100% love (MATSH) Episode 6

Episode 6
Ranveer is startled when Ishaani calls him and asks”Ranveer how did u know that I would get hurt”
U came and saved me on time even in the park also..Ranveer cries saying I felt you were in trouble Ishaani so I rushed to see you but before I could come Riddhima pushed you down . Ishaani says it’s ok Ranveer it is a small bruise I will be alright soon if u get me black currant ice cream. Ranveer says ice cream now you want Ishaani says yes… Ranveer says u stay here I will come soon and rushes to the ice cream parlour outside the school premises and gets one black currant ice cream for Ishaani and one strawberry ice cream for Nethra.
When he returns back to Ishaani he sees Nethra sitting with Ishaani.
He hands over the ice cream to Ishaani and Nethra…
Ranveer Keeps watching Ishaani eating ice cream and smiling
He says to himself that I am happy when you are happy Ishaani I don’t know y but I am so happy
The bell rings and Ranveer comes to senses thinking the afternoon classes will be starting soon and rushes to class where Rishi waits for Ranveer to come and they both enter the class

Taran was watching all this thinks this is not good I should do something to seperate Ishaani doing friendship with Ranveer. She is my cousin and she should be friend only with me but I have to think wise and plan something
At the same time Rahul who was watching Nethra and Rishi together thinks I have to do something to seperate Nethra from speaking to Rishi .
Riddhima who is furious on Ranveer says for the sake of that Ishaani u insulted me Ranveer u ll have to pay for this
Dhanya thinks how much Rishi was angry when I spoke to Ranveer he supported Ranveer because he was his friend or because he was nethra’s brother I will not leave you Rishi when time comes I will prove who I am ….
In the evening after the final bell rings everyone come out of their class and starts to leave home Ranveer and Rishi come along with Ishaani and Nethra when Rishi and Ishaani are about to get into the car , Ishaani turns towards Ranveer and says Ranveer u promised you will accompany with Nethra today for the dance class. Ranveer says I remember Ishaani ll be there in your home sharply at 7.30
Ishaani nods her head and smiles back at Ranveer and gets into the car along with Rishi.
Ranveer turns to see Nethra smiling and asks y are u smiling so much ….
Nethra says bhayya you lied to Rishi about dad yesterday and u came to see Ishaani only no…
Ranveer smiles back and say my sister is all grown up very intelligent u have become my sweety and says chalo lets go home soon u have to go for dance class also and they both get into the taxi and reach home..

Ranveer and Nethra get ready to go to ishaani’s home when they hear car horn only to see Rishi standing outside the car waiting to pick them up.. Ranveer comes near Rishi and asks what are you doing here ?
Rishi says mom told to pick you and Nethra from home
Ranveer’s mom comes out and see Rishi , Ranveer introduces Rishi saying he is ishaani’s brother Gauri smiles at him and asks to come in whereas Rishi says maaji I will come another day it’s already getting late for the dance class. Nethra comes out and says I am ready Rishi and gets into the car when Ranveer says I will be back soon and runs inside and grabs something from his wardrobe and runs outside
Rishi asks what happened Ranveer says nothing takes his bag and gets into the car and the car enters harsha nanda house
Ranveer and Nethra enter into house while harsha nanda and sirisha welcome them both
Sirisha comes to Ranveer and says so u got permission from your dad today , Ranveer smiles and says yes maa ji
Ranveer wonders where is Ishaani noticing Ranveer Nethra asks aunty where is Ishaani I could not find her. Rishi says there she is coming , Ishaani was dressed up in a beautiful red frock and walks downs the staircase as Ranveer keeps on watching her as she comes down…
Ishaani comes near Ranveer and says hi Ranveer.. Ranveer stammers and says hi Ishaani u look beautiful in this dress
Nethra says yes Ishaani red color suits u more u look awesome and hugs Ishaani
Rishi says my sister is always beautiful and they all laugh

Ishaani watches Ranveer as he also watches her without taking his eyes off from her….
The dance teacher enters inside the house and asks shall we start the class
Ishaani and Nethra says yes aunty let’s start the class and go into the dance room
While Rishi says come Ranveer let’s go and watch how they dance then we will start to study….Ranveer says let’s leave ….

Precap: Ishaani starts to dance while Ranveer admires her thinking I don’t know why I am so much happy when I see you but there is something which I could not understand

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  1. Oh so lovely epsd dr.and did u see doctor dr? Don’t take stress.take rest dr.

    1. Yeah sana dr went to doctor in the morning got injection but stomach pains as I did not eat properly for two days so he has given tablets I am recovering dear

  2. Superb year.I really happy after reading this.very lovely.

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  3. ? ? …… muuahhh keerthi ….dr

    Amazing episode ….. ur creativity hatsofff ….. dr …. ? ?

    But pls take care ur health dr ….
    ur health is good then only u write fan fiction ….

    dr …. pls take care ur health….

    1. Yeah vyshu dear I am alright now have taken tablets feel ok …..
      But I am praying for some miracle to happen in shadhika life
      U like it dear I ll upload next episode soon just now started to write

  4. Simply awesome… Waiting for ishveer’s teenage ?

    1. Yeah Ishveer teenage coming soon dear ….

  5. Oh kids love,really its superb keerthi dr..and its just awesome,i imagine each and every scene with shadhika’s small age..aftet matsh end really ur ff giving so much happiness dr keep rocking…and take care of ur health dr hope u get well soon

    1. Yeah dear I wanted to remember MATSH even after it ended so only started this ff …. I am very happy if you all are happy reading my ff ….our Ishveer fans have already gone through pain I wanted to make all of them to smile because I knew wat pain is which I underwent for the past two days

  6. Wow superb keerthi dr.l love it.and don’t take stress dr.take rest dr.

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    1. Yeah sana dr I am resting only now… I am writing the next ff episode now as yesterday I did not feel like writing as I was crying only now I am ok recovering

  8. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    so nice dear . keep it upppppp

    1. Thanks dear but next episode only after Wednesday as it is not accepting the article

  9. keerthi it’s too good yarrrr . childhood love haaaaaa

    1. Yes ishurv you like it dear

  10. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

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    1. Thanks dear

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  13. Its superb…really u nailed it to d core

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  14. RANVEER (I'm going to miss u)

    Hi and u know I’m going to miss that drama!

    1. Even I am missing them so much I don’t know how painful it was for the days to go on without shadhika onscreen ? …..I feel like they were like my family members suddenly they vanished and life is hell now??? ll never forgive colors and ekta for closing a beautiful love saga abruptly causing all ishvee rains to cry??????????

  15. Keerthuu dr..now how r u sis..and no wrds to xpress dr..

    1. Fine arham dr…..health is recovering but I am not able to overcome the absence of shadhika…..????

  16. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

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  18. I really miss u ishveer plz come back we want season 2 of matsh . we miss u. We are waiting for u.

    1. Yes dear everyone is waiting for shadhika to come back

  19. Its superb ff.Just now i saw that ur ff keerthi dr. And i’m sry yaar. I did not comment. Bcoz i’m not well dr. Its reason only matsh ends. I can’t bear it. Today i did not watch any öne show.

    1. It’s ok dear…. I am very upset only could not sleep properly….. Only Happinesss now is that I am writing ff and feeling happy with it

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