100% love (MATSH) Episode 5

Episode 5
Ranveer along with Nethra and his cousins Riddhima and Rahul get down from the taxi and proceed into the the school while Rishi’s car comes inside the school and both Ishaani and Rishi get down…
Ranveer turns to see Ishaani and smiles while Riddhima and Rahul watch him curtly. Rishi comes to Ranveer and says how are you doing today and says hi Nethra , and Nethra smiles while Ishaani comes and hugs Nethra and says sorry I was late because of my cousins Nethra says same here and smiles…
Parmesh rao enters in his car and taran and Dhanya get down from the car and approach to Rishi and Ishaani …..
Rishi turns to Ranveer and asks u rushed home yesterday saying u have to reach home before dad comes did u reach before dad came home ,

Nethra says dad he always suddenly Ranveer interrupts and says yeah I reached before he came .. Ishaani smiles at Ranveer and Ranveer keeps watching her
Suddenly Taran introduces himself to Ranveer saying he is Ishaani and Rishi’s cousin
Ranveer tries to give a handshake which Taran refuses
Ishaani watches this and says Ranveer u forgot to give me the second hi5 yesterday so give me one hi5 before I leave to class
Ranveer nods his head and watches Rishi Who says u both are friends first then only I became ur friend na so give one hi5 for me also
Ranveer smiles and gives a hi5 for both Rishi and Ishaani
Nethra asks what about me who will give hi5 for me
Rishi says Ishaani and Ranveer are friends so u and me are best friends from today so let’s both give a hi5 and gives Nethra a hi5

Dhanya and Riddhima watches all these and fume inside for Nethra and Ishaani whereas Taran and Rahul burn inside against Ranveer and Rishi
The school bell rings and everyone goes to their respective classes
In the lunch break Nethra and Ishaani share their food and start eating whereas Ranveer feels something wrong going to happen to Ishaani while eating he tries to avoid lunch and go to see if Ishaani is fine whereas Rishi interrupts and says I got your favorite samosa let’s eat it first..

Ranveer eats half heartedly Rishi observes what is wrong with Ranveer
Riddhima and Dhanya approach Ishaani and Nethra and start to tease them Riddhima targets Ishaani while Dhanya taunts at Nethra
Riddhima says Ranveer is my cousin how can you give hi5 for him better stay away from him Nethra says he is my bhayya and Ishaani is my best friend so she has all rights to give hi5 for my bhayya
Dhanya comes in middle and says to Nethra how dare you give hi5 for my cousin, Ishaani comes and says she is my best friend u have no right to question my friend…
Ranveer gets up from the middle of eating and says I am done I will come back soon and rushes to see Ishaani while Rishi packs the lunchbox and runs after Ranveer
There Riddhima pushes Ishaani down ,Ranveer watches this and rushes to Ishaani seeing her hurt and crying he turns furious against Riddhima and says how dare u push her she is my friend and my best friends sister ask her sorry Riddhima says no ,Dhanya says who are you to come and speak for Ishaani, Rishi comes along Ranveer and says he is my best friend who are you to question him Nethra interrupts and says she was fighting with me too.
Rishi turns angrily at Dhanya and says ask sorry to Ranveer else I will have to tell to ur parents about your behavior at school. Ranveer looks at Riddhima and says the same applies for u ask sorry to Ishaani
Riddhima says sorry

Ranveer says not like this fold your hands and ask sorry she looks at Ranveer’s angry face at once and does the same
Rishi watches Dhanya and says ask sorry the same way as Riddhima asked Ishaani
Dhanya says sorry Ranveer and both of them leave turning to see Ranveer caressing Ishaani and Rishi speaking to Nethra
Ranveer asks Ishaani if she is hurt she says it’s ok Ranveer I am fine ,he sees blood from the bruises and tells Rishi to go to the office room and get first aid box from there Rishi along with Nethra go to the office room to get the first aid box while Ranveer starts to cry when he sees Ishaani crying
Ishaani asks y are u crying Ranveer, Ranveer says I don’t know but when I see you crying I feel hurt inside Ishaani….
Rishi and Nethra comes with first aid box and give it to Ranveer , Ranveer cleans the wound with antiseptic and places bandaid on the wound while Ishaani watches him
Rishi and Nethra take back the medical box to the office room

Ranveer gets up and says you will be fine now and brings her to the classroom. He says Nethra will be here soon u Take care Ishaani and leaves out when he hears Ishaani calling

Precap: Ishaani asks”Ranveer how did u know that I would get hurt”
U came and saved me on time even in the park also..Ranveer cries saying I felt you were in trouble. Taran thinks this is not good I should do something to seperate Ishaani doing friendship with Ranveer

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