiness. And sleeps as such watching Ishaani

While nethra and rishi feel sleepy wind up the game and go to sleep in the middle berth while sirisha and gauri sleep in the lower berth by switching off the lights..
Ishaani wakes up in the morning early and gets down without making noise as soon as she gets down Ranveer wakes up and seeing Ishaani is not nearby gets down to see Ishaani walking out of the compartment and he rushes back of her and calls “Ishaani ”
Ishaani says Ranveer y u woke up so early, while Ranveer asks her y did u wake up so early while Ishaani says I wanted to come and stand out its very cold inside.
Ranveer says Ishaani it’s not safe for u to stand alone, ishaani says now you are with me no so I am in safe hands now and smiles , Ranveer says “ishaani” and smiles
Both of them stand near to the door and watch the scenery as the train moves on. Suddenly there is huge thunderstorm and lightining Ishaani shouts Ranveer and hugs him while Ranveer says don’t worry Ishaani I am there with u no see it’s raining don’t panic saying this he puts his hands out in the rain and splashes water on ishaani’s face. Ishaani smiles and says I am not going to leave you and gets some rain water in her hand and splashes on his face.
Ranveer says ok ok leave me and starts to run to the next compartment Ishaani chases him into the compartment only to lose her balance after hitting a suitcase Ranveer comes back and catches her and say ur okay Ishaani ….

Ishaani says yes Ranveer and they both leave to their seats..
Only to see sirisha and gauri awake . They ask Ranveer and Ishaani to brush their teeth and come so they can have coffee. They both go and brush their teeth while sirisha and gauri gets coffee for them both and they start to drink coffee while sirisha says we will get down in Hyderabad station very soon.
The family get down at Hyderabad station and come out of the station to see car waiting for them. They all get into the car and the car starts to rajamundhry.. Ishaani feels sleepy and sleeps as such on ranveer’s shoulders Ranveer also sleeps as such….
They wake up with the voice of sirisha only to see that they had reached ishaani’s grandmothers house
They both get down and Ishaani sees her brother and sister sourish and hamsaa along with her cousins taran and dhanya…. Sourish and hamsaa comes running to Ishaani and hugs her.. Ishaani introduces them to Ranveer and nethra sourish gives handshake to Ranveer and hamsaa hugs nethra while taran and dhanya are angry on seeing Ranveer and nethra.
Taran thinks that this is the perfect place to show who I am to Ranveer and smiles fakely at Ranveer..

Taran tries to pushes Ranveer down into the swimming pool while Ishaani watches this and pushes Ranveer by her side only to lose her balance and she falls into the swimming pool…

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