100% love (MATSH) Episode 7

Episode 7
Ranveer and Rishi enter into the room where Ishaani and Nethra are there. The dance teacher plays a song and Ishaani starts dancing while Ranveer admires her thinking I don’t know why I am so much happy when I see you but there is something which I could not understand…
Ishaani dances gracefully and watches Ranveer wondering what is going on in Ranveer’s mind….I am happy when Ranveer is near me he will be my best friend..
As soon as Ishaani finishes dancing , the teacher starts to teach Nethra dancing and she learns it very patiently …
Rishi and ranveer leave to their room to study..they both start to study but Ranveer is not able to concentrate on and his mind revolves around ishaani, he thinks what is happening to me why am I always thinking about ishaani I have to concentrate on my studies also…
The dance class gets over and nethra comes to take leave from rishi and ishaani’s parents while ranveer takes something out from his bag and runs to see ishaani…. Ishaani was removing her anklets just as Ranveer enters and comes near ishaani
Ishaani on seeing Ranveer smiles at him and asks what happened Ranveer u have not started home still , Ranveer says ishaani I wanted to give you this so I came to see you
Ishaani asks what’s that u wanted to give me Ranveer
Ranveer gives a maa gowri pendant and says mom always says that the wearer of this is protected from all evil by maa gowri. So I got it for u ishaani wear this along with your chain ….ishaani’s eyes are filled with tears and she says Ranveer when you are near me no evil can come to me.. But Ranveer says for my happiness please wear it ishaani, ishaani smiles back and says If you are happy seeing me wearing this then I will definitely wear it Ranveer .
She gets the pendant from Ranveer and both of them come down to the hall where nethra was waiting. Ranveer and nethra leave to home in ishaani’s car.
Ishaani calls maa and papa and says Ranveer gifted me this pendant and shows maa gowri pendant, sirisha gets happy on seeing the pendant and says give it to me I will keep in pooja room and then u wear it in the chain.

When sirisha keeps the pendant in pooja thaal and prays to God flower falls from lord shiva statue..
Sirisha on seeing this feels that something divine is there between Ranveer and Ishaani and thinks if Ranveer becomes my son in law in future I wiould be the happiest as he would be protecting my daughter like we take care of her.. Harsha nanda comes inside the pooja room and asks what happened while sirisha says I feel something divine between Ishaani and Ranveer,Do you feel something while harsha says yes after this incident I surely feel there is something but we have to wait till they grow up. If they both like each other I will be happy for them both.
Harsha and sirisha leave the pooja room and puts the pendant in ishaani’s chain and blesses her.
One year leap takes on
Ishaani and nethra pass the exams with distinction and move to 6th standard while Ranveer and rishi move on to 8th standard scoring the highest percentage..
School is about to be reopened in another ten days while sirisha gets a call from her mother in rajamundhry(Andhra pradesh) asking them to come to visit as there is a festival going on , sirisha says yes and comes to Ishaani and rishi and asks them to come with her for the festival …while Ishaani asks can we take Ranveer’s family also it will be fun for us all. Harsha comes and says ok then let me ask ranveer’s parents about it and he calls kailash and asks about , kailash first hesitates and says I cannot take so much days leave, Sirisha takes the phone and says please bhayya send gauri and children at least for which kailash agrees…

Sirisha says that we ll start tomorrow evening by train I will send car to pickup Gauri and children and places the receiver down and comes to Ishaani and Rishi and says so both of your friends are coming so let’s get ready we have to do packing of the suitcase come lets do it
Ishaani’s family and Ranveer’s family gets into the train.. They board into the 3ac compartment and sit in their respective seats…

Ranveer gets into the upper berth to sleep while Ishaani is also in the upper berth sleeping he watches Ishaani and keeps on admiring her and feels Ishaani u should always be happy I will not allow anyone to destroy your happiness

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  1. very nice loved to see ishveer’s childhood love…

    1. Thanks you dear

  2. Very nice keerthi dr ….

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  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    I have already commented for this but again I am saying this was superb.and waiting for ur next update.

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Keerthi dr l have already commented for this but again I am saying this was superb and waiting for ur next update.

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  5. very nice fanfic keerthi mam

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